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Breakfast with Scot [7] The hockey career of former Toronto Maple Leaf Eric McNally, who was known as a tough enforcer, came to an end with a shoulder injury. He is now a sportscaster. Except to his assistant Nula, what he hasn't told his work colleagues is that he is gay and that he is in a long term relationship with a sports lawyer named Sam. Eric feels that he can't be openly gay as an ex-hockey player or as a public figure still associated with professional hockey. Eric and Sam's life is turned upside down when they take temporary custody of Scot Latour, whose drug addict mother, Julie, recently passed away from a drug overdose. Julie assigned custody of Scot to her ex-boyfriend, Billy, who is Sam's deadbeat brother. Sam is certain that Billy will eventually come for Scot when he learns that Julie's insurance money also comes with custody. Having only had Julie's influence in his life, Scot is a flamboyant adolescent, who wears make-up, a feather boa and his mother's charm bracelet, and who loves musicals and singing Christmas carols. As they all wait for Billy's arrival, Eric, despite not being Scot's father, and Scot have to figure out how to come to terms with each other - Scot being a boy who expresses himself freely whatever the consequences, and Eric always being concerned about maintaining a macho exterior - within their temporary guardian/charge relationship.
8MM [0] Tom Welles is hired by a wealthy widow to uncover the origins of a snuff film owned by her late husband.
10 [1] A Hollywood songwriter goes through a mid-life crisis and becomes infatuated with a sexy blonde newlywed.
54 [6] Famous 70's NYC nightclub seen and told through the eyes of a young employee.
The 13th Warrior [0] In AD 922, an important emissary who is banished from his homeland.
101 Dalmations [2] Fashion designer Anita and computer-game writer Roger meet, fall in love and marry along with their dalmations Perdita and Pongo. But the proud dogs' puppies are kidnapped by Anita's boss Cruella De Vil, who is stealing young dalmations to make the coat she has set her heart on.
A Knight's Tale [1] Inspired by The Canterbury Tales, this is the story of William, a young squire with a gift for jousting. After his master dies suddenly, the squire hits the road with his cohorts Roland and Wat.
A-Team [3] A group of Iraq War veterans looks to clear their name with the U.S. military, who suspect the four men of committing a crime for which they were framed.
A Life Less Ordinary [1] A cleaning man in L.A. takes his boss's daughter hostage after being fired and replaced by a robot. Two angels offer some unsolicited help to bring this unlikely couple together.
A Man Apart [1] A man known as Diablo emerges to head a drug cartel after the previous leader is imprisoned.
A Nightmare on Elm Street [2] In the dreams of his victims, a spectral child murderer stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him.
A Walk On The Moon (1999) [1] The world of a young housewife is turned upside down when she has an affair with a free-spirited blouse salesman.
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter [1] Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the United States.
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective [15] He's the best there is. In fact, he's the only one there is! He's Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Jim Carrey is on the case to find the Miami Dolphins' missing mascot and quarterback Dan Marino. He goes eyeball to eyeball with a man-eating shark, stakes out the Miami Dolphins and woos and wows the ladies. Whether he's undercover, under fire or underwater, he always gets his man . . . or beast!
Aces 'N Eights [0] Here's a gunslinger's tale with a different approach. With the railroad making its way across the States, some landowners don't want to sell out in the name of "progress" and are willing to back up their staunch opposition with bullets and, in the case of one family, a reclusive sharpshooter. Ernest Borgnine and Casper Van Dien star in this moody western about the clash between modernity and traditional values.
Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension [13] Adventurer/surgeon/rock musician Buckaroo Banzai and his band of men, the Hong Kong Cavaliers, take on evil alien invaders from the 8th dimension.
The African Queen [1] At the start of World War 1, Charlie Allnut is using his old steamer, The African Queen, to ferry supplies to villages in East Africa. When the Rev. Samual Sayer dies, Charlie agrees to take Sayers' sister, Rose, back to civilization. taking on the Germans at the same time
The [Many] Adventures of Winnie the Pooh [24] A collection of animated shorts based on the stories and characters.
Aladdin [3] Aladdin is a street-urchin who lives in a large and busy town long ago with his faithful monkey friend Abu. When Princess Jasmine gets tired of being forced to remain in the palace that overlooks the city, she sneaks out to the marketplace, where she accidentally meets Aladdin. Under the orders of the evil Jafar (the sultan's advisor), Aladdin is thrown in jail and becomes caught up in Jafar's plot to rule the land with the aid of a mysterious lamp. Legend has it that only a person who is a "diamond in the rough" can retrieve the lamp from the Cave of Wonders. Aladdin might fight that description, but that's not enough to marry the princess, who must (by law) marry a prince.
Alexander: 2004 [6] Alexander, the King of Macedonia and one of the greatest military leaders in the history of warfare, conquers much of the known world.
Alice in Wonderland [3] tells the story of a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit-hole into a fantasy world populated by peculiar and anthropomorphic creatures.
Alice in Wonderland (2010) [2] 19-year-old Alice returns to the magical world from her childhood adventure, where she reunites with her old friends and learns of her true destiny: to end the Red Queen's reign of terror.
Alien [8] After investigating an S.O.S. signal on a near-by world, the crew of an industrial spacecraft must fight for survival when a highly aggressive bioform is born in the ship and begins hunting them one by one.
Alien: Resurrection [1] 200 years after her death, Ellen Ripley is revived as a powerful human/Alien hybrid clone who must continue her war against the Aliens.
Alien Sex Files 3: Aliens Gone Wild [1] From Angel City to the barren desert razor sharp claws, killer parasites, deadly websites, and world destruction prevail.
Aliens [3]

The planet from "Alien" has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, the rescue team has impressive firepower, enough?

All the Pretty Horses [1] Two young Texas cowboys on the cusp of manhood ride into 1940's Mexico in search of experience. What they find is a country as chaotic as it is beautiful, as cruel and unfeeling as it is mysterious, where death is a constant, capricious companion
Altered States [1] A Harvard scientist conducts experiments on himself with a hallucinatory drug and an isolation chamber that may be causing him to regress genetically.
American Outlaws [1] When a Midwest town learns that a corrupt railroad baron has captured the deeds to their homesteads without their knowledge, a group of young ranchers join forces to take back what is rightfully theirs. In the course of their vendetta, they will become the object of the biggest manhunt in the history of the Old West and, as their fame grows, so will the legend of their leader, a young outlaw by the name of Jesse James
American Pie 2 [0] The continuing bawdy adventures of a group of friends reuniting after their first year of college.
An American Werewolf In London [1] Two American tourists in Britain are attacked by a werewolf that none of the locals will admit exists.
Appaloosa [5] When two gunmen, Virgil Cole and Everett Hitch, arrive in Appaloosa they find a small, dusty and lawless town suffering at the hands of renegade rancher Randall Bragg.
Armageddon [1] Due to a shuttle's unfortunate demise in outer space, NASA becomes aware of a doomsday asteroid that is on a collision course with Earth. It seems that the only way to knock it off course is to drill into its surface and detonate a nuclear weapon. But as NASA's under-funded yet resourceful team train the world's best drillers for the job, the social order of the world begins to break down as the information reaches the public and hysteria results. As high-ranking officials play politics with the effort, the drilling team all faces deep personal issues which may jeopardize humanity's last chance...
Aristocats [8] Upon Madame Adelaide Bonfamille's passing her cat Duchess and 3 kittens stand to inherit her fortune. But not if Edgar the butler can help it.
Asylum (2008) [2] a group of college students who discover that their dormitory was once a mental hospital presided over by a sadistic doctor. As the semester gets under way, it begins to appear as if the spirit of the malevolent M.D. has decided to remain in the haunted hallways in order to continue his experiments on the latest crop of students.
As Good as It Gets [0] New York City. Melvin Udall, a cranky, bigoted, obsessive-compulsive writer, finds his life turned upside down when neighboring gay artist Simon is hospitalized and his dog is entrusted to Melvin. In addition, Carol, the only waitress who will tolerate him, must leave work to care for her sick son, making it impossible for Melvin to eat breakfast.
Austin Powers [7] Austin "Danger" Powers (Mike Myers) is a '60s British superspy-agent who's arch enemy, Dr. Evil (Mike Myers), narrowly escapes capture by freezing himself in a cryogenic pod and launching himself into orbit aboard a Bob's Big Boy rocket in 1967. Determined to be there when Dr. Evil returns, Powers has himself cryogenically frozen as well, and when in 1997 Dr. Evil returns, so does Powers
Avalon High [0] Allie Pennington is transferred to a new school (Avalon High) where she discovers that her new classmates are reincarnations of King Arthur and his court.
Avatar [7] A paraplegic marine dispatched to the moon Pandora on a unique mission becomes torn between following his orders and protecting the world he feels is his home.
The Avengers: 2012 [31] Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki and his army.
B Monkey [3] Beatrice (Argento) is a professional thief known as B. Monkey to her partners in crime. When she falls in love with a schoolteacher, the couple try to break free of the criminal life, but the past can't be avoided so easily as two of B.'s former friends try to pull her back into the game.
The Baby-Sitters Club [6] Kristy, Claudia, Mary Anne and Stacy are not only the best of friends, they are also the baby-sitters! In fact, these girls love to baby-sit so much, they formed a club—The Baby-sitters Club. The girls may love to baby sit, but that doesn't mean that they don't get into trouble doing it. No matter what, they'll be friends forever!
Backdraft [1] Two Chicago firefighter brothers who don't get along have to work together while a dangerous arsonist is on the loose.
Back to the Future [2] In 1985, Doc Brown invents time travel; in 1955, Marty McFly accidentally prevents his parents from meeting, putting his own existence at stake.
Bad Girls [1] Four prostitutes join together to travel the Old West
The Bank [1] Near-brilliant mix of social-political satire and good, old-fashioned thrills sees Wenham, a mathematical genius, develop a formula that will accurately predict the stock market - of course, "The Bank", led by CEO LaPaglia, is smitten with the prospect of making billions each day just from market fluctuations. But Wenham, of course, has an agenda of his own,
Barb Wire [1] 21st century. USA. The second civil war. The whole country is in a state of emergency. What was formerly called the American Congress now rules with fascistic methods. There is only one free city left, Steel Harbor, headquarter for the resistance. This is the hometown of Barb Wire, owner of the night club Hammerhead. As times aren't good, Barb has a second job. She's a bounty hunter and you probably wouldn't want her after you. Barb's credo is to never take sides for anybody and that's the only way to survive these days. As her former lover Axel Hood appears asking for a favour, Barb suddenly finds herself to be key player on high political stage. Now she has to take sides...
Barbarella [2] In the far future, a highly sexual woman is tasked with finding and stopping the evil Durand-Durand. Along the way she encounters various unusual people.
Barefoot In The Park [1] Paul Bratter, a conservative young lawyer, marries a vivacious young woman, Corrie. Their highly passionate relationship descends into comical discord in a five-flight New York City walk-up apartment
Batman: The Dark Knight [20] Batman and James Gordon join forces with Gotham's new District Attorney, Harvey Dent, to take on a psychotic bank robber known as The Joker, whilst other forces plot against them, and Joker's crimes grow more and more deadly.
Beau Geste [0] involving three Geste brothers who disappear from England to avoid scandal and become members of the French Foreign Legion, include brotherly loyalty, patriotic honor, self-sacrifice, and treachery
Batman & Robin [3] The dynamic duo are back but this time they are up against the nefarious Mr. Freeze, who is bent on turning the world into an iceberg, and the slyly seductive but highly toxic Poison Ivy, who wants to eliminate all animal life and turn the Earth into a gigantic greenhouse. And Batman's butler Alfred is dying for a mysterious disease that Freeze's wife has. It's up to Batman, Robin the Boy Wonder and the new heroin Batgirl Alfred's niece to fight all three villains and save Alfred before he dies! But unfortunately Mr. Freeze holds the key to save his life.
Batman Forever [1] Batman must battle Two-Face and The Riddler with help of an amourous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.
Batman: The Dark Knight Rises [3] Eight years on, a new terrorist leader, Bane, overwhelms Gotham's finest, and the Dark Knight resurfaces to protect a city that has branded him an enemy.
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice [1] Fearing that the actions of Superman are left unchecked, Batman takes on the Man of Steel, while the world wrestles with what kind of a hero it really needs.
Beauty And The Beast [9] Belle, whose father Maurice is imprisoned by the Beast (really an enchanted Prince), offers herself instead and finds the prince inside the Beast
Bedazzled [1] Hopeless dweeb Elliot Richards is granted 7 wishes by the devil to snare Allison, the girl of his dreams, in exchange for his soul
Bell, Book And Candle [1] A modern-day witch likes her neighbor but despises his fiancee, so she enchants him to love her instead... only to fall in love with him for real
Beetlejuice [2] A couple of recently deceased ghosts contract the services of a "bio-exorcist" in order to remove the obnoxious new owners of their house
Beneath The Planet Of The Apes [1] Astronaut Brent is sent to rescue Taylor but crash lands on the Planet of the Apes, just like Taylor did in the original film. Taylor has disappeared into the Forbidden Zone so Brent and Nova try to follow and find him. He discovers a cult of humans that fear the Apes' latest military movements and finds himself in the middle. Tension mounts to a climactic battle between ape and man deep in the bowels of the planet.
