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Anything For A Price by Andrew Troy Keller
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Character(s): original, character, other, female, male
Warning(s): Adult Situations, anal sex, AU, Drama, exhibitionism, Finger fucking, First Time, fisting, friendship, graphic sex, het, Hurt/Comfort, Kinks, Language, m/f, Masturbation, nudity, Oral sex, Rimming, sexual references, Underage, Voyeurism
Summary: After her husband Hank Baskett takes their baby boy with him to practice,Kendra Wilkinson is looking forward to some alone time,only to have a high school student's unexpected visit change those plans.

Author's Notes:

Other Notes:This AU story is an answer to one of PEJA's Author's Choice Prompt Challenges.

Disclaimer:Kendra belongs to Prometheus Entertainment,Alta Loma Entertainment and E! Entertainment Television.This story is not-for-profit but I own it.

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