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Boardin School Buddies by 630leosa
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Character(s): Jericho [Teen Titans - Comics], Joseph Wilson [Teen Titans - Comics]
Warning(s): None
Summary: Since he never really got to go to school when he was living on his mountain, Jericho enrols at a local boarding school. Still, there's something strangely familiar about his silent roommate...

Author's Notes:

Since Jericho and Kyd Wykidd are both mute I figure I should explain some things.

Speech: "Speech marks" (obviously)

Thought: 'apostrophes and Italic'

Sign language: Bold AND Italic

Writing: Bold

Dick Grayson = Robin

Joseph Wilson = Jericho

Elliot Kidd = Kyd Wykidd

And P.S. I'm British with only a vague understanding of B.S.L. and A.S.L. so bear with me on any mistakes. Thank you.

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