Big [1] When a boy wishes to be big at a magic wish machine, he wakes up the next morning and finds himself in an adult body literally overnight.
The Big Chill [10] THE BIG CHILL is one of those films (like AMERICAN GRAFITTI) that people of a certain age will watch and experience a sense of generational identification. The film is an enjoyable (if somewhat surface) treatment of a generation's coming to terms with the compromise and loss of its youthful ideals.
Blade [3] When Eric Brooks mother was bitten by a vampire during pregnancy, she did not know that she gave her son a special gift while she was dying: All the good vampire attributes in combination with the best human skills. Eric grew up to be a vampire hunter for revenge on his mother's death. The vampires, who managed to infiltrate nearly every major organization, need his very special blood to summon La Magra, the blood god, in order to reign over the human cattle, as they call us.
Blades of Glory [1] In 2002, two rival Olympic ice skaters were stripped of their gold medals and permanently banned from men's single competition. Presently, however, they've found a loophole that will allow them to qualify as a pairs team.
Blair Witch Project [3] In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappearedin the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland, while shooting a documentary... A year later their footage was found. Now prepare for a motion picture experience unlike anything you've ever seen, heard or feared before. The Blair Witch Project follows a trio of filmmakers on what should have been a simple walk in the woods... but quickly becomes an excursion into heart-stopping terror. As the three become inexplicably lost, morale deteriorates. Hungar sets in. Accusations fly. By night, unseen evil stirs beyond their campfire's light. By day, chilling ritualistic figures are discovered nearby. As the end of their journey approaches, they realize that what they are filming now is not a legend...but their own descent into unimaginable horror.
Blazing Saddles [3] It's a classic Western situation, a corrupt government official in league with criminal business interests tries to take advantage of a town. The official is Hedley Lamarr, State Attorney General, Assistant to the Governor, and State Procurer. The town is Rock Ridge, so hard beset by outlaws that old ladies are beaten on Main Street at high noon. Still, the townspeople won't leave, so Lamarr sends them a sheriff they won't be able to stomach, a black railroad worker on the gallows for braining a foreman. This, too, fails, so Lamarr hires every criminal in the West (outlaws, Nazi stormtroopers, Arab marauders, Mexican banditos, a motorcycle gang, Klansmen, etc.) to destroy the town.
Blue Crush [1] Nothing gets between Anne Marie (Bosworth) and her board. Living in a beach shack with three roommates including her rebellious younger sister, she is up before dawn every morning to conquer the waves and count the days until the Pipe Masters surf competition. Anne Marie finds all she needs in the adrenaline-charged surf scene ... until pro quarterback Matt Tollman comes along. Like it or not, Anne Marie starts losing her balance - and finding it - as she falls for Matt
Boogie Nights [5] The story of a young man's adventures in the Californian pornography industry of the 1970s and 1980s
The Boondock Saints [5] When the Russian mob starts threatening their Irish neighborhood, the McManus brothers take the job of punishment into their own hands, while one FBI agent must decide how far he will go to stop them. This movie had a theatrical release in New York, Boston and Los Angeles and in several other countries, but due to timing and the violent content of the film, was released directly to video in the U.S.
Border Patrol [0] In an after-world where those in hell are guarded by a squad of border control experts, a world-class physician/serial killer returns to earth after an impossible escape. A unique pair of law enforcement officers -- Detective Freddie Chevrez from the living and Cal Newman from the afterworld -- team up to track down the psychopath and take him back to hell. 
Bourne Supremacy [3] When a CIA operation to purchase classified Russian documents is blown by a rival agent--who then shows up in the sleepy seaside village where Bourne and Marie have been living under assumed names--the pair collapse their lives and head out. Bourne, who promised retaliation should anyone from his former life attempt contact, is forced to once again take up his life as a trained assassin to survive.
Bowfinger [1] When a desperate movie producer fails to get a major star for his bargain basement film, he decides to shoot the film secretly around him.
Breakfast on Pluto [1] As foster kid Patrick "Kitten" Braden (Murphy) grows up, he leaves behind his small-town life in Ireland for London, where he's reborn as a transvestite cabaret singer in the 1960s and 70s
The Breakfast Club [7] Five high school students, all different stereotypes, meet in detention, where they pour their hearts out to each other, and discover how they have a lot more in common than they thought.
The Bride Of Frankenstein [1] Mary Shelley reveals the main characters of her novel survived: Dr. Frankenstein (goaded by an even madder scientist) builds his monster a mate.
Bridget Jone's Diary [2] Lurching from the cappuccino bars of Notting Hill to the blissed-out shores of Thailand, everyone's favorite Singleton Bridget Jones begins her search for The Truth in spite of pathetically unevolved men, insane dating theories, and Smug Married advice.
Brokeback Mountain [84] A raw, powerful story of two young men, a Wyoming ranch hand and a rodeo cowboy, who meet in the summer of 1963 sheepherding in the harsh, high grasslands of contemporary Wyoming and form an unorthodox yet life-long bond--by turns ecstatic, bitter and conflicted.
The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy [2] In the palm-shaded oasis of West Hollywood, we meet Dennis, a promising photographer. As he prepares to celebrate his twenty-eighth birthday, he laments, ' I can't decide if my friends are the best or worse thing that ever happened to me.' The gang includes Benji, the punkish innocent with a penchant for gym bodies; Howie, the psychology grad student who thinks too much and lives too little; Cole, the charismatic actor who accidentally keeps stealing everybody's guy; Patrick, the cynical quipster, and Taylor, resident drama queen, who, until recently, prided himself on his long-term relationship. Providing sage advice and steady work is Jack, the beloved patriarch whose restaurant is a haven for them all. When tragedy strikes the group, the friendships are put to the test.
Bruce Almighty [1] A guy who complains about God too often is given almighty powers to teach him how difficult it is to run the world.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer [1] A flighty teenage girl learns that she is her generation's destined battler of vampires
Bull Durham [1] a losing minor league baseball team in North Carolina, and the English teacher who choses one promising player each year to educate and seduce.
The Butterfly Effect [0] A young man is struggling to get over harmful childhood memories, but while doing so he discovers a technique that allows him to travel back in time and occupy his childhood body changing his history forever. However he also discovers that every change makes some alters in his future.
Cabin by the Lake [0] A screenwriter, who lives in a cabin by the lake near Los Angeles, drowns young women, then goes back to visit their bodies and do their laundry.
Cactus Flower [2] Julian Winston, a dentist, tells his girlfriend Toni that he is a married man in order to avoid commitment. When Toni demands to meet his wife, Julian asks his nurse Miss Dickinson to pose as Mrs. Winston.
Candyman: 1992 [1] The Candyman, a murderous soul with a hook for a hand, is accidentally summoned to reality by a skeptic grad student researching the monster's myth.
Cannonball Run (1981) [2] A wide variety of eccentric competitors participate in a wild and illegal cross-country car race.
Capricorn One [1] A NASA Mars mission won't work, and its funding is endangered, so they decide to fake it just this once.
Cars [9]

A hot-shot race-car named Lightning McQueen gets waylaid in Radiator Springs, where he finds the true meaning of friendship and family.

Casablanca [2] During the Second World War, Rick Blaine, a world-weary American, runs the popular Rick's Cafe in Casablanca, which is a seaport of Morocco under the control of the pro-German Vichy regime in France. A senior German officer called Strasser arrives in town, and on his instructions Louis Renault, Casablanca's police captain, arrests a Czech underground leader, Victor Laszlo, who is fleeing from the Germans. Lazslo's wife is travelling with him, and she proves to be Ilsa Lund, with whom Rick had a love affair in Paris in 1940. Just as the Germans were moving into Paris, Ilsa ran out on Rick, leaving him bitter, but she explains her reasons, and they make it up. Rick and Ilsa decide to run off together, using two valuable letters of transit in the possession of Rick's associate Blaine. But at the last minute Rick makes a sacrifice...
Cats [1] Cats is a 1998 direct-to-VHS film of the long-running West End production of Cats, Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. S. Eliot. Lloyd Webber himself personally oversaw orchestration for the film and called on Gillian Lynne, the original show's choreographer, to personally train the cast for the film. Trevor Nunn, the original director, did not serve as the director of this production. Initially released to VHS and subsequently DVD, the film has since been shown on PBS and the BBC.
Catwoman [3] A shy woman, endowed with the speed, reflexes, and senses of a cat, walks a thin line between criminal and hero, even as a detective doggedly pursues her, fascinated by both of her personas.
Chaos [0] Two cops, a rookie and a grizzled vet, pursue an accomplished bank robber
Charlie's Angels (2000) [1] Three women, detectives with a mysterious boss, retrieve stolen voice-ID software, using martial arts, tech skills, and sex appeal.
Cheaper By The Dozen [7] The Bakers, a family of 12, move from small-town Illinois to the big city after Tom Baker gets his dream job to coach his alma mater's football team. Meanwhile, his wife also gets her dream of getting her book published. While she's away promoting the book, Tom has a hard time keeping the house in order while at the same time coaching his football team, as the once happy family starts falling apart.
Chicago [1] Roxy Hart is an aspiring Jazz singer and dancer, when her boyfriend, who promised to hook her up, fesses up that he lied. When Roxy hears this, she goes nuts, and kills him. While in prison, she meets a famous Jazz singer, Velma Kelly, who is more then rude to her. Also she meets Mama, who helps her out for a little cash, and being a puppet to her lawyer, Billy.
Christine [3] A Stephen King Novel: A nerdish boy buys a strange car with a evil mind of its own and his nature starts to change to reflect it
The Chronicles of Narnia [0] Based on the classic novel by CS Lewis. Four London children are sent to a professors country home in order for protection during World War II. There they find a magic wardrobe which leads to a mystical land called Narnia, which is being ruled by an evil witch. To defeat the Witch, they must join forces with Aslan, the lion God of Narnia, and the great battle between good and evil.
Cinderella [2] Once upon a time in a bustling village marketplace in a tiny, picturesque kingdom...," thus begins the fanciful fairy tale of "Cinderella," a classic story of sibling rivalry...
Clash of The Titans: 2010 [1] Perseus, mortal son of Zeus, battles the minions of the underworld to stop them from conquering heaven and earth.
Class [1] Jonathan, a naive country boy, gets a scholarship to a classy prep school, where he rooms with suave, rich and handsome Skip. Skip decides it is his duty to see that Jonathan loses his virginity, so he sends Jonathan to Chicago, where Jonathan meets Ellen, a beautiful older woman, and they be- gin an affair which ends abruptly when Ellen discovers Jonathan is 17. During Christmas break, Jonathan visits Skip's house and discovers that Ellen is Skip's mother. Ellen tells Jonathan to leave when he rejects her advances, but then begins calling him and begging to see him. Finally, Jonathan agrees to meet her and plans to end the affair, but Ellen seduces him--and that's when Skip, who followed Jonathan, discovers them.
Click [1] A workaholic architect finds a universal remote that allows him to fast-forward and rewind to different parts of his life. Complications arise when the remote starts to overrule his choices.
Cocktail [1]
Collier & Co [1] .R. Collier, once the world's greatest race driver, is losing his family because he can't get racing out of his blood. His scheme to "go legit" by acquiring and reselling exotic cars -- cars he acquires by suckering the owners into racing for the pink slip -- runs afoul of the bad guys when he wins one car that has something in it that they will kill for. After a thrilling race to evade them, Becky, J.R.'s wife, decides her man is pretty good after all and they keep the family together
Conan the Barbarian [1] The epic tale of child sold into slavery who grows into a man who seeks revenge against the warlord who massacred his tribe.
Constantine [3] Based on the DC/Vertigo comic book Hellblazer, Constantine tells the story of irreverent supernatural detective John Constantine, who has literally been to hell and back. When Constantine teams up with skeptical policewoman Angela Dodson to solve the mysterious suicide of her twin sister, their investigation takes them through the world of demons and angels that exists just beneath the landscape of contemporary Los Angeles. Caught in a catastrophic series of otherworldy events, the two become inextricably involved and seek to find their own peace at whatever cost.
Count of Monte Cristo [1] Edmond has been held in a French prison for nearly 20 years for daring to love Mercedes), a woman who has also been wooed by a man in power, Mondego. When Abbe, a close friend and fellow prison inmate, is about to die, he tells Edmond of a fortune that he has hidden on the outside. Edmond escapes, finds the money, and assumes the identity of the Count of Monte Cristo. "The Count" uses his new wealth as part of a plan to bring down the men who helped keep him behind bars for so long -- Mondego, his henchman Danglars, and Count Morcef
The Covenant [10] Four young men who belong to a supernatural legacy are forced to battle a fifth power long thought to have died out. Another great force they must contend with is the jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear them apart.
Coyote Ugly [1] Sexy, romantic comedy about a girl in her early 20s named Violet Sanford going to NYC to pursue a dream of becoming a songwriter. Violet gets a "day" job as a bar maid at a nightclub called Coyote Ugly. Coyote Ugly is the city's newest hot spot where the employees are a team of sexy, resourceful women that provoke the clientele and press with their mischief.
The Craft [1] A newcomer to a Catholic prep high school falls in with a trio of outcast teenage girls who practice witchcraft and they all soon conjure up various spells and curses against those who even slightly anger them.
