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Reviews For abicierum
Reviewer: jgroovydaisy Signed Date: 09/06/09 - 08:53PM Title: Chapter 3

This was an amazingly awesome story.  So much love for this.  I always love SG1/SGA crossovers and with Rodney/John and Rodney and O'Neill as dads it was perfect!! Thanks for writing.

Reviewer: ReneeMR Signed Date: 09/01/09 - 04:51PM Title: Chapter 1

I'm totally enjoying this story, and am looking forward to reading more.


Reviewer: kittycat Signed Date: 08/29/09 - 08:30AM Title: Chapter 2

so how will Jack got on now

Reviewer: kittycat Signed Date: 08/28/09 - 12:29PM Title: Chapter 1

So who is the Dad then

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