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The Devil's Pet by Ratwoman
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Character(s): Severus Snape, Severus Snape/Sirius Black, Severus/Voldemort
Warning(s): BDSM, Bondage, Dark Themes, description of rape, gangbang, Hurt/Comfort, Non-con, nudity, Rape, slash, torture

Snape did not actually have a fun time as the Dark Lord's favorite

Author's Notes:

Pairing: Snape/Voldemort; Snape/Black

Rating: NC-17; includes slash, Bondage, sexual dependence, rape, torture and Severus being under a sexual spell. If any of that is likely to offend you, you're on the wrong page.

AU: Snape is not inlove with Lily in this. His reasons are a bit different therefore.
It was written a few years ago, after book four was published

Devil's Pet Prologue: Lead us not into Temptations
By Ratwoman

Professor Snape closed the door to his office and leaned against the wall.
Adrenaline rushed through his veins, and he did not know whether he should
be afraid or excited. He had told Professor Dumbledore that he was ready;
ready to take over his old role as a spy in you-know-whose circle. Was he

Of course it was dangerous; if you-know-who saw through his camouflage he
was to die a slow death, but he loved danger. Which was the cause for the
bigger problem: would he be able to resist the temptations of the dark arts?
Would he be able to resist Voldemort?

Pictures of the vacations before the last year at school flared though his


Severus Snape was known as an odd loner in his school days. Severus liked
being alone, he could spend hours just thinking about the world, about magic,
the forbidden arts... Yet when he observed the other kids hanging around in
their little groups, and the couples in love, he felt a sting of envy, and
his loneliness became hard to bear. It was the reason why his hatred for
Potter, Black, Lupin and Pettigrew was so much bigger than the usual rivalry
between the houses - they shared such a close friendship, so much joy and
loyalty, while the closest friendship he had were just those occasional
chats with Lucius Malfoy.
Vacations were easier, he did not have to watch the other kids in their
little groups. Plus, he could do whatever he wanted because his parents just
did not care where he was or what he was doing. At the moment he was sitting
in a pub in Diagon Alley, drinking the glass of wine a stranger had invited
him to. Severus guessed he was old enough to ignore the advice never to talk
to strangers.

"So you go to Hogwarts?" the good-looking brunette man asked. "Is Dumbledore
still Headmaster there?"

"Yes," Severus answered. 
The stranger sighed. "Does he still favour the Gryffindors?"

Severus smirked. "He is still a biased old bastard."

The stranger laughed openly. "You're a Slytherin, aren't you? I was one too,
one of the ambitious ones. I always thought they taught us too little at

Severus agreed but did not answer.

The stranger looked thoughtfully into his own drink. "I guess they still have
the same gaps in the curriculum, still don't teach things like..."

"The dark arts?" Severus asked with a raised eye-brow.

"For example." the stranger said. Gazing intensively at Snape he added: "But
I was more thinking about sexual magic."

Severus stared at the stranger. Being inexperienced with flirtations, he had
no clue how to react. He tried it with sarcasm: "I cannot imagine Professor
McCoy teaching us sexual magic."

He was sure the stone old woman with moral attitudes of the last century had
already been teaching at Hogwarts in the stranger's own school time.

The stranger did not laugh about the joke, instead he said to the bar man:
"Will, I need the key to the room upstairs!"

Without a word the bar man threw something metallic at him that the stranger
easily caught.

"Come!" he said to Severus, raising to his feet.

"What do you want?" Severus asked sheepishly.

"Teach you things you don't learn at Hogwarts." the stranger replied. "I
thought you're ambitious."


"What are you afraid of?" the stranger asked with an amused smile.

Snape did not answer, just stared at the handsome man before him, torn
between desire and fear. Fear, because he had heard that there were perverts
in this world who'd take advantage of school boys' inexperience and do
terrible things to them.
The stranger was very attractive; dark hair, huge eyes, slender... He was
tempted, and curious, but why should such a good-looking man choose
a thin, pale loner for... for what, a lesson in sexual magic? 

"Come," the stranger repeated, holding out a hand to Severus. Severus
swallowed and took it. His touch was electrifying.

With a racing heart he followed the stranger upstairs, ignoring the warning
voices in the back of his head.

The room was small, just a cupboard and a bed, but that should suffice for
what they were up to.

Severus's heart raced like a caged bird when the stranger raised his hand
to pass it through Snape's long hair. Suddenly the man's fingers grasped
his locks and pulled his head down to kiss him ferociously. Severus's
knees turned to butter when his mouth was ravished by the stranger's tongue.

Shakily he clutched his hands into the cracks of the wooden wall he was
pressed against. Never breaking the kiss, the man started to undress Severus,
almost ripping off the buttons of his robes. When they were open, he eagerly
shoved them off Severus's shoulders, letting them fall to the ground.