The Creature From The Black Lagoon [0] A scientific expedition ventures into the upper regions of the Amazon and discovers a "Gill Man," a living amphibious missing link
Crocodile Dundee [1] a rich reporter and an Outback he-man who tour Australia and Manhattan. Hogan is hilarious as the foreigner to the big city who must adapt to his new world. Oscar nominated for it's witty screenplay. One of the best films of the 1980's
Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course [1] The Crocodile Hunter mistakes some CIA agents for poachers and sets out to stop them from capturing a wily croc which, unbeknownst to him, has swallowed a tracking drone.
Cursed (Wes Craven) [2] Ellie has been taking care of her younger brother Jimmy since their parents death. One night after picking him up from a party they are involved in a car accident on Mullholland Drive. While trying to rescue a woman from the other car a creature attacks and kills her, also injuring both Ellie and Jimmy. After some research Jimmy realizes the creature could only have been a werewolf.
D'Artagnan's Daughter [2] Set in 1650s France, the fabled musketeer D'Artagnan is enlisted by his spunky, rebellious daughter to avenge the murder of a nun, and in the process quell a nefarious plot to destabilize the country.
Darby O'Gill And The Little People [1] In the enchanted Emerald Isle, Darby O'Gill spins tall tales of leprechauns and banshees.
Daredevil [8] Fate deals young orphan Matt Murdock a strange hand when he is doused with hazardous waste. The accident leaves Matt blind but also gives him a heightened "radar sense" that allows him to "see" far better than any man. Years later Murdock has grown into a man and becomes a respected criminal attorney. But after he's done his "day job" Matt takes on a secret identity as "The Man Without Fear," Daredevil, the masked avenger that patrols the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen and New York City to combat the injustice that he cannot tackle in the courtroom
Dark City [13] John Murdoch awakens alone in a strange hotel to find that he has lost his memory and is wanted for a series of brutal and bizarre murders. While trying to piece together his past, he stumbles upon a fiendish underworld controlled by a group of beings known as The Strangers who possess the ability to put people to sleep and alter the city and its inhabitants. Now Murdoch must find a way to stop them before they take control of his mind and destroy him
Dark Operations: A Dark Odessy Begins [2] "Dark Operations; A Dark Odyssey Begins" is the pilot episode of a series that will follow the epic journey of Captain Royce McGregor and his brave crew as they are recruited by Dark Ops for a mission almost certain to take their lives. Following the destruction of his ship, and the death of most of his crew, Capt McGregor and his fellow survivors find themselves pulled in to a society that the outside world doesn't even know exists. Led by the highly decorated Admiral John Winston Cross, Dark Operations sits as Earth's only hope for survival against the increasing Vrill threat. After the strong-arm recruitment by the Admiral, Capt McGregor and his crew are trained for battle and given Dark Operations' newest flag ship. The USS Armstrong is a powerful warship built to survive the long engagement that her crew will face against the Vrill. As our pilot episode closes, Captain McGregor and his crew leave Dark Ops Head Quarters and begin their mission of genocide. Their goal: To neutralize the Vrill threat and return home.
Darklight [0] A secret society fights evil with evil in this atmospheric original thriller. Tale of an ancient demoness named Lilith, who has been captured by a secret society known as The Faith. Her true nature concealed by a powerful spell, Lilith lives as a 24-year-old woman with no memory of her ageless past — until William Shaw of The Faith recruits her to help him stop the Demonicos, a rampaging monster that is spreading a lethal plague across the Earth and whose only vulnerability is to Lilith's unique mystical power, known as Darklight. As the duo race to slay the creature, they unwittingly expose a treacherous conspiracy within The Faith itself. Lilith has the power to set things right — but now that she has been reawakened to her true nature, will she resume her own evil ways? Trusting her is a life-or-death gamble for humanity, but it's one that William Shaw has no choice but to take 
Date Night [1] In New York City, a case of mistaken identity turns a bored married couple's attempt at a glamorous and romantic evening into something more thrilling and dangerous.
Dawn Of The Dead [2] Four survivors hide out in a Pittsburgh shopping mall while the living dead take over the country
The Day The Earth Stood Still [1] An alien visitor and his giant robot counterpart visit Earth.
Dead Man On Campus [24] Josh Miller is a hard-working teen who is just starting college. After a night of studying, his new roommate Cooper, a stoner playboy, wakes him up and throws his whole life "off track." Josh wakes up late for his classes, is behind and is failing. After a week or so, Josh falls asleep during and doesn't finish a test that decides rather he'll continue college or not. Josh and Cooper later go to a bar and wind up hearing a crazy (but true) story, that if your roomate commits suicide, you'll get straight As. So Cooper convinces Josh that this might bring both their grades up and Josh goes along with it. They end up searching for roommates that are crazy and/or suicidal. Meanwhile, Josh falls in love.
Death Race 3000 [0] Ex-con Jensen Ames is forced by the warden of a notorious prison to compete in our post-industrial world's most popular sport: a car race in which inmates must brutalize and kill one another on the road to victory.
Death Takes a Holiday (1934) [1] Death decides to take a holiday from his usual business to see what it is like to be a mortal. Posing as Prince Sirki, he spends 3 days with Duke Lambert and his guests at his dukal estate. Several of the women are attracted to the mysterious prince, but shy away from him when they sense his true nature. But Grazia, the beautiful young woman whom the Duke thought was to marry his son, loves him even when she knows who he is
Deceptions [24] A detective gets involved with a suspect in a murder case.
Deep Blue Sea [1] Searching for a cure to Alzheimer's disease a group of scientists on an isolated research facility become the bait as a trio of intelligent sharks fight back.
Demon Under Glass [4] There is a serial killer loose in Los Angeles. He brutalizes his young, female victims then drains their blood. He leaves no forensic evidence. The body count is rising. A task force of FBI agents and LAPD officers is formed and a trap is set. A vice officer volunteers as bait. It seems that the killer nicknamed "Vlad" has little time left. But the FBI has not told all about Vlad to the LAPD or its bait. Vlad is no ordinary serial killer. He is a force of incredible evil. As Officer Gwen Taylor attempts to lure a killer, powerful forces are also marshaling against him. They are the best trained the military has to offer with the best combination of paranormal knowledge and technology. It nearly isn't enough. A creature of myth and legend, a real vampire, is captured but not before many of his pursuers are killed. This includes Dr. Samuel Hirsch, the visionary who set the whole plan into motion. The Delphi Project continues under a new leader, Dr. Richard Bassett, who vows that his good friend's death will not be in vain. The vampire will provide the answers they seek. Bassett has convinced himself that the secret to life itself and humanity's future is at stake. But someone must repair the creature before he can be studied. He recruits a reluctant healer in Dr. Joe McKay. Protocols are carefully followed, data is gathered and the experiments proceed. But the Doctor and the Scientists have forgotten that a creature who has survived for a millennium can find weakness in any safeguards. After all, the protocols were created by the same humans which he has studied and hunted for centuries. Simon is patient and cunning. But can he survive the rigors of modern science? How far can he get them to fall in the name of science? Will they be his pawns or is he the pawn...
The Devil Wears Prada [1] A naive young woman comes to New York and scores a job as the assistant to one of the city's biggest magazine editors, the ruthless and cynical Miranda Priestly.
Die Hard [2] New York cop John McClane gives terrorists a dose of their own medicine as they hold hostages in an LA office building.
Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard [24] John McClane takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization who is systematically shutting down the United States.
Dirty Little Secret [1] The adopted son of a sheriff and his wife is kidnapped, but the motive goes beyond ransom.
Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog [1] An aspiring supervillain must balance his career and his pursuit of a beautiful do-gooder.
Dogma [1]

Two fallen angels – Bartleby, who is a Grigori, and Loki, formerly the Angel of Death, were banished by God to spend all eternity in a place worse than Hell (namely Wisconsin) after Loki, who'd just slaughtered the first born in Egypt (The Tenth Plague), had gotten drunk and was convinced by Bartleby to resign as the Angel of Death. He renounced God and left Heaven, flipping Him off on the way out, thus costing their entitlement to eternal paradise; they were condemned not to go to hell, but to spend eternity outside of Heaven's gates. Azrael, a demon (and fallen muse) with a hidden agenda, secretly sends the duo a newspaper article about a church in New Jersey where a Cardinal (Carlin) has declared a blanket amnesty in the form of a plenary indulgence (a perennial misunderstanding of the term) and initiated a contemporary Catholic image campaign--"Catholicism Wow!" with the 'happier' savior: Buddy Christ! --in celebration of the centennial anniversary of his church. This blanket forgiveness would allow Bartleby and Loki to be removed of all sin and allow them entry into Heaven.

Donald Strachey Mysteries [13] Donald Strachey, a gay man, lives in Albany, New York, with his partner Timothy Callahan, who works as a legislative aide to a New York state senator. Don's clients often feel that his sexual orientation gives him an edge when called upon to investigate cases that involve Albany's gay
Down With Love [2] Aaaah... it's New York City in 1962, and love is blooming between a journalist and a feminist advice author, who's falling head over heels despite her beau's playboy lifestyle.
Dracula - 1931 [1] The ancient vampire Count Dracula arrives in England and begins to prey upon the virtuous young Mina.
Dragonheart [1] The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying knight must cooperate to stop an evil king whom the dragon gave partial immortality
Dreamcatcher [1] Friends on a camping trip discover that the town they're vacationing in, is being plagued in an unusual fashion by parasitic aliens from outer space.
Dude, Where's My Car [0] Two potheads wake up from a night of partying and can't remember where they parked their car
Duel [1] A duel is about to begin between a man, a truck, and an open road. Where a simple battle of wits is now a matter of life and death.
The Eagle (of the Ninth) [1] In the year 140 AD, 20 years after the Ninth Legion disappeared in the north of Britain, Marcus Flavius Aquila, a young Roman centurion, arrives in Britain to serve at his first post as a garrison commander.
Eastern Promises [0] A Russian teenager living in London who dies during childbirth leaves clues to a midwife in her journal that could tie her child to a rape involving a violent Russian mob family.
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark [4] Elvira makes her Big Screem Debut in her Hot New Comedy.
End Of Days [1] At the end of the century, Satan visits New York in search of a bride. It's up to an ex-cop who now runs an elite security outfit to stop him
Event Horizon [0] A rescue crew investigates a spaceship that disappeared into a black hole and has now returned...with someone or something new on-board.
Evil Dead [5] Five friends go to a cabin in the woods for a vacation. They discover The Book of the Dead and a tape recorder belonging to a professor, who also owns the cabin. One of them plays back what is recorded on the tape-- which just happens to be Candarian resurrection passages translated from the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) by the professor, which unleashes an evil force from the woods. The people start turning into evil deadites, and the others soon learn from the tape that the only way to kill a person who is turned into a deadite is by total body dismemberment. People are dying left and right; one girl early in the film looses control and runs off into the woods, only to be raped and killed by the trees
Eyes Wide Shut [2] A New York City doctor, who is married to an art curator, pushes himself on a harrowing and dangerous night-long odyssey of sexual and moral discovery after his wife admits that she once almost cheated on him
F/X [0] Rollie is an expert in the art of Special Effects (F/X) and has a reputation build on many low budged hack and slash films (Including such titles as "I dismember momma") and is quite surprised to find that the FBI has a job for him. He is to stage the murder of a gangster about to enter the Witness Protection Program. He agrees, but then things get complicated. All the while a New York City police detective, Leo McCarthy is investigating the faked murder and can't understand why the FBI is even less helpful than usual
The Faculty [-1] A horror tale set in a High School where the students suspect the teaching staff of being aliens, who are intent on making the students their victims.
FAKE! [2] Dee and Ryo are NYC Police officers and partners. On vacation in the UK Dee hopes to make his feelings for Ryo known but uninvited guests and a string of murders gets in the way
Fantastic Four [4] When an experimental space voyage goes awry, four people are changed by the universe's cosmic rays. Reed Richards, inventor and leader of the group gains the ability to stretch his body, and takes the name, Mr. Fantastic. His girlfriend, Sue Storm, gains the ability to turn invisible and create force fields, becoming the Invisible Girl. Her little brother Johnny Storm gains the ability to control fire, including covering his own body with flame, like a Human Torch. Pilot Ben Grimm is turned into a super-strong rocky Thing. Together, this group of four must band together and discover new things about their new powers and use their unique powers to explore the strange aspects of the world, and to foil the evil plans of villans bent on world domination. Even as they deal with the various threats that arise to threaten Earth's peace, the Four must also deal with the pressures of fame as the world's most famous superheroes, and the realities of being a super-powered family. 
Fantastic Journey [2] A scientific expedition in the Atlantic Ocean headed by Dr Paul Jordan becomes lost in the Bermuda Triangle and washes up on an uncharted island. In the pilot episode they meet Varian, a man from the 23rd century who tells them about a place to the East called Evailand where they can find a door way back to there own time. Most of the group either died or made it home leaving Varian, Fred Walters and Paul's 13 yr. old son Scott to make there way east. Along the way they meet up with travelers from other times, planets and dimensions who have also become trapped. Liana, a woman with an alien mother and an Atlantium father with her cat Sil-l, is the first to join them. Then Jonathan Willoway, a scientist from the 60s is invited to join. Together they travel through portals from one dimension to the next hoping to find the one that leads home
The Fast And The Furious [43] Brian O'Connor is a cop who is ordered to go undercover as a street racer. He meets and befriends Dominic 'Dom' Toretto, the leader of the hottest racing team in town, and also the prime suspect in the case Brian is working. As Brian moves closer to uncovering the truth, he falls for Dom's sister Mia. Suddenly faced with the choice of betraying his new friends or betraying his job, he is unsure which one to choose.
