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The WWOMB Monthly Contest

Have you heard about the contest the WWOMB and Squidge.ORG are sponsoring for WWOMB writers and supporters? Click here for details. And watch this space for new winners listed every month!

Please note the contest has changed slightly, with the "most prolific" category being dropped. Check out the contest page for details.

January 2016 Winners:

  • Random Author Chosen by the Database: The winner is Beaker67 for the story "From The Ashes - New World"
  • Random Reviewer Chosen by the Database: The winner is Psi Fi for their review of "Hot Summer Nights" by vinsmouse.

    Winners have been contacted via email or website listed here. If you are a winner and haven't been contacted, please drop me a note!

    Congrats to these winners! Each of them receives either a $10 iTunes or gift certificate, or an item worth up to $20 from the CafePress Store!

    ePub and MOBI (for iPad and Kindle) Formats Now Available!

    We are now happy to report that you can download stories from The WWOMB in not only PDF format that we've had for a while, but navigable ePub and MOBI formts. These are the two formats that most devices, like the iPad and Kindle, can use. Like the PDF version, the ePub and MOBI versions of the stories are available within half an hour after the story has been created or updated.

    If you have questions, don't hesitate to drop us a line!

    Older announcements are hidden by default. If desired, click below to read the archived announcements.

  • Most Prolific Author: With 10 stories, the winner is Imaginus75
  • Random Author Chosen by the Database: The winner is Thesseli for the story "Knights of Darkness and Light"
  • Random Reviewer Chosen by the Database: The winner is Nyre The Black Rose for their review of "Fallen Under His Protection" by wereleopard.

    January 2015 Winners
    Most Prolific Author with 6 stories is PattRose
    Random author was Piscean6724 for their story 'A House Divided - Stoker's Scandal'
    Random reviewer was Bits and Pieces for their review of Wertiyurae' story 'Der Mei├čel der Seele'

  • April 2014 WWOMB Contest Winners!

    April 2014 Winners
    Most Prolific Author with 6 stories is recordplayer69
    Random author was GingerS for their story 'A Teenage Prank Gone Wrong'
    Random reviewer was Shadow for their review of GingerS' story 'The Let Down'

    March 2014 WWOMB Contest Winners!

    March 2014 Winners
    Most Prolific Author with 6 stories is Blackcrystaly
    Random author was mbozzo for their story 'Leaning The Planet Poebus Forever'
    Random reviewer was 6of7 for their review of TR Gardner' story 'Fireman Mike'

    February 2014 WWOMB Contest Winners!

    February 2014 Winners
    Most Prolific Author with 3 stories (after a 4-way tie) is Kimberly Jackson
    Random author was cowgirl65 for their story 'All Dressed Up'
    Random reviewer was Kundry Athalia for their review of OpenPage's story 'Ask Me No Questions and I'll Tell You No Lies'

    January 2014 WWOMB Contest Winners!

    January 2014 Winners
    Most Prolific Author with 9 stories is Blackcrystaly
    Random author was Jo_Kay927 for their story 'Forbidden Mates'
    Random reviewer was silvermoon for their review of Gotta's story 'The Project'

    Good News!

    We have finally drawn the winners of the Monthly WWOMB Contest for June through December 2012. Yes, your webmaster is a slacker!

    Winners have been notified, and you can head over to the contest page and see the list of winners and their accomplishments. Congratulations go to: Andrew Troy Keller BuffyAngel68 Donna McIntosh DTS emeralds75 ROSSELLA1 Kundry Athalia gibbsandtonysbabe Gloworm41 Hendrick4824881 julieuax jessieleighcosta528 Jo_Kay927 Naitriab Melia Kate of Kintail Nyre The Black Rose oliver31 Pirate Turner Rebel Melinda rose_malmaison SisterWine Nancy Wgang16 CJ aka WritinginCT


    The WWOMB is starting a new thing called "Beta Connection", to connect writer s with people who are betas. In order to do this, we need betas to step forward and edit their profiles to include what fandoms they are willing to beta in, an d what their beta strongpoints are (i.e. spelling, grammar, characterization, et c). Please click here to update your profile and let people know if you're willing t o beta, for what fandoms, and what your strong suit is!

    Please note, that the standard footer, with contact information and such, is now located here.