Severus gasped in need when the stranger's tongue slowly ran over his throat.
Some part of his mind screamed at him that he should get away before it was
too late, but Severus told that part of his mind to shut up. Instead, he
started to tear down the other's robes, undressing him as eagerly as he had
done with him.

Severus greedily moved his hands over the stranger's back and his firm
buttocks, while the older man licked and nipped his neck, clawed his
fingers into Snape's behind. Then he bit down hard into his shoulder, making
Severus moan in pleasure and pain. Severus was already hard as a rock; he
had never known that this rough kind of sex could be so arousing.

The stranger moved back just a little, moving his hands over Severus's chest,
pinching a nipple. Severus was both thrilled and worried about the sinister
glowing in the stranger's eyes. Suddenly he grabbed him by the arm and dragged
him towards the bed. Throwing him face down onto the sheets, he called:

Silvery ropes wrapped themselves around Snape's arms and  around the
bedposts, knotting him tightly down. Severus noticed with upcoming
panic that the same happened to his legs. "What the heck...?" he murmured,
staring in disbelief at the ropes.

"Don't worry," he heard the man's rich voice say. A hand patted his back. "I
won't hurt you." With a giggle, he added: "Unless you ask for it."

Severus swallowed and nodded his head. Still he wanted the stranger to go on,
but he moved away from the bed. Severus heard him searching for something in
the robes he had cast aside earlier. Then he came back, and out of the
corners of his eyes Severus could see him dripping something out of a bottle
onto the floor. The man moved out of his eyesight, and Severus heard
him going slowly around the bed, finally coming back at the other side, and
Snape could see that he was making a circle with the oily fluid from the
bottle. Severus recognised with worry that his position resembled that of a
black magician's sacrifice. Trying to calm down, he told himself that the
stranger did not look like a murderer. Then again, you did not see in the
faces whether people were psychos.

The man finished the circle, flashing one of his charming smiles to Severus.

Severus trembled in anticipation when he stepped nearer. The stranger grinned
and sat down astride just beneath Snape's butts.

Severus turned his head, trying to see what the man was doing. Out of the corner
of his eye he could see him dripping some drops of the oil into the palm of
a long-fingered hand. Then he put away the bottle and used his now free hand
to paint some signs on Snape's back with the oil, murmuring words he couldn't

"What are you doing?" Severus asked.

"Shhh!" for once the stranger sounded impatient, so Severus decided to keep

His arousal had not faded a bit; it had just shifted into a more anxious

The stranger finished painting whatever signs on his back, then moved his fingers
along his sides, reaching his buttocks and squeezed. Severus groaned in
desire and unawarely tugged at the ropes holding him. Then he whimpered
when he felt that the stranger was pouring oil on the crack between his
He slowly inserted a finger, spreading the oil, eliciting Severus an
impatient groan. He was almost relieved that the stranger did not waste any
more time for preparation; seconds later the man withdrew his finger,
parted Severus's buttocks with his hands and slammed home. Snape screamed
when he was filled, feeling as if he was split into two halves. The pain
subsided and left just desire for more.

"Please..." Severus whispered.

"Please what?" the man asked.

"Go on!" Severus pleaded, "f..fuck me, please!"

He could almost 'see' the stranger smiling with content, before he started
plunging in and out of him. Severus closed his eyes, his fingers clawed into
the sheets. The stranger slammed into him again and again with such a force,
that Severus thought he really wanted to split him apart.

It was pure bliss. Severus had never before felt such an intense pleasure,
such an ecstasy. He never wished this to end.

Of course it had to. The stranger uttered a shrill scream, then came,
dispersing his hot semen into Severus. This drove Severus over the edge and
he came, all over the sheets.

Severus felt the other withdrawing carefully, heard him gasping out of
breath. Finally the man said: "Liberato", and the ropes pinning Severus
down vanished.

Severus carefully crawled into a crouching position, his limps weak
from being tied.

The stranger lightly stroked his shoulder. "Are you ok?" he asked.

Severus smiled. "I never felt better." he said.

The stranger smiled back. "This 'spell' is supposed to send the energy we
spent back to us in a few days, threefold."

Severus didn't care whether it had worked out. Exhausted but happy he leaned
against the man's shoulder.

"If you want to we can meet again and I teach you much, much more." the
stranger said.

"What is your name?" Severus asked.

"My _name_ is Tom Riddle." he answered in a voice as if he had an unusually
ugly name. "But my friends call me Lord Voldemort."

Snape stared at the stranger. "You must be joking!" he said, but the
Dark Lord only laughed.


Severus Snape had realised years later that Lord Voldemort had used each of
their 'sessions' to install subtle binding spells on him, creating a bond
that was not as forceful as the imperius curse, but much harder to detect.

However, he had broken the spell ones. He would break any spell Voldemort or
his followers would cast on him if they found out or were just suspicious.
He would resist. Even if he felt as drawn to the dark arts as he had been
drawn towards Voldemort.

The End


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