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Second Chance Senior Year by Scribe Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 5 / Kudos Received = 37 ] Featured Stories
Summary: This is AU. Ignore anything that happened after Goblet of Fire. Ray Vecchio has gone on with his life, so that Stanley Kowalski no longer has to pretend to be him, but Fraser can't entirely get out of the habit of calling him 'Ray'. The Hogwarts students are getting ready to enter their senior year, and are all around seventeen or eighteen.
Fandoms: Harry Potter [Movies], Due South, Due South/Harry Potter Characters: surprise
Genres: Slash Warnings: AU
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 31 Completed: No Word count: 58718
Published: 11/01/04 Updated: 08/29/13

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