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Independence Day Silliness by Haruka89
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Character(s): Captain America, Iron Man, other female
Warning(s): Established couple, Romance, schmoop, slash
Summary: The Haven celebrates Independence Day.

Fandom: Iron Man
Pairings: Tony Stark/Steve Rogers
Spoiler: Iron Man v3 #51-#52
Disclaimer: Everything you recognize from the comics belongs to Marvel and co. I don't make any money with this.
Author's Note 1: In this fic, that takes place around 13 months after Iron Man v3 #51-#52 according to the Mavel Chronology Project, I completely deny the existence of one Rumiko Fujikawa. Here Tony was never together with her, because he's happily married to Steve.
Author's Note 2: For those who don't know/remember Shelly, she's the teenage prostitute Tony picked up in Iron Man v3 #51 to bring her to The Haven, the safe house for kids from the street he founded and helps with (financially and otherwise). She's also the one who helped him find the killer of another girl from The Haven, who Tony was close to. And Shelly knew about Tony being Iron Man before he made that public knowledge.

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