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Ginger With A Touch Of Spice by Andrew Troy Keller
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Character(s): original character, original character, Other male
Warning(s): Adult Situations, Alcohol Abuse/Dependency, anal sex, AU, BDSM, Bondage, domination, Drama, drug abuse, First Time, friendship, graphic sex, het, Kinks, Language, leather, Love Slave Fic, m/f, nudity, Oral sex, Role play, Romance, rough sex, S&M, sexual references, submissio
Summary: After he moves himself from the USA to Great Britian,a handsome Yank discovers the object of his personal desire,Geri Halliwell sitting at a bar.

Author's Notes:
This AU story takes place after Geri Halliwell--who was born on August 6th,1972--allows herself to quit being one of The Spice Girls.

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