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When Need Outweighs Logic by kira nerys
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Fandom(s): Star Trek
Character(s): Kirk/Spock
Warning(s): First Time, m/m
Summary: Spock is pushed a bit further than he can stand and it puts Captain Kirk in a situation he hadn't really expected.

Author's Notes:
Codes: K/S, first time, NC-17, m/m slash.
Disclaimer. Kirk and Spock still belong to Paramount, as does all the "trekish" stuff in this tale. No infringement of copyright is intended. No profit. I want a button on my keyboard that spits out a general disclaimer when I need one *groan*. Aren't y'all tired of these anyway?
Archive: This story is archived at and if you want to archive it on your site. Please ask first.
Thanks to: Vast See, the best beta a girl could ask for, Scarlet - who guided me through the first rough drafts and Islaofhope for beta reading : -) I love you girls!
Author's note. This is not only a first-time story for Kirk and Spock - it is also my very first try at K/S, so be gentle.

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