The Fast & The Furious: Tokyo Drift [1] After totaling his car in an illegal street race, Shaun Boswell is sent to live with his father, who is in the military, in Tokyo, Japan, to avoid juvy or even jail. While in school, he befriends Twinkie, a "military brat." Twinkie introduces him to the world of racing in Japan. Though forbidden to drive, he decides to race against D.K., the "Drift King", who has ties to the Yakuza, and loses, totaling the car because of his lack of knowledge of drifting, racing that involves dangerous hair pin turns. To repay his debt, he enters the underground world of drift street racing. As he becomes better and better, he must finally prove his worth in that world by once again racing D.K.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High [12] A story of a group of California teenagers who enjoy malls, sex and rock n' roll.
Femme Fatale [1] International con artist/thief Laure Ash helps pull off a diamond robbery in Cannes during the annual film festival. She double-crosses her partners-in-crime and makes off with the diamonds to Paris where she assumes the identity of a woman who commits suicide and then leaves the country. Seven years later, Laure (now called Lily Watts) re-surfaces as the wife of the new American ambassador to France where Nicolas Barto, a Spanish photographer, takes her picture which sets the stage for a motion of events as the evil Laure resorts to low, underhanded means to protect her former identity by emotionally and financially destroying Nicolas while evading her former partners-in-crime still looking for her to reclaim the stolen diamonds
The Fifth Element [-1] In this tense 3D action adventure game, play as either New York cabby Korben Dallas or the mysterious Leeloo, a woman who holds the secret to the safety of the entire universe.
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children [2]
An ex-mercenary is forced out of isolation when three mysterious men kidnap and brainwash the city's children afflicted with the Geostigma disease.
Firefly: Serenity [4] The crew of the ship Serenity tries to evade an assassin sent to recapture one of their number who is telepathic.
Firestarter [1] A couple who participated in a potent medical experiment gain telekinetic ability and then have a child who is pyrokinetic.
First Daughter [1] The first daughter of the U.S. President heads off to college where she falls for a graduate student with a secret agenda.
Flash Gordon (1980) [1] A football player and his friends travel to the planet Mongo and find themselves fighting the tyrant, Ming the Merciless, to save Earth.
Flatliners [1] Medical students bring themselves near death; their experiment begins to go awry.
Forrest Gump [1] Forrest Gump tells his life story to strangers at a bus stop.
The Forsaken [0] Sean (Kerr Smith) is driving cross-country to deliver a vintage Mercedes and attend his sister's wedding when he reluctantly picks up a hitchhiker, Nick (Brendan Fehr),who just happens to be a vampire hunter, tracking down a gang of youthful vampires, who feed on unwary travellers. The two later bump into a recent vampire attack victim, Megan (Isabella Miko), who has been left for dead. They realize the same group of vampires Nick has been on the hunt for had attacked Megan, so, Sean and Nick decide to bring her along with them to use as bait. Sean is then accidently bitten by Megan, and becomes infected with the vampire virus. Now Sean, Nick and Megan must race against time to kill vampire gang leader (Jonathon Schaech) to prevent Sean from becomming one of the undead.
Four Brothers [2] After their adoptive mother is murdered during a grocery store hold-up, the Mercer brothers--hotheaded Bobby, hard-edged Angel, family man and businessman Jeremiah, and hard rocking Jack--reunite to take the matter of her death into their own hands. As they track down the killer, they quickly realize that their old ways of doing business have new consequences. Its not as predictable as you might think.
Frankenstein [1] Horror classic in which an obsessed scientist assembles a living being from parts of exhumed corpses.
Fred Claus [1] Fred Claus, Santa's bitter older brother, is forced to move to the North Pole.
Friday The 13th [4] Despite repeated warnings to stay away, a group of fun-loving but none-too-bright teenagers set out to reopen the eerie Camp Crystal Lake, which closed 20 years earlier after a series of bizarre and unexplained deaths. Now someone is lurking in the woods, spying on the happy campers, and plotting a gory, grisly revenge on those who would disturb the camp's slumber
Fright Night [2] When a teenager learns that his next door neighbour is a vampire, no one will believe him.
The Fugitive (1993) [12] Dr. Richard Kimble, unjustly accused of murdering his wife, must find the real killer while being the target of a nationwide manhunt.
Galaxy Quest [5] A cast of an old sci-fi TV programme which they play a crew on a starship, find themselves on the real thing when an alien race believe they are the characters they play
Gattaca [0] Gattaca Corp. is an aerospace firm in the future. In the not to distant future, society analyzes your DNA and determines where you belong in life. Ethan Hawke's character (Vincent) was born with a heart condition which would prevent him from ever getting a chance to travel in space. Now in order for him to get a chance, he illegally assumes the identity of an athlete who has the genes that would allow him to achieve his dream. However, after a mission director is murdered, Vincent must avoid the police to the fact that he is not who everyone thinks he is
George of the Jungle [1] heiress Ursula Stanhope explores the jungle near George's home with the help of her guide, Mr. Kwame and some native porters
Get Smart (2008) [2] Bungling secret agent Maxwell Smart, also known as Agent 86 for CONTROL, is on a mission to battle the forces of their evil crime nemesis known as KAOS with his more-competent partner Agent 99, (whose real name is never revealed) at his side. When the headquarters of U.S. spy agency Control is attacked and the identities of its agents compromised, the Chief has no choice but to promote his ever-eager analyst Maxwell Smart, who has always dreams of working in the field alongside stalwart superstar Agent 23. Smart will do whatever it takes to thwart the latest plot for world domination by KAOS
Ghost Rider [2] Johnny Blaze gives up his soul to become a hell-blazing vigilante, to fight against power hungry Blackheart, the son of the devil himself.
Ghost Ship [-1] A salvage team think they've made the find of a lifetime, until they discover there's more on board than meets the eye in this supernatural thriller. Led by Captain Sean Murphy, the crew of the tugboat Arctic Warrior have discovered a sideline far more lucrative than hauling ships in and out of the harbor --
Ghostbusters [1] Three unemployed parapsychology professors set up shop as a unique ghost removal service.
Ghosts Of Mars [1] A story of human colonists on Mars who must be rescued after becoming possessed by vengeful Martian ghosts.
G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra [1] The story involves Conrad "Duke" Hauser and Wallace "Ripcord" Weems being recruited for a special forces team while in the process of trying to protect a military convoy. Set in "the not too distant future," the film features a mixture of realistic military action and sci-fi style weaponry, such as concussion pistols and nanomites.
Gingersnaps [0] The 16 and 15 year old sisters Ginger and Brigitte are doing their best to stay outsiders. The typical stupid foolin' around cheerleaders attracting testosterone-regulated boys are really turning them off. "Out by sixteen or dead in this scene - together forever" is their morbid pact - because what classmates or their own mother consider as "becoming a woman" seems to be the same as getting dumber due to hormonal alterations. So the wicked girls prefer to fake and imitate 1001 arts of dying for their school project, including decapitations and lawnmower-splattered bodies. But nothing can stop the disaster that is about to happen... While walking through the forest at night a petrifying beast, allured as Ginger is on the rag, attacks her. Since then, infected with the obsession for meat, Brigitte's sister turns more and more into a Vamp that picks up boys at daytime and eats the dogs of their hated classmates in the night. Ginger's escalating thirst for blood begins to get out of control and even her innocent sister Brigitte isn't able to stop her...
Gladiator (2000) [2] When a Roman general is betrayed and his family murdered by a corrupt prince, he comes to Rome as a gladiator to seek revenge.
Gladiator [24] In the final days of Marcus Aurelius' reign, the aging emperor arouses his son Commodus' anger when he makes known his wish that Maximus be his successor. Power-hungry Commodus kills his father and orders the death of Maximus. But the latter flees and hides his identity by becoming slave and a gladiator. Eventually, Maximus journeys back to Rome to confront his archrival.
Glory Days [3] an engaging alcoholic (Bailey) who finds himself spending a weekend with his estranged wife (Pompeo) and his best friend (Collins).
The Godfather [7] The entry of Michael Corleone into the family business, the transition of power from his father, the ruthless dispatch of his enemies--all this is told with an assurance that is breathtaking to behold. And it turned out to be merely prologue; two years later The Godfather, Part II balanced Michael's ever-greater acquisition of power and influence during the fall of Cuba with the story of his father's own youthful rise from immigrant slums. The stakes were higher, the story's construction more elaborate, and the isolated despair at the end wholly earned. (Has there ever been a cinematic performance greater than Al Pacino's Michael, so smart and ambitious, marching through the years into what he knows is his own doom with eyes open and hungry?) The Godfather, Part III was mostly written off as an attempted cash-in, but it is a wholly worthy conclusion, less slow than autumnally patient and almost merciless in the way it brings Michael's past sins crashing down around him even as he tries to redeem himself.
Going to the Mat [0] Jace Newfield has a problem. Besides being blind and being the new kid at school, his problem is that the kids at his new school thinks he's a jerk. Jace has to find a way to be accepted into his new school. Joining the wrestling team just might work.
Gone In 60 Seconds [0] Gone in Sixty Seconds is about automobile aficionado Randall "Memphis" Raines, a car thief of legendary proportion. No fancy lock or alarm could stop him; your car would be there, and then suddenly gone in 60 seconds. For years, Memphis eluded the law while boosting every make and model imaginable. When the heat became too intense, he abandoned his life of crime and left everything and everyone he loved to find a different life. Now, when his kid brother Kip tries to follow in his footsteps, only to become dangerously embroiled in a high stakes caper where something goes wrong, Memphis is sucked back into his old ways-in order to save his brother's life from the stolen-car broker Raymond Vincent Calitri whose nickname is "The Carpenter" due to he's good at making caskets after he kills people for their failures. In order to prevent Kip's death, Randall must reassemble his team and steal 50 exotic cars and have them on a container ship in a few days in 72 hours. It will be tough with Raymond threatening to kill Kip in the car crusher with him in the car and the police unit GRAB after Randall and and Randall's old rival wanting to work for Raymond, to pull off the impossible
Good Will Hunting [1] Will Hunting, a janitor at MIT, has a gift for mathematics which is discovered, and a psychologist tries to help him with his gift and the rest of his life.
The Goonies [2] A group of kids embark on a wild adventure after finding a pirate treasure map.
Grease [1]
Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. But when they unexpectedly discover they're now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance?
The Great Escape [5] The Nazis, exasperated at the number of escapes from their prison camps by a relatively small number of Allied prisoners, relocates them to a high-security "escape-proof" camp to sit out the remainder of the war. Undaunted, the prisoners plan one of the most ambitious escape attempts of World War II. Based on a true story
The Green Mile [4] Over the years, Paul Edgecomb walked the mile with a variety of cons. He had never before encountered someone like John Coffey, a massive black man convicted of brutally killing a pair of nine-year-old sisters. Coffey certainly had the size and strength to kill anyone, but his demeanor starkly contrasted with his appearance. Beyond his simple, naive nature, and a deathly fear of the dark, Coffey seemed to possess a prodigious, supernatural gift. Edgecomb began to question whether Coffey was truly guilty of murdering the two girls.
The Grudge: 2004 [1] An American nurse living and working in Tokyo is exposed to a mysterious supernatural curse, one that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim.
Gun Shy (2000) [1] An undercover DEA agent almost gets killed, and to continue with his mission he needs to attend group therapy.
The Guns of Navarone [1] A British team is sent to cross occupied Greek territory and destroy the massive German gun emplacement that commands a key sea channel
Halloween [2] 15 years after killing his older sister as a child, Michael Myers escapes a mental institution and returns to his hometown to kill his other sibling, While his doctor is on his trail.
Hancock [1] A hard-living superhero who has fallen out of favor with the public enters into a questionable relationship with the wife of the public relations professional who's trying to repair his image
Hannibal [5] Dr. Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lecter is living the good life in Italy, studying art and sipping espresso. FBI agent Clarice Starling, on the other hand, hasn't had it so good--an outsider from the start, she's now a quiet, moody loner who doesn't play bureaucratic games and suffers for it. A botched drug raid results in her demotion--and a request from Lecter's only living victim, Mason Verger, for a little Q and A. Little does Clarice realize that the hideously deformed Verger--who, upon suggestion from Dr. Lecter, peeled off his own face--is using her as bait to lure Dr. Lecter out of hiding, quite certain he'll capture the good doctor.
Happy, Texas [0] Two escaped convicts arrive in the town of Happy, Texas, where they are mistaken for a gay couple who is to host the town's Little Miss Fresh Squeezed beauty pageant. Enjoying the celebrity and using their skill as con-men, the two adopt their persona to take on the task. Of course, as the two are heterosexual, their interest in the involved ladies intensifies. Ally Walker is a banker, who is distrustful of men and has given up on love. Illeana Douglas plays the dowdy, badly dressed teacher. William H. Macy plays a distrustful sheriff, Ron Perlman is another sheriff, and Paul Dooley is a judge.
