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Reviews For Mirror, Mirror
Reviewer: Eranthe Signed Date: 10/15/18 - 04:31PM Title: Chapter 17

I don't know what happened when you were putting this on here but there were a few places that the upside down ? and 1/2 and such made it hard to read. I think they were taking the place of certain letters or ' marks or something.

Anyway..on to the review. I love the way you got those two together and still kept their personalities intact. I am wondering if Angel falling in love with Riley is going to bring about Angelus coming back or if he's still locked up tight inside?

I also loved the way Wesley ended up with Xander (and Spike getting his just reward for his little "trick") though I do hope that Draco and Ron didn't end up too compromised while it happened lmao.

Draco, Harry and Ron together..that could be interesting, and I wonder what Lucius and Narcissa would think about it since it seems they lost Riley again (though I wonder what his mom will say when they show up).

I love that Giles/Remus and Severus were lovers. I do hope that somehow they can reconcile because damn they would look good together now that G/R has recovered from the years of being a werewolf.

I wonder why Willow didn't get an invite. The Hellmouth not wanting its own to leave maybe? Hmmm. I'm glad that at least that was found out even through Lucius.

I do hope that Buffy doesn't have another freak out and cause problems with Angel and Riley. She really needs a good wake up call without it destroying everyone.

I'm sad you won't write a sequel. If anyone else does, I'll have fun trying to find it (depending on how they classify it).

Reviewer: Dracian Anonymous Date: 07/18/07 - 02:09PM Title: Chapter 1

At first i was apprehensive about this story. B'angel crossed over with HP? I thought it wouldn't work. I was totally wrong. This story grabbed my attention by the balls and held on fiercely chapter after chapter. If you ever decide to write a sequel i guarantee i'll be one of the first to read it and to recommend it to all my slash loving friends. Great Job!!!

Author's Response: Lol, great review, thanks! There is no sequel planned though I left the story open for others to pick it up if they wanted. Thanks for giving this story a chance and leaving a review. Ciao!

Reviewer: Dubious Signed Date: 06/12/07 - 03:10PM Title: Chapter 1

I don't do Harry Potter; I have never really got the attraction, but for some reason (beyond my boardering-on-unhealthy obsession with Riley Finn), I started to read this. I'm glad I did. I really enjoyed reading it - it was full of angst and drama, humour and heat. Everything about it was good. The characters were well realised, including the HP ones, meaning I didn't have to kave any Potter knowldge to believe them. I'm waffling now so I'll just end with thanks.

Author's Response: Okay, first of all, obsessing over Riley Finn could never be considered unhealthy. Secondly, thank you for reading. I take it as quite the compliment that you still enjoyed this story despite not knowing Harry Potter. Hopefully that means I successfully integrated the two. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: kiwigirl Anonymous Date: 06/03/07 - 08:39PM Title: Chapter 1

Well lol i have finished the last few chapters thank god riley got out from under the influence of his so called parents and is now with his angel where he belongs.Man does draco have tickets on himself needs to keep his dirty little hands off harry,harry belongs to lucius though not the nasty lucius in this story.Poor spike really angel should let him off the hook after all he did get him together with his riley all be it in a naughty way.I assume the two wizards on the platform were the malfoys and the witch cutting up the ingredients was rileys mother and the malfoys are on their way.Good ending lol.Now can you please write a harry/lucius story.As i loved your a white coat for my blonde and it must be time for you to write another hot one for harry and his lucius.PRETTY PLEASE LOL.helena

Author's Response: I don't really have any ideas for another Harry/Lucius, but I've been mostly focused on finishing all of my WIPs. Angel is most definitely going to look after his Riley, even from his parents if he has to. And you guessed correctly, the Malfoys have come to America. Happy you stuck with me till the end! Hugs!

Reviewer: Chris Anonymous Date: 05/26/07 - 03:03PM Title: Chapter 1

Hurry please hurry, I need the final chapter badly and then a sequel! or mabe a prequel or both! Riley/Angel is a suprisingly (for me anyway) hot pairing, obsessed angel is always good. please post soon, I'll be checking often. Thanks

Author's Response:

Ah, the epilogue is up, but there will be no sequel, sweetie. Angel/Riley is my favorite pairing, two honorable (somewhat thick headed) warriors who tend to mess up spectacularly trying to do the right thing. Match made in heaven. Thanks for checking Mirror out.

Reviewer: kiwigirl Anonymous Date: 05/13/07 - 07:06PM Title: Chapter 1

The only reason i would be upset with you is if you dont get angel and his riley together as a couple they so belong together.I just want to kick those blasted malfoys right up their backsides drugging riley so they can control him.Please email me at this address if you dont plan on getting angel and riley together i so dont want to read anymore of this story if thats what you have planned lol.Which would tick me off as i love this story.

Author's Response:

I would never kill Riley, cross my heart! I won't even read stories where he's vilified. I can read him with Buffy as a side pairing in a story, but as soon as they make him into some evil caveman I'm outta there. Military brat here - no one bashes my Marine! lol! Everyone likes to forget that he was Walsh's psychology TA; even if it was all a cover, he had to know his material and that speaks to his intelligence, to learn a subject well enough to teach it. *grumble grumble* No appreciation for my baby.

They do belong toether and I hope you like the ending of this story.


Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 04/10/07 - 08:34PM Title: Chapter 1

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh come back here lol those bloody malfoys and who do they think they are making sure riley is not pregnant scum of the earth the pair of them.Poor riley and angel do something lol i love them together PLEASE TELL ME YOU HAVE A HAPPY ENDING FOR ANGEL AND HIS LOVELY RILEY.I cant wait for draco to tell his parents hes in love with ron yeah fix them snobs cant stand lucius in this story.Ooh yuk harry with percy lol not nice at all.update really really soon please.helena

Author's Response: I wanted Lucius to be a villain in this story, a real Slytherin one, but it is hard. He's such a nummy treat, no matter how wicked. As for a happy ending? Whether it's happy or not will probably not be why you'll be upset with me.

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 03/11/07 - 10:48PM Title: Chapter 1

Forgot to say have read a white coat for my blonde several times LOVE IT TOTALLY ROCKS.helena

Author's Response: That's great to hear, thanks!

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 03/11/07 - 10:45PM Title: Chapter 1

Oh my god that was so hot i cant remember what the hell chapter 10 was about after reading chapter 11.pick my tongue up off the floor wow hot.let me think oh yes buffy is just jealous of riley and angel being together needs to get a life.Those malfoys ahhhhhhh.What a cliff hanger lol oh god what have i done poor riley.Please tell me you are going to update soon riley and angel are soul mates and belong together.PLEASE LOL DONT LET TEM SPLIT UP RILEY SO HAS TO RETURN THE LOVEMAKING AND GET TO FUCK ANGEL excuse the language,update soon please.loving it. helena

Author's Response: The Malfoys make great parents, don't they? I especially love them in this last chapter - wicked laugh! Buffy still has her part to play, though I prefer bitchy Buffy to mature Buffy. Thanks for the review! hugs!

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 02/05/07 - 01:02PM Title: Chapter 9

Yay angel and riley reunited love them together,Have to agree with you i dont like lucius in this one and that narcissa nasty bitch.poor angel he just wants to be with his riley who has angel wrapped around his little finger.the malfoys need to be sorted cant wait to see what their reaction will be to draco and ron getting together.the only one i love harry with is lucius do you have any stories with just them as a couple i would love to read them.update soon please lol.

Author's Response:

Sorry this took a spell to update. I hate having to re-format chapters to upload them. I'm enjoying Draco immensely in this story and just wait, he's not done scheming yet. The only complete Harry/Lucius story I have completed is White Coat for My Blond. It's one of my favorites and should be up here somewhere.

Thanks for the feedback!

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 01/29/07 - 06:59PM Title: Chapter 8

Have to say i dont like lucius in this one at all are you sure you cant get lucius and harry together i only like them as a couple.And that narcissa please i wanna smack her where does she get off thinking that angel is not good enough for his riley.Hope angel is going to come get riley soon.update soon please lol.

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 01/29/07 - 06:58PM Title: Chapter 8

Have to say i dont like lucius in this one at all are you sure you cant get lucius and harry together i only like them as a couple.And that narcissa please i wanna smack her where does she get off thinking that angel is not good enough for his riley.Hope angel is going to come get riley soon.update soon please lol.

Author's Response: Lucius and Narcissa are very manipulative and not all that likeable in this story. They borderline creep me out. I love Lucius with Harry or Ron, but that won't be happening, unfortunately.

Reviewer: neichan Signed Date: 01/09/07 - 04:34AM Title: Chapter 1

OH! Joyous! I haven't seen fic from you in a while...I am so happy! Love more Riley and Angel fic, too! Nice, very nice! hugs!

Author's Response: Yes, I've been putzing over at LiveJournal and RL has been kicking my @$$. Good to hear from you! *cheek peck*

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 01/07/07 - 10:00PM Title: Chapter 7

Ooh so riley is lucius son well well,and draco has the hots for ron weasley that should be good.Now if harry could get rid of narcissa and cozy up with lucius that would make my day.If anyone can get riley back angel can he'll get his bonded mate back then hopefully lots of hot sex yummy.another great chapter lol.update soon please.regards helena

Author's Response: I almost feel sorry for Draco, but he will get his man in the end. It felt weird, not hooking Harry and Lucius up, but Harry won't be left out in the cold. As for Angel, he's not done putting his foot in his mouth.

Reviewer: kiwigirl Signed Date: 12/23/06 - 12:07PM Title: Chapter 6

Bloody malfoy can keep his hands off of riley i love lucius but only with harry they are so hot together.I cant wait to see what riley is going to do to save his angel they are hot as a couple.more soon please.regards helena

Author's Response: Harry/Lucius is definitely one of my all time favorites, but don't worry, Lucius doesn't think that way about pretty Riley. Draco might though, possessive little git. (wink) Poor Angel will have to fight to keep his Malfoy. Thanks for the review! I don't get alot so it's great whenever anyone lets me know what they like!

Reviewer: helena Anonymous Date: 11/06/06 - 12:57AM Title: Chapter 1

please tell me that riley is not harry potter in disguise as i love angel with the real riley.good writing though.

Author's Response: Hmm, there's an idea . . . lol! Cross my heart, Riley is not Harry. This might be borderline crack!fic, but it's not gone there. Boy's too tall, don't you think? And no, he's not Ron either. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Starry Night Signed Date: 11/05/06 - 09:52PM Title: Chapter 1

So the next chapter will be up soon then? I loved it!!!

Author's Response: Good to hear! And yes, I am tossing it up right now. Have smutty mind, will write.

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