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Sentinel Central by Twisted Sister
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Character(s): DiNozzo/John Carson, Gibbs/Brian Rafe
Warning(s): None
Summary: Set in the Dear John RR AU

Author's Notes:
Name Sentinel Central #1 Housekeeping
Pairings:  Gibbs/Brian Rafe, DiNozzo/John Carson
Rating: Heavy R
AN:  As threatened, er, promised, I have some snippets set in the Dear John universe that some of the characters insist I write.
If you haven't read the DearJohn Round Robin, it is available here.
This story will be a bit confusing without reading the Round Robin first.  In a nutshell, it is a multifandom universe that has, in some degree or another, elements from NCIS, The Sentinel, CSI Miami, Criminal Minds, and Stargate:SG1.  John Carson, the cop who was introduced in NCIS Season 4 "Friends and Lovers" survived the gunshot wound and has become the Guide to Tony's Sentinel.  They are currently living in Gibb's house while John recovers from his wounds.  Gibbs is some sort of Senior Sentinel who can lead/control other Sentinels. Brian Rafe who had transferred to DC Metro police several months before is Gibbs' Guide.  Both pairs are sexually involved, er bonded, and with the bonding they are telepathically linked.
While there are other Sentinel pairs in the AU, these two pairings, especially Gibbs/Rafe have set up camp in the smutty part of my brain so my series will be focussing around them.   Since the AU is now open, other authors may be posting other stories as well as the muse hits them.
Also from Stargate SG1:  General Jack O'Neill and Dr. Daniel Jackson have also become a Sentinel/Guide pair and are working with the Ellison/Sandburg from The Sentinel as well as the other new pairings to set up up something to protect the Sentinels.  The final chapter of the Dear John RR had ended with a One Year Later section.  In the future Gibbs/Rafe and Tony/Carson become a foursome.  The Sentinel Central series, however, takes place before the One Year later.
I apologize in advance.  Normally I try to stick to one POV in the scene, but sometimes more than one person's thoughts seem to be cropping up.  If this is really confusing to follow, let me know and I'll try to keep the character better in line in the next one.
Now on to the Story.

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