Hard Core Logo [7] A psuedo-rockumentary along the lines of 'This is Spinal Tap', we follow director Bruce Macdonald as he follows punk bank Hard Core Logo on a harrowing last-gasp reunion tour throughout Western Canada. As magnetic lead-singer Joe Dick holds the whole magilla together through sheer force of will, all the tensions and pitfalls of life on the road come bubbling hilariously to the surface. 
Harry Potter [Movies] [669] Rescued from the outrageous neglect of his aunt and uncle, a young boy with a great destiny proves his worth while attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
Harry Potter (French) [5] Harry Potter, un garçon qui apprend sur son onzième anniversaire qu'il est le fils orphelin de deux sorciers puissants et possède des pouvoirs magiques uniques de son propre. Il est convoqué de sa vie comme un enfant superflu pour devenir un étudiant à Hogwarts, un pensionnat anglais pour les sorciers. Là, il rencontre plusieurs amis qui deviennent ses alliés les plus proches et l'aident à découvrir la vérité de ses parents ? les morts mystérieuses aux mains d'un adversaire puissant.
Head On [1] The nineteen-year-old Ari confronts both his sexuality and his Greek family. Ari despises his once-beloved parents, former radical activists, for having entombed themselves in insular tradition; Ari is obsessed with gay sex, though he does make a unenthusiastic attempt to satisfy the sister of one of his best friends. At the same time, he's facing problems with his traditional Greek parents, who have no clue about his sexual activities...
Heavy Metal [2] A glowing orb terrorizes a young girl with a collection of stories of dark fantasy, eroticism and horror.
Heights [1] Spanning twenty-four hours, Heights follows five New Yorkers challenged to choose their destiny before the sun comes up the next day.
Hellboy [20] In 1945, the Nazis use occult means to summon forth a demon, intended to be used to beat back the Allied armies. Rescued from their clutches, the demon child grows up into a force for good, and becomes the world's greatest paranormal detective. His name?? Hellboy ...
Hellraiser [2] A man discovers a puzzlebox is a gateway to Hell.
Henry V (1989) [21] The great adventure of a king who defied the odds to prove himself a man.
Herbie Fully Loaded [1] Maggie Peyton, the new owner of Number 53 - the free-wheelin' Volkswagen bug with a mind of its own - puts the car through its paces on the road to becoming a NASCAR competitor
Here Comes Mr Jordan [1] Boxer Joe Pendleton dies 50 years too soon due to a heavenly mistake, and is given a new life as a millionaire playboy
High School Musical [4] Troy and Gabriella - two teens who are worlds apart - meet at a karaoke contest and discover their mutual love for music.
High School Musical 2 [2] During the summer vacations a talent show is organized in a local country club and Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay, Ryan, Chad and Taylor take part in it.
Highlander [1] He fought his first battle on the Scottish Highlands in 1536. He will fight his greatest battle on the streets of New York City in 1986. His name is Connor MacLeod. He is immortal.
Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy [12] the story of Arthur Dent, a seemingly ordinary Earth-man who finds himself beamed into outer space. Once there, he hooks up with a really strange group of aliens including the at-first seemingly ordinary Ford Prefect (his old friend), a two-headed ex-Galactic president with a crazy sense of fashion, a chronically-depressed android and more! Along the way, he learns that nothing is ever like he really thought it was and that his planet of birth was part of a bigger secret than he ever could have imagined possible.
Holes [3] Stanely Yelnats is sent to Camp Green Lake for a crime he didn't commit. Camp Green Lake is a camp for juvenile delinquents, including characters such as X-Ray, Zig-Zag, Magnet and the odd Zero. The campers are required to dig a hole each day five feet long and five feet wide. But, Stanely comes to think that there's something more to digging holes than just "building character". Unfortunely, Stanely will have to go through the evil Warden and Mr. Sir to prove anything first!
Hollow Man [1] Scientists discover how to make people invisible, but their test subject becomes an insane killer who stalks them.
Hot Fuzz [5] Jealous colleagues conspire to get a top London cop transferred to a small town and paired with a witless new partner. On the beat, the pair stumble upon a series of suspicious accidents and events.
Hour of the Gun [1] Marshal Wyatt Earp kills a couple of men of the Clanton-gang in a fight. In revenge Clanton's thugs kill the marshal's brother. Thus, Wyatt Earp starts to chase the killers together with his friend Doc Holliday.
House of Bamboo [1] Planted in a Tokyo crime syndicate, a U.S. Army Investigator attempts to probe the coinciding death of a fellow Army official.
House On Haunted Hill [2] Six guests are invited to Evelyn Stockard Price's birthday...Steven Price, Jennifer Janzen, Eddie Baker, Donald Blackburn, Melissa Marr, and Evelyn herself. The only problem? Those weren't the people on Price's list. When the six guests are trapped in the house with Watson Pritchett, the man Price rented the house from, the spirits within the house want revenge for something that happened long ago.
The Howling [4] When TV news reporter Karen White is attacked by a serial rapist, she retreats to a cabin in the woods to escape from that event, which keeps repeating over and over in her mind like an unending nightmare. But soon she learns a terrible secret about the people in the area and realizes that the real nightmare is just beginning.
Hunchback of Notre Dame [1] A deformed bellringer must assert his independence from a vicious government minister in order to help his friend, a gypsy dancing girl.
Hunger Games - Movies [1] Set in a future where the Capitol selects a boy and girl from the twelve districts to fight to the death on live television, Katniss Everdeen volunteers to take her younger sister's place for the latest match.
I Love a Man in Uniform [0] An actor starts to believe his own act and prowls the streets at night dressed like a policeman.
I Spy [0] A pair of American agents face espionage adventures with skill, humor and some serious questions about their work. Robinson's cover is as a former Princeton law student and Davis Cup tennis player, Rhodes scholar Scott is his trainer as well as being a language expert. Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott travel around the world in their profession as agents for the United States government. Their business is serious with no fancy gadgets or flashy villains; Kelly and Scotty are more apt to battle industrial spies and Cold War agents than megalomaniacal would-be world dominators. As their cover, Robinson travels the professional tennis circuit with Scott as his trainer. 
Ice Men [0] For the first time since taking possession of the family cabin, Vaughn has invited his best friends up for a winter weekend of hunting and drinking
The Ice Storm [5] 1973, suburban Connecticut: middle class families experimenting with casual sex, drink, etc., find their lives out of control.
In And Out [8] A high school English teacher is outed as a gay man by a former student while accepting an Academy Award. Comedy ensues in the teacher's private life and small town where he teaches. Story rumored to be loosely based upon Tom Hanks acceptance speech when receiving his Academy Award for "Philadelphia".
Inception [1] In a world where technology exists to enter the human mind through dream invasion, a highly skilled thief is given a final chance at redemption which involves executing his toughest job till date, Inception.
Independence Day [4] On July 2nd, communications systems worldwide are sent into chaos by a strange atmospheric interference. It is soon learned by the military that a number of enormous objects are on a collision course with Earth. At first thought to be meteors, they are later revealed to be gigantic spacecraft, piloted by a mysterious alien species. After attempts to communicate with the aliens go nowhere, David Levinson, an ex-scientist turned cable technician, discovers that the aliens are going to attack major points around the globe in less than a day. On July 3rd, the aliens all but obliterate New York, Los Angeles, and Washington. The survivors set out in convoys towards Area 51, a strange government testing ground where it is rumored the military has a captured alien spacecraft of their own. The survivors devise a plan to fight back against the enslaving aliens, and July 4th becomes the day humanity will fight for its freedom. July 4th is their Independence Day
Indiana Jones [4] In India, Indiana Jones agrees to look for a village's lost magic stone and in doing so, stumbles on to a secret massive Thuggee cult
Insidious: 2010 [0] A family looks to prevent evil spirits from trapping their comatose child in a realm called The Further.
Insidious: Chapter 2: 2013 [0] The haunted Lambert family seeks to uncover the mysterious childhood secret that has left them dangerously connected to the spirit world.
Inventing the Abbotts [1] Set in the 1950s, Inventing the Abbotts is a dramatic look at the life of two boys from the wrong side of the tracks and their interaction with the three daughters of local aristocrat Lloyd Abbott. The boys, Jacey and Doug have only 3 things in common: their family, table tennis and chasing the Abbott sisters.
Iron Man: 2008 [4] When wealthy industrialist Tony Stark is forced to build an armored suit after a life-threatening incident, he ultimately decides to use its technology to fight against evil.
Iron Man: 2010 [1] Tony Stark has declared himself Iron Man and installed world peace... or so he thinks.
Iron Man: 2013 [2] When Tony Stark's world is torn apart by a formidable terrorist called the Mandarin, he starts an odyssey of rebuilding and retribution.
It! The Terror from Beyond Space [1] In 1973, the first manned expedition to Mars is marooned; by the time a rescue mission arrives, there is only one survivor: the leader, Col. Edward Carruthers, who appears to have murdered the others! According to Carruthers, an unknown life form killed his comrades during a sandstorm. But the skeptical rescuers little suspect that "it" has stowed away for the voyage back to Earth...
It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown [2] The Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween while Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin.
Italian Job, The [1] The plan was flawless... the job was executed perfectly... the escape was clean. The only threat mastermind thief Charlie Croker (Wahlberg) never saw coming was a member of his own crew. After pulling off an amazing gold bullion heist from a heavily guarded palazzo in Venice, Italy, Charlie and his gang -- inside man Steve (Norton), computer genius Lyle (Green), wheelman handsome Rob (Statham), explosives expert Left-Ear (Mos Def) and veteran safecracker John Bridger (Sutherland) - can't believe when one of them turns out to be a double-crosser. Enter Stella (Theron), a beautiful nerves-of-steel safecracker, who joins Charlie and his former gang when they follow the backstabber to California, where they plan to re-steal the gold by tapping into Los Angeles' traffic control system, manipulating signals and creating one of the biggest traffic jams in LA history. Now the job isn't the payoff, it's about payback.
Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back [1] When comic store mogul Brodie informs Jay and Silent Bob that a movie featuring their comic book alter egos, Bluntman and Chronic, is about to be made, the duo demands a cut from the comic's creator, Holden. Holden explains that his ex-partner, Banky has sold them out, and shows them some angry Internet posts from Bluntman and Chronic fans. Fearing for their reputations, Jay and Silent Bob embark on a cross-country odyssey to Hollywood to stop the film. En route, they run afoul of a Charlie's Angels-type jewelry thief ring--one of whom, Justice takes a liking to Jay--an orangutan, a Federal Wildlife Marshall, and Miramax studio security. Smith's fond farewell to his intertwined Jersey characters is a lovingly crude, broad comedy rife with celebrity cameos, slapstick movie spoofs, and clever jabs at Hollywood
The Jesse Stone Series [1] Jesse Stone is a New England police chief investigating a series of murders
Jonah Hex [1] The U.S. military makes a scarred bounty hunter with warrants on his own head an offer he cannot refuse: in exchange for his freedom, he must stop a terrorist who is ready to unleash Hell on Earth.
Josie and the Pussycats [5] Satire poking fun at the pop music industry, focusing on the twenty-something members of an 80's-ish rock group and their managers.
Jungle 2 Jungle [1] A New York commodities broker who was married several years ago has been separated from his wife. Now he wants to marry his new girlfriend, so he has to divorce her first. So he goes to Venezuela, and is brought deep into the jungle and told that when they separated she was pregnant and chose not to tell him since he stated he was not really interested in becoming a father. Today, the boy has reached the age where he has to go on a quest, in New York, so his father reluctantly brings him along, and a culture clash follows. The boy has spent all of his life with the tribe he grew up with, and his father has a bit of problem so he can't spent as much as time with his son as his son likes.
The Jungle Book [0] Bagheera the Panther and Baloo the Bear have a difficult time trying to convince a boy to leave the jungle for human civilization.
Jurassic Park [0] Millionaire John Hammond asks two dinosaur experts to act as consultants on his entrepreneurial endeavor, an amusement park with DNA-cloned live dinosaurs as the main attraction. The paleontologists, along with a mathematician and Hammond's two grandchildren, takes a run-through tour of the park. But soon the joyride turns to terror when an impending hurricane, an unscrupulous engineer, and the rebelling dinosaurs begin to destroy the park
Jurassic Park II: The Lost World [0] A research team is sent to the Jurassic Park Site B island to study the dinosaurs there while another team approaches with another agenda.
Jurassic Park 3 [12] Return to the island of the dinos
Jurassic Park IV: Jurassic World [0] Twenty-two years after the events of Jurassic Park, Isla Nublar now features a fully functioning dinosaur theme park, Jurassic World, as originally envisioned by John Hammond. After 10 years of operation and visitor rates declining, in order to fulfill a corporate mandate, a new attraction is created to re-spark visitors' interest, which backfires horribly.
K-9 and Company: A Girl's Best Friend [0] One time companion to a mysterious and body-changing alien known as "The Doctor", Sarah Jane Smith returns to Earth and carries on with her journalist career. Now, in 1981, she has managed to rebuild her career and has come, a matter of days before Christmas, to her Aunt Lavinia's (a famous scientist) house in the sleepy English village of Moreton Harwood to write a book and to rest after her world-traveling assignments.
Kill Bill Vol. 1 [1] The Bride wakes up after a long coma.
