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Reviews For Ashtaroth
Reviewer: Kel2 Signed Date: 08/30/08 - 02:43AM Title: Chapter 5 - The Sum of the Parts

This really sucked me in. A friend recomended it to me and I will be forever grateful to them for it.

 Just one thing though part 4 was missing. It was just a repeat of part 3. but other than that I loved it!

Author's Response: Sorry about that; we thought we'd fixed it, but apparently not. The full stories in the series are available on our site

Reviewer: iadorespike Signed Date: 03/29/08 - 12:43PM Title: 4: Mr. Woolsey Visits Atlantis

Umm...not to complain, but this is a re-post of chapter three.  If you post the real chapter four, I promise I'll give fb. ;)

Author's Response:

We thought we'd gotten that fixed, but it seems not. The story is available on our site at 

Reviewer: purrfus Anonymous Date: 11/05/06 - 09:48PM Title: 2. Accommodations

Oh Yummy! It is just wonderful. There is only the littlest bit of sadness that Ash didn't come out to Weir.

Reviewer: purrfus Anonymous Date: 11/05/06 - 09:35PM Title: 1. Temptation

After I found your Sholto/Galen story I decided to go check out some of your other stuff. This is so funny. I laughed until I cried. The exchanges between Shepard and McKay along with Shepard's bio were just amazing.

Reviewer: PamelaP Anonymous Date: 07/31/06 - 01:57PM Title: 1. Temptation

I just "stumbled" across this story...and I just HAD to take a moment to let you know how much I TRULY enjoyed this chapter!! Really cool, and the way you had John and Rodney parry back and forth verbally...TERRIFIC AND OFTEN FUNNY! I'm looking forward reading what happens in the second chapter!!!

Reviewer: Wgang16 Signed Date: 07/29/06 - 05:54PM Title: 2. Accommodations

Very cool story. I really enjoyed it. Very hot with the guys. John makes one sexy demon. cheryl

Reviewer: helena Anonymous Date: 07/29/06 - 04:32PM Title: 2. Accommodations

Yay i am so glad you did another chapter.The guys are hot,sexy and so much fun as usual.

Reviewer: Belladonna Anonymous Date: 02/10/06 - 02:48PM Title: 1. Temptation

I read everything you two write-but this is seriously twisted and I really liked it, quirky but the sex is hot

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