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Reviews For Never Let Go
Reviewer: BeCullen Signed Date: 11/07/10 - 07:35AM Title: Chapter 17

Very nice.  I really liked this story.  I hope to read more from you in the future.  Great job and thanks for sharing.

Reviewer: kittycat Signed Date: 04/10/10 - 09:53AM Title: Chapter 15

will he get there in time or not

Reviewer: kittycat Signed Date: 01/06/10 - 04:43AM Title: Chapter 16

Will Remy be ok i do hope how Logan take that Victor was he Brother do i want to now

Reviewer: kittycat Signed Date: 07/23/09 - 10:11AM Title: Chapter 14

Good God what will he do to him then

Author's Response: I seem to inspire that response from you in both stories :P thanks for ready and rating. more soon

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