Killer Elite [1] When his mentor is taken captive, a retired member of Britain's Elite Special Air Service is forced into action. His mission: kill three assassins dispatched by their cunning leader.
King Arthur: 2004 [29] A demystified take on the tale of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
King Kong [1] A film crew goes to a tropical island for an exotic location shoot and discovers a colossal giant gorilla who takes a shine to their female blonde star.
Kingdom of Heaven [0] It is the time of the Crusades during the Dark Ages - the world shaping 200-year collision between Europe and the East. A blacksmith named Balian has lost his family and nearly his faith. The religious wars raging in the far-off Holy Land seem remote to him, yet he is pulled into that immense drama. Amid the pageantry and intrigues of medieval Jerusalem he falls in love, grows into a leader, and ultimately uses all his courage and skill to defend the city against staggering odds. Destiny comes seeking Balian in the form of a great knight, Godfrey of Ibelin, a Crusader briefly home to France from fighting in the East. Revealing himself as Balian's father, Godfrey shows him the true meaning of knighthood and takes him on a journey across continents to the fabled Holy City. In Jerusalem at that moment--between the Second and Third Crusades--a fragile peace prevails, through the efforts of its enlightened Christian king, Baldwin IV, aided by his advisor Tiberias, and the military restraint of the legendary Muslim leader Saladin. But Baldwin's days are numbered, and strains of fanaticism, greed, and jealousy among the Crusaders threaten to shatter the truce. King Baldwin's vision of peace--a kingdom of heaven--is shared by a handful of knights, including Godfrey of Ibelin, who swear to uphold it with their lives and honor. As Godfrey passes his sword to his son, he also passes on that sacred oath: to protect the helpless, safeguard the peace, and work toward harmony between religions and cultures, so that a kingdom of heaven can flourish on earth. Balian takes the sword and steps into history
Kingsman: The Secret Service [12] A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency's ultra-competitive training program, just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.
Kinky Boots [1] A drag queen comes to the rescue of a man who, after inheriting his father's shoe factory, needs to diversify his product if he wants to keep the business afloat.
Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye [0] From the trial of the survivors, we flash back to amoral crook Ralph Cotter's violent prison break, assisted by Holiday Carleton, sister of another prisoner...who doesn't make it. Soon Ralph manipulates the grieving Holiday into his arms, and two crooked cops follow her into his pocket. Ralph's total lack of scruple brings him great success in a series of robberies. But his easy conquest of gullible heiress Margaret Dobson proves more dangerous to him than any crime...
Knockaround Guys [0] Matty Demaret wants nothing more than to rise above his legacy as a mobster's son, but no one will give him a chance. He finally decides to stop fighting his part and work for his father, but on his very first job, things go horribly wrong, and it's up to Matty and his friends to try to make things right before the mob wipes them out.
The Krays [3] The life of a pair of twins (Ronald and Reginald Kray) who were born in London in 1934 and when they grew up became gangsters selling protection.
Kung Fu Panda 2 [2] Po joins forces with a group of new kung-fu masters to take on an old enemy with a deadly new weapon.
La Cage aux Folles [13] Two gay men living in St. Tropez have their lives turned upside down when the son of one of the men announces he is getting married
Labyrinth [25] Grown angry about the fact, that she must watch over her little brother Toby, Sarah wishes the child to the goblins. They translate this careless statement into action: The Goblin-King Jareth announces, that soon Toby will mutate into a goblin. There is only one hope: Sarah has to find the way to Jareth´s castle - through a dangerous labyrinth, where she will find strange creatures.
Lady And The Tramp [3] The romantic tale of a sheltered uptown Cocker Spaniel dog and a streetwise downtown Mutt.
Ladyhawke [1] Philipe Gastone, a thief, escapes from the dungeon at Aquila, sparking a manhunt. He is nearly captured when Captain Navarre befriends him. Navarre has been hunted by the Bishop's men for two years, ever since he escaped with the Lady Isabeau who the Bishop has lusted after. Navarre and Isabeau have a curse that the Bishop has placed on them that causes Navarre to be a wolf during the night and Isabeau to be a hawk during the day. Navarre insists that Philipe help him re-enter the city to help him kill the heavily guarded Bishop.
Lake Placid [1] Horror-Comedy about a man-eating crocodile loose in the lake.
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider [4] Video game adventurer Lara Croft comes to life in a movie where she races against time and villains to recover powerful ancient artifacts.
The Last Legion [1]

As the Roman empire crumbles, young Romulus Augustus flees the city and embarks on a perilous voyage to Britain to track down a legion of supporters.

Last Rites [1] A New York priest with blood ties to the Mafia uses the auspices of the Church to protect the mistress of a murdered Mafia Don--who is being hunted by hitmen in the employ of her lover's widow
Laura [3] Detective Mark McPherson investigates the killing of Laura, found dead on her apartment floor before the movie starts. McPherson builds a mental picture of the dead girl from the suspects whom he interviews. He is helped by the striking painting of the late lamented Laura hanging on her apartment wall. But who would have wanted to kill a girl with whom every man she met seemed to fall in love? To make matters worse, McPherson finds himself falling under her spell too. Then one night, halfway through his investigations, something seriously bizarre happens to make him re-think the whole case.
Law abiding citzen [1] A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.
Le Divorce [0] Isabel heads to Paris to help out her pregnant stepsister, and arrives to find that her husband  has abandoned her. Deciding not to cave to les ennuis, the sisters hit the Paris social scene, where they attend parties where natives and expatriates mingle. Cross-cultural romances and hijinx ensue
The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen [5] In this extraordinary adventure, the Fantom is trying to start a World War, and be at the head of it. The Fantom has highly superior weapons to the normal weapons of that day, and he also has extreme cunning, as we see by his tricking the countries into suspecting each other for war-mongering. A supposed loyalist to her Majesty's Empire is sent to fetch Allan Quartermain in an effort to track down the group who is trying to start the war. In a private and secret meeting, Quartermain meets who he is to be teaming up with on this mission. He is accompanied by Captain Nemo, Mina Harker, Rodney Skinner, Tony, Dorian Gray, Tom Sawyer, and Dr. Henry Jekyll. Soon into their adventure they discover that the Fantom is behind these attacks, but there is more to this war than battle and cunning.
Legend [0] This movie is a magical adventure whitch features elves, demons and other mythical creatures like this. Darkness, the personification of evil, plans to disprese eternal night in the land where this story takes place, by killing every unicorn in the world. Although he looks unbeatable, Jack and his friends, are disposed to do everything to save the world and princess Lili (who Darkness intends to make his wife) from the hands of this evil monster.
The Legend Of Hell House [2] A team consisting of a physicist, his wife, a young female psychic and the only survivor of the previous visit are sent to the notorious Hell House to prove/disprove survival after death. Previous visitors have either been killed or gone mad, and it is up to the team to survive a full week in isolation, and solve the mystery of the Hell House.
Legion [1] A group of strangers fight for the welfare of humanity.
Legion of Fire: Killer Ants (Marabunta) [0] A hive of South American, killer ants has been lying dormant in Alaska for ten years until seismic activity causes subterranean warming, awakening the ants. While many residents of Burley Pines, Alaska are being eaten alive, a small group races to survive and to find a way to stop the ruthless ants.
Lethal Weapon [1] Martin Riggs is an L.A. cop with suicidal tendencies and Roger Murtaugh is the unlucky police officer with whom Riggs is assigned. Together they uncover a huge drug-smuggling operation, and as their success rate grows so does their friendship.
The Librarian [1] A lonely Librarian becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse
The Lion King [4] A young lion prince is born in Africa, thus making his uncle Scar the second in line to the throne. Scar plots with the hyenas to kill King Mufasa and Prince Simba, thus making himself King. The King is killed and Simba is led to believe by Scar that it was his fault, and so flees the kingdom in shame. After years of exile he is persuaded to return home to overthrow the usurper and claim the kingdom as his own thus completing the "Circle of Life".
Little Shop Of Horrors [1] Seymour, an orphan and a nerd, is taken in and given a job by Mr. Mushnik, the owner of a run down Florists in the seedy part of town. Seymour spends his time doing menial tasks and dreaming of the shop assistant, Audrey. One day, just after an eclipse of the Sun, Seymour discovers a strange plant. He buys it and names is Audrey II. While caring for Audrey II, Seymour discovers the plant's rather unique appetite. The plant grows and grows, as does Seymour's infatuation for Audrey, but who will get her first? FEED ME!
Lock, Stock And Two Smoking Barrels [1] Four Cockney wide-boys are tricked into owing 500,000 nicker to the local gang-land boss and porn king, 'Hatchet' Harry Lonsdale. With the very real threat of finger amputation looming over them the lads come up with a plan to nick the cash from their next-door neighbours: a gang of hardcase drug-dealers... Meanwhile, 'Hatchet' ain't none too pleased when a pair of antique shotguns wot he wants are sold on by a pair of Scouse thieves, to be used in a "job"... The involvement of a conscientious debt-collector, some public school "chemists", a psychotic hash-baron, a lot of guns and knives, ensures that karma is surrealistically resolved (just!) before the end credits roll...
Logan's Run [1] In the year 2274, after the world has been decimated by a holocaust, a new society is built and resides in a domed city. However, it is forbidden for humans to live beyond 30 and you are given two choices, either to go through a ritual called Carousel with the promise of being "renewed", or go on the run and risk being hunted down by an elite police force known as Sandmen. Logan 5 is just such a man, and when he and his partner Francis 7 find and kill a runner, Logan takes an ankh symbol which identifies a person as a runner. When the computers of the city find out that Logan is in possession of the amulet, they order him to go undercover and find Sanctuary, the place where all the runners go to live out the rest of their lives. To ensure this, the computer adds four years to the time crystal on his palm to make it appear that he is on the verge of turning 30. Logan then meets up with Jessica 6, a member of the underground group that helps runners escape to Sanctuary. Logan then begins to run, but in the process realizes that there is much to live for and that he is just entering the prime of his life.
Lord Of Illusions [0] During a routine case in L.A., NY private investigator Harry D'Amour stumbles over members of a fanatic cult, who are waiting for the resurrection of their leader Nix. 13 years ago Nix was calmed down by his best trainee Swann. In the meantime Swann is advanced to a populary illusionist like David Copperfield and is married to the charming Dorothea. She hires D'Amour to protect Swann against the evil cult members. Short time later Swann is killed by one of his own tricks and the occurrences are turning over. And it crackles between Dorothea and D'Amour...
The Lord Of The Rings [121] The Fellowship of the Ring embark on a journey to destroy the One Ring and end Sauron's reign over Middle Earth.
The Losers [12] After being betrayed and left for dead, members of a CIA black ops team root out those who targeted them for assassination.
The Lost Boys [24] Financial troubles force a recent divorcee and her teenage sons Mike and Sam to settle down with her father in the California town of Santa Carla. At first, Sam laughs off rumours he hears about vampires who inhabit the small town. But after Mike meets a beautiful girl at the local amusement park, he begins to exhibit the classic signs of vampirism. Fearing for his own safety, Sam recruits two young vampire hunters to save his brother by finding and destroying the head vampire.
Love And Human Remains [10] Set in a dreary urban landscape of an anonymous Canadian city, LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS is a dark comedy about a group of twentysomethings looking for love and meaning in the '90s. The film focuses on roommates David, a gay waiter who has has given up on his acting career, and Candy, a book reviewer who is also David's ex-lover. David and Candy's lives are entangled with those of David's friends (a busboy, a psychic dominatrix, and a misogynistic civil-servant) and Candy's dates (a male bartender and a lesbian schoolteacher). Meanwhile, a serial killer menaces the concrete and asphalt neighbourhood in which David and Candy live.
Love Song [2] The story line relates to a `spoken for' African/American girl from a wealthy background, who has had her whole life planned out. While celebrating her birthday with her two best friends she pulls into a gas station for fuel. A white guy fills her car, and for him it is love at first sight. She rejects his advances but their paths cross again later. She becomes torn between her obedience to the relationship she is in, her future, and her inner feelings about this white guy. Set in jazz land New Orleans, the score is great, with a mix of jazz, blues and soul.
Lunch With Charles [1] Three years ago, April's career allowed her to emmigrate to Canada. She has been working happily ever since. Her personal life, however, is in turmoil. Her husband, Tong, remains in Hong Kong, where he struggles to make it as a singer/songwriter. Since marrying, he has had to eke out a living as a realtor. Unfulfilled, and increasingly insecure about his talents, he is terrified to emigrate to Canada. If he cannot succeed in his own country, in his own language, how can he possibly attain fulfillment in Canada? When Tong finally comes to Canada, hoping to appease his wife, he meets another woman...
Lyon's Den [1] Jack Turner, the idealistic son of a political dynasty handles cases and navigates the inner workings of a 150-year-old law firm that is potentially harboring some dark secrets. Also working at Lyon's, Lacrosse and Levine, is Jack's practical friend Riley who is being forced to take a promotion he doesn't want; Grant, the competitive, cynical one; and Ariel, the alocholic
The Machurian Candidate [1] A former Korean War POW is brainwashed by Communists into becoming a political assassin. But another former prisoner may know how to save him.
Mad Max [0] A police officer in the outback of a grim futuristic Australia is caught up in a struggle with lawless biker gangs. After the death of his partner at the hands of these thugs he realises that not only his life is in danger, but also the lives of his wife and child.
The Maltese Falcon [1] Sam Spade is a partner in a private-eye firm who finds himself hounded by police when his partner is killed whilst tailing a man. The girl who asked him to follow the man turns out not to be who she says she is, and is really involved in something to do with the `Maltese Falcon', a gold-encrusted life-sized statue of a falcon, the only one of its kind.
Mamma Mia [1] Set on a colorful Greek island, the plot serves as a background for a wealth of ABBA songs. A young woman about to be married discovers that any one of three men could be her father. She invites all three to the wedding without telling her mother, Donna, who was once the lead singer of Donna and the Dynamos. In the meantime, Donna has invited her backup singers,
Man With The Screaming Brain: 2005 [1] The brains of a Russian taxi driver and a wealthy businessman are brought together in one body by a mad scientist.
The Mangler [0] When an accident involving a folding machine at an old laundry occurs, detective John Hunton decides to investigate. What he finds is the owner of the laundry, Bill Gartley. Meanwhile the folding machine has acquired a taste for the flesh of human beings, but is their more to Bill Gartley than meets the eye, and does he know what monster hides behind the machine?
Mary Poppins [1] Two banker's children lose their nanny due to her frustration with them. A change in the wind blows in an assertive nanny who matches the qualifications of the children and not the father. As she helps them magically explore the world around them the father grows increasingly disapproving of her methods, and must eventually deal with his own distance from his children.
Manhunter [0] An FBI specialist tracks a serial killer who appears to select his victims at random.
Master and Commander [2] During the Napoleonic Wars, a British frigate, HMS Surprise, and a much larger French warship, the Acheron, with greater fire power, stalk each other off of the coast of South America. Russell Crowe brings great intensity to the role of Captain Jack Aubrey. Lucky Jack, as he is referred to by his crew, is well regarded by his men, who trust him implicitly, even after the first devastating battle and an apparent personal vendetta against the French captain. While the naval battle sequences are quite fantastic, the film is successful because director Weir chose to build the story to get to know the men who are locked aboard the tight quarters of a small ship and how they interact everyday. The officers and the mates are well-known by the time the final battle comes. Paul Bettany offers a strong performance as the surgeon and naturalist who balances the violence of his chosen life with the quiet demeanor of the scientist. He is the captain's friend and confidant, the two frequently playing violin and cello duets together. The horrors of the injuries from the war are frequently implied, but vividly depicted in the reactions of the characters
The Matrix [31] n the near future, a computer hacker named Neo  discovers that all life on Earth may be nothing more than an elaborate facade created by a malevolent cyber-intelligence, for the purpose of placating us while our life essence is "farmed" to fuel the Matrix's campaign of domination in the "real" world. He joins like-minded Rebel warriors Morpheus and Trinity in their struggle to overthrow the Matrix.
The Maze Runner [0] Thomas is deposited in a community of boys after his memory is erased, soon learning they're all trapped in a maze that will require him to join forces with fellow "runners" for a shot at escape
Meatballs And Spaghetti [1] follows the antics of the rock group "Meatballs and Spaghetti" as they perform around the country and become involved in various adventures.
Megamind [1] The supervillain Megamind finally defeats his nemesis, the superhero Metro Man. But without a hero, he loses all purpose and must find new meaning to his life.
Memento [1] Point blank in the head a man shoots another. In flashbacks, each one earlier in time than what we've just seen, the two men's pasts unfold. Leonard, as a result of a blow to the head during an assault on his wife, has no short-term memory. He's looking for his wife's killer, compensating for his disability by taking Polaroids, annotating them and tattooing important facts on his body. We meet the loquacious Teddy and the seductive Natalie (a barmaid who promises to help) and we glimpse Leonard's wife through memories from before the assault. Leonard also talks about Sammy Jankis, a man he knew with a similar condition. Has Leonard found the killer? Who's manipulating whom?
Men In Black [1] Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay and Jay, members of a top-secret organization established to monitor and police alien activity on Earth. The two Men in Black find themselves in the middle of the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies. In order to prevent worlds from colliding, the MiB must track down the terrorist and prevent the destruction of Earth. It's just another typical day for the Men in Black.
Merlin (1998) [0] The legendary wizard tells his story of his war against Queen Mab of the Sidhe and his creation of Camelot
The Mighty Ducks [5] Gordon Bombay, a hotshot lawyer, is haunted by memories of his childhood, when, as the star player in his champion hockey team, he lost the winning goal in a shootout, thereby losing the game, and the approval of his coach. When the court orders him to coach a peewee hockey team, the worst in the league, Gordon is at first very reluctant. However, he eventually gains the respect of the kids and teaches them how to win, gaining a sponsor on the way and giving the team the name of The Ducks. In the finals, they face Gordon's old team, coached by Gordon's old coach, giving Gordon a chance to face old ghosts.
Minority Report [1] In the future, criminals are caught before the crimes they commit, but one of the officers in the special unit is accused of one such crime and sets out to prove his innocence.
Miss Congeniality [4] When a serial killer indicates that his next target is the Miss United States beauty pageant, the F.B.I. decides that they must get an undercover agent as a participant in the contest. A search uncovers no suitable candidate other than a bumbling female agent. Reluctantly, her captain agrees to let her join the team working the case. The team is led by a womanizing agent who has an apparent reluctant attraction to Bullock's character. She enters as Miss New Jersey, replacing a contestant who was discovered to have acted in a porno film. The pageant managers are immediately aghast about the agent appearing in the pageant, but arrange a top handler to come give her a quick makeover, with the expected outstanding results. Unfortunately, she still is bumbling. When the killer is suddenly caught, everything seems to be over, except the female agent tries to convince her boss that something is still not right. She has discovered that the pageant managers are being dismissed after 21 years for younger people, and Bergen's character may not be as solid as she seems on the surface.
Mission Impossible [2] Cruise stars as Ethan Hunt, a secret agent framed for the deaths of his espionage team. Fleeing from government assassins, breaking into the CIA's most impenetrable vault, clinging to the roof of a speeding bullet train, Hunt races like a burning fuse to stay one step ahead of his pursuers . . . and draw one step closer to discovering the shocking truth.
Missing in Action [0] Colonel james Braddock, who escaped from a POW camp after 10 years, returns to Vietnam. He attempts to track down the location of a POW camp and rescue the prisoners to prove that several MIAs are still alive and being held captive. He is prompted to attempt his mission because of Government denials about the possibilities of existing POWs
The Mist [2] A freak storm unleashes a species of blood-thirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole-up in a supermarket and fight for their lives
The Mod Squad [0] Three minor delinquents  are recruited by a cop working undercover to bust a cop/drug ring.
Modesty Blaise [0] Modesty Blaise, a secret agent whose hair color, hair style, and mod clothing change at a snap of her fingers is being used by the British government as a decoy in an effort to thwart a diamond heist. She is being set up by the feds but is wise to the plot and calls in sidekick Willie Garvin and a few other friends to outsmart them. Meanwhile, at his island hideaway, Gabriel, the diamond thief has his own plans for Blaise and Garvin
Monster, Inc [0] In a land of monsters, James P. Sullivan is king. He and his coworker/ friend Mike Wazowski are two of many monsters that work for Monsters Inc. a utility company that generates power for a very paranoid and nervous city of monsters. This power, oddly enough, is generated from the screams of children, which is produced by scaring them in their sleep. One night, however, Sully uncovers a devious plot to rid Monster city of it's power problems, but in all the wrong ways. Together, ironically, Sully and Mike will fight to protect the innocence of the children they scare every night.
Monty Python And The Quest For The Holy Grail [5] The movie starts out with Arthur, King of the Britons, looking for knights to sit with him at Camelot. He finds many knights including Sir Galahad the pure, Sir Lancelot the brave, the quiet Sir Bedevere, and Sir Robin the Not-Quite-So-Brave-as-Sir Lancelot. They do not travel on horses, but pretend they do and have their servants bang coconuts to make the sound of horse's hooves. Through satire of certain events in history (witch trials, the black plague) they find Camelot, but after literally a quick song and dance they decide that they do not want to go there. While walking away, God (who seems to be grumpy) come to them from a cloud and tells them to find the Holy Grail. They agree and begin their search. While they search for the Grail, scenes of the knight's tales appear and why they have the name they have. Throughout their search they meet interesting people and knights along the way. Most of the characters die; some through a killer rabbit (which they defeat with the holy hand grenade), others from not answering a question right from the bridge of Death, or die some other ridiculous way. In the end, King Arthur and Sir Bedevere are left and find the Castle Arrrghhh where the Holy Grail is. They are met by some French soldiers who taunted them earlier in the film, so they were not able to get into the castle. The movie ends with both King Arthur and Sir Bedevere getting arrested for killing a real-life man who was a historian
Mortal Kombat [10] The Lightning God Rayden guides warrior Liu Kang, police detective Sonja Blade, and martial arts movie star Johnny Cage to a remote island to compete in the Shaolin Tournament known as Mortal Kombat. If the Outworld wins the Shaolin Tournament ten times in a row, they can enter the Realm of Earth and take over. They have been victorious the last nine times, and with warriors like Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Goro, the future of Earth looks bleak. 
Mortal Kombat Conquest [0] With an international cast, it took on the first days of Mortal Kombat, a thousand years before the time period of the game or the movies. Daniel Bernhardt (Siro) and Jeff Meek (Rayden) portrayed the two characters
Moulin Rouge [2] Christian, a young wannabe Bohemian poet living in 1899 Paris, defies his father by joining the colorfully diverse clique inhabiting the dark, fantastical underworld of Paris' now legendary Moulin Rouge.
Mr. And Mrs. Smith [1] A bored married couple learn that they are both master assassins when they are sent on the same job.
Much Ado About Nothing [1] Young lovers Hero and Claudio are to be married in one week. To pass the time, they conspire with Don Pedro to set a "lover's trap" for Benedick, an arrogant confirmed bachelor, and Beatrice, his favorite sparring partner. Meanwhile, the evil Don Jon conspires to break up the wedding by accusing Hero of infidelity. In the end, though, it all turns out to be "much ado about nothing."
Mulan [1] To save her father from death in the army, a Chinese maiden secretly goes in his place and becomes one of China's greatest heroes in the process.
The Mummy [1932] [0] In 1921 a field expedition in Egypt discovers the mummy of ancient Egyptian prince Im-Ho-Tep, who was condemned and buried alive for sacrilege.
The Mummy/The Mummy Returns [48] In 3067 B.C., a warrior overlord known only as the Scorpion King led an army to unite the kingdoms of Egypt under his bloody reign. For seven years, he fought and bled and toiled.
The Mummy 3: The Scorpion King [1] A desert warrior rises up against the evil army that is destroying his homeland. He captures the enemy's key sorcerer, takes her deep into the desert and prepares for a final showdown.
Muppets Treasure Island [0] While featuring the Muppets' usual good-natured slapstick humor, several musical numbers, and the occasional twist, the film stays fairly true to the familiar Stevenson storyline. Young Jim Hawkins, the son of a first mate works with his friends Gonzo and Rizzo at an inn which caters to sailors, including Billy Bones, who frequently tells a tall tale of pirate Captain Bernie Flint and how he buried his treasure on an island. Jim finds his life boring and dreams of adventure on the high seas. One night, 'visually-challenged' pirate Blind Pew arrives at the inn and confronts Bones, leaving him with a piece of paper bearing the dreaded 'Black Spot'—a traditional pirate death sentence. Bones prepares to leave, realizing that Blind Pew and his other former crewmates will come to kill him, but suddenly dies of a heart attack, leaving a treasure map from his sea chest to Jim. The map is the same one that leads to Captain Flint's treasure. Blind Pew and the pirates suddenly attack the inn, leading to much confusion that ultimately results in the inn being blown up when Gonzo and Rizzo have an accident with a lit candle and some gunpowder.
My Bloody Valentine (2009) [1] Tom returns to his hometown on the tenth anniversary of the Valentine's night massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people. Instead of a homecoming, however, Tom finds himself suspected of committing the murders, and it seems like his old flame is the only one will believes he's innocent.
Mystery Science Theater 3000 [1] In the not too distant future, a man and his robots are trapped on the Satellite of love, where evil scientists force them to sit through the worst movies ever made.
The Negotiator [2] In a desperate attempt to prove his innocence, a skilled police negotiator accused of corruption and murder takes hostages in a government office to gain the time he needs to find the truth.
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation [1] The Griswold family's plans for a big family Christmas predictably turn into a big disaster.
Neighbors [0]
The Neverending Story [2] Twelve-year-old Bastian Balthazar Bux had lost the wonderful imagination he had as a child somewhere between growing older, watching TV, going to school and playing with his Gameboy. But when his mother dies suddenly, Bastian's limitless imagination is reborn. Bastian comes across a magical book, "The Neverending Story", in a curious little bookstore. Inspired by the book, Bastian creates an enchanted world called Fantasia, inhabited by dragons, dark knights and assorted heroes and villains. The adventure of a lifetime begins when Bastian projects his Fantasian alter ego, Atreyu, into a battle against the sinister force of The Nothing. This terrible force threatens to destroy Fantasia and its ruler, the Childlike Empress. Only Atreyu, a 14-year-old Woodland boy and unlikely hero, can save her and find a cure for The Nothing. Bastian's experiences in the real world; such as his mourning, his new, sometimes tumultuous life with his dad, his problems with a school bully and his terror of a new, sadistic substitute teacher, are mirrored by Atreyu's experiences in Fantasia. Along with Atreyu, Bastian overcomes obstacles, learns important life lessons, and gains insights that help him adjust to the sudden death of his mom.
Newsies [4] In 1899, New York City got its news from an army of ragged orphans and runaways, called newsies. They sold the newspapers of Joseph Pulitzer, William Randolph Hearst, and other great publishers. Like many of his friends, newsie Jack Kelly dreams of a better life far from the hardship of the streets. But when Pulitzer and Hearst raise distribution prices at the newsies' expense, Jack finds a cause to fight for, and must decide between his dreams and his newfound responsibility.
Night at the Museum [6] A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to life and wreak havoc.
The Night of the Creeps [1] In 1959, an alien experiment crashes to earth and infects a fraternity member. They freeze the body, but in the modern day, two geeks pledging a fraternity accidentally thaw the corpse, which proceeds to infect the campus with parasites that transform their hosts into killer zombies.
Nightbreed [1] A community of mutant outcasts of varying types and abilities attempts to escape the attentions of a psychotic serial killer and redneck vigilantes with the help of a brooding young man who discovers them
No Night Is Too Long [1] Young Tim Cornish's life has begun with great promise. Blessed with extraordinary good looks, Tim enjoyed much attention and cared little of broken hearts. At University he was a favored student in a prestigious creative writing course, but a chance meeting, a stolen kiss and a sudden flare of passion sets Tim on a journey of betrayal, heartbreak and murder. In a flashback, he tells his story of cruelty, love and a soul-destroying guilt that offers little chance for redemption.
Ocean's 11 [3] Danny Ocean is a thief who has just been paroled from prison. He seeks out his partner, Rusty and he has a job. And it is to rob the vault that houses the cash of three casinos in Las Vegas. And he plans to rob it on a night when 150 million is in it. So they recruit nine guys and they begin to put Ocean's plan in motion. Everything is going well until Rusty discovers that Ocean's ex-wife, Tess is the main squeeze of Terry Benedict the (ruthless) owner of the casinos. Rusty asks him what is he going to do if he has to choose. But Ocean says that if his plan goes smoothly, he is going to be able to have his cake and eat it.
Of Gods and Monsters [1] The story of James Whale, the director of Frankenstein (1931) and Bride of Frankenstein (1935), in the time period following the Korean War. Whale is homosexual and develops a friendship with his gardener, an ex-Marine.
The Omen [1] the ambassador to the United States' wife has a stillborn child. Without her knowledge, he substitutes another baby as theirs. A few years go by, and then grisly deaths begin to happen. The child's nanny hangs herself and a priest is speared to death in a freak accident. It turns out the child is the son of Satan and can only be killed with the seven daggers of Meggado.
Once Upon A Time In Mexico [3] The film is based on the story of a drug lord Barrillo, who pretends to overthrow the Mexican president. Within the drama, another of the principal persons is a corrupt CIA agent Sands who at that time, demands retribution from his worst enemy in order to carry out the drug lord's uprising against the government. Mariachi is recruited by Sands to take out Gen. Marquez (has a huge score to settle with the Mariachi), who has major beef with Mariachi to begin with. He sends Cucuy (the muscle for Sands) to shadow and keep tabs on the Mariachi. Marquez is working with Barrillo, and is about to assassinate El Presidente and assume power. Sands also convinces Jorge Ramirez (retired-FBI, has old scores to settle with Barrillo) to come out of retirement and take out Barrillo and Dr. Guevera (personal Dr. to Barrillo, killed Jorge's partner a long time ago), who brutally tortured and killed Ramirez' FBI partner.
The Outsider [0] A western love story revolving around the forbidden love between a young widow from a Quaker-like religious group and a cold-blooded gunslinger whom she takes into her home after he is wounded.
The Outsiders [1] When two poor greasers, Johnny, and Ponyboy are assaulted by a vicious gang, the socs, and Johnny kills one of the attackers, tension begins to mount between the two rival gangs, setting off a turbulent chain of events.
The Pacifier [1] Disgraced Navy SEAL Shane Wolfe is handed a new assignment: Protect the five Plummer kids from enemies of their recently deceased father -- a government scientist whose top-secret experiment remains in the kids' house.
Parasomnia [0] A horror-thriller centered on a woman (Wilson) suffering from a medical condition that causes her to sleep her life away, waking briefly on rare occasions.
The Patriot [1] Ashamed of his savagery during the French and Indian War, Benjamin Martin decided he would sit out the American Revolution, while his oldest son Gabriel enlisted minutes after South Carolina joined the fight. He changes his mind when his house is burned down and one of his children is killed by the savage Green Dragoon commander Colonel Tavington. Quickly realizing that traditional 18th century warfare tactics won't work, Martin organizes militiamen into a guerilla unit to harass Cornwallis' army long enough to allow the French to arrive.
Pearl Harbor [4] The classic story of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor is told through the eyes of two boyhood friends, now serving as officers in the Army Air Corps. Rafe is an energetic young pilot who is selected to fly with the British in Europe while America is still not at war. After Rafe is shot down and presumed killed, however, Danny comforts Rafe's former lover, Evelyn, and the two draw closer. But, when Rafe turns up alive, the two former friends become enemies, and it is through the turmoil of Pearl Harbor that the two may reconcile their differences.
Pee Wee's Big Adventure [1] Eccentric man-child Pee-Wee Herman embarks on the big adventure of his life across the US mainland, as he sets out to find his beloved bike, when it is stolen in broad daylight.
People Will Talk [1] Successful and well-liked, Dr. Noah Praetorius becomes the victim of a witchhunt at the hands of Professor Elwell, who disdains Praetorius's unorthodox medical views and also questions his relationship with the mysterious, ever-present Mr. Shunderson. Fuel is added to the fire when Praetorius befriends young Deborah Higgins, who has become suicidal at the prospect of breaking up with her lover.
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief [0] A teenager discovers he's the descendant of a Greek god and sets out on an adventure to settle an on-going battle between the gods.
the Perfect Storm [1] An unusually intense storm pattern catches some commercial fishermen unaware and puts them in mortal danger.
Peter Pan (2003) [13] The Darling family children receive a visit from Peter Pan, who takes them to Never Never Land where an ongoing war with the evil Pirate Captain Hook is taking place.
Phantasim [0] Mike, a young teenage boy who has just lost his parents, is afraid to lose his brother. This fear causes him to follow his brother to a funeral, where Mike witnesses the Tall Man lift a coffin on his own. Mike decides to investigate and discovers a horrible world where the Tall Man, along with his flying spheres, shrink the to half their normal size and reanimate them as slaves. It is then up to Mike, his brother, and Reggie the ice cream man to stop the Tall man.
The Phantom of the Opera [2] Composer Enrique Claudin becomes the feared "Phantom of the Opera" after he murders a thieving music publisher who has stolen Claudin's concerto. Claudin takes refuge in the Paris Opera House, where his shadowy figure terrorizes the company while promoting the career of a beautiful young singer
The Phantom of the Opera: 2004 [1] A disfigured musical genius, hidden away in the Paris Opera House, terrorizes the opera company for the unwitting benefit of a young protégée whom he trains and loves.
The Pirate Movie [2] The crew of a large ship sail the high seas encountering other pirates from other ships. The boy from the ship end up having saves his girlfriend who is kidnapped by a bunch of other pirates.
The Pirates Of The Caribbean [115] It's the 17th century Caribbean, and those pirates are still running a muck. The cursed crew of The Black Pearl lead by it's former 1st mate, Captain Barbossa, have kidnapped Governor Swann's daughter Elizabeth, for she has something they want; the last piece of the treasure that condemned them all. Elizabeth's long time friend, and secret admirerer, Will Turner, pairs up with the charming pirate Jack Sparrow. But the lovely Miss. Swann has more then one admirer, the Commodore Norrington and his fleet will also stop at nothing to save her.
Pitch Black [1] A transport ship containing 40 passengers heading to other worlds for, among other reasons, settling, New Mecca, and for one passenger, Riddick, another cell. The ship encounters a tiny meteor storm and crash lands on a barren planet with only 1/4 of its complement surviving. Survival is tough with Riddick on the loose and no water in sight. However, come nightfall, they have even more to fear...
Pleasantville [1] Two 1990's teenagers find themselves in a 1950's sitcom where their influence begins to profoundly change that complacent world.
Pocahontas [6] The daughter of a Native American tribe chief and English soldier share a romance when English colonists invade 16th century Virginia.
Police Academy [2] A group of good-hearted but incompetent misfits enter the police academy, but the instructors there are not going to put up with their pranks.
Poltergeist [1] A family's home is haunted by a host of ghosts.
Predator [3] A team of commandos, on a mission in a Central American jungle, find themselves hunted by an extra-terrestrial warrior.
Priest (2011) [0] A priest disobeys church law to track down the vampires who kidnapped his niece.
The Princess Bride [3] A kindly grandfather sits down with his grandson and reads him a bedtime story. The story is one that has been passed down through from father to son for generations. As the grandfather reads the story, the action comes alive. The story is a classic tale of love and adventure as the beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped and held against her will in order to marry the odious Prince Humperdinck, and Westley (her childhood beau, now returned as the Dread Pirate Roberts) attempts to save her. On the way he meets an accomplished swordsman and a huge, super strong giant, both of whom become his companions in his quest. They meet a few bad guys along the way to rescue Buttercup.
Proof [1] Black comedy about a blind man, Martin, who takes photographs as "proof" that the world really is as others describe it to him. The film explores his antagonistic relationships with Celia, who cleans and cooks for him and habitually rearranges the furniture in the house, and with Andy, a mate he thinks he can trust
Proof Of Life [5] In a mountainous South American country, drug-dealing rebels kidnap Peter Bowman, a US engineer who works for an oil company's subsidiary. The company calls in a negotiator, Terry Thorne, an Aussie ex-soldier based in London. When the subsidiary goes bankrupt, the oil company washes its hands of the matter and pulls Thorne. Bowman's wife Alice begs him to stay. She and Peter's sister cobble together some money, Thorne talks ransom terms with the cash-strapped rebels, and Peter, chained high in the mountains, is sustained by a photo of Alice. When the politics of the situation change, so must Thorne's strategy. And what can Alice and he do about the attraction growing between them
The Prophecy 3: The Ascent [1] Once again, Christopher Walken returns as the Arch-Angel Gabriel. As the War in Heaven and on Earth rages on, Pyriel, the Angel of Genocide, rises to power, intending to destroy all of mankind.
Queen of the Damned [3] After many years of sleeping in his coffin, the vampire Lestat awakens only to find that the world has changed and he wants to be a part of it. He gathers a following and becomes a rock star only to find that his music awakens the ancient Queen Akasha and she wants him to become her king...
Quest for Camelot [1] Kayley's father, Sir Lionel, is one of the knights of the Round Table. Kayley wants to be a knight like her father and serve Camelot. Tragically, Lionel is killed while defending King Arthur from the greedy Sir Ruber, who wants more land than everyone else. Ruber flees Camelot after being beaten back by Excalibur. After Lionel's funeral, Arthur tells Lady Juliana, Lionel's widow, that she and Kayley will always be welcome in Camelot.
Quills [1] In a Napoleonic era insane asylum, an inmate, the irrepressible Marquis De Sade, fights a battle of wills against a tyrannically prudish doctor.
R.I.P.D [1] A recently slain cop joins a team of undead police officers working for the Rest in Peace Department and tries to find the man who murdered him.
Raffles [1] Most people know A.J. Raffles only as a gentleman of leisure and a top-rated cricketer, but he is also "the amateur Cracksman", an expert jewel thief. Alternately aided and hindered by his old friend, Bunny Manders, Raffles cuts a dashing swathe across Edwardian England, helping himself to the baubles of the very rich, sometimes playing amateur sleuth or crime fighter, and generally enjoying himself
Rat Race [1] A Las Vegas casino magnate, determined to find a new avenue for wagering, sets up a race for money.
Rave Macbeth [0] This movie is a loose adaptation of the Shakespeare play "MacBeth", except it's set in the world of the dance rave culture.
Reckless Kelly [1] Reckless Kelly is a 1993 Australian comedy film written, directed and starring Yahoo Serious. The story is a satirical take on a modern day Ned Kelly who is forced to Hollywood in order to make enough money to save his family's land, robbing banks. A pre-fame Hugo Weaving is in the film.
Red [5]

When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants.

Red Dragon [0] A retired FBI agent with psychological gifts is assigned to help track down "The Tooth Fairy", a mysterious serial killer; aiding him is imprisoned criminal genius Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter.
Red Eye (2005) [1] A woman is kidnapped by a stranger on a routine flight. Threatened by the potential murder of her father, she is pulled into a plot to assist her captor in offing a politician
Reign of Fire [1] In present-day London, twelve-year-old Quinn watches as his mother, a construction engineer, inadvertently wakes an enormous fire-breathing beast from its century-long slumber. Twenty years later, much of the world has been scarred by the beast and its offspring. As a fire chief, Quinn is responsable for warding off the beasts and keeping a community alive as they eke out a meager existence. Into their midst come a hotshot American, Van Zan, who says he has