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Mischief by DennSedai
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Fandom(s): Diagnosis Murder
Character(s): Steve/Jesse
Warning(s): Established couple, Spanking
Summary: Just a quick driblet till I get the next update done

Author's Notes:
Permission to archive: To the lists that get it, anyone who already has permission. Anyone else, just ask me first and I’ll probably say yes.
Fandom(s): Diagnosis Murder
Genre: Slash
Pairing/Characters: Steve/Jesse
Rating: I’ll say R/FRM, it was supposed to be short and cute but the muses went semi-smutty <g> Bad Steve and Jesse muses, bad. No more chocolate for you till you promise to behave <eg>
Warnings: None, tiny bit of consensual spanking, nothing major
Notes: Established relationship. Just a cute little piece for the holiday <g> I couldn’t help as the idea just hit me and I ran with it <g>
Acknowledgments: To the wonderful folk on the dslashm_take_two list who encourage us mad folks who dare to dream and write…many thanks. Many thanks to Julie for the kindly beta-read. Any mistakes, errors, etc are solely mine.

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