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A Hot Babe At A Snow Covered Bus Stop by Andrew Troy Keller
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Fandom(s): Original Fic
Character(s): original character, Original Female, Original male, original male/original female, original male/original male, other, other female, Other male
Warning(s): Adult Situations, AU, Drama, exhibitionism, Fantasy, First Time, het, Humor, m/f, m/m, Parody, partner betrayal, violence, Voyeurism
Summary: A guy stands at a snow covered bus stop behind who he believes to be a beautiful maiden.

Author's Notes:

Other Notes:This AU story has been submitted to for a contest.

Disclaimer:This is a work of fiction.Any resemblance of characters to actual persons--living or dead--is purely coincidental.The Author holds exclusive rights to this work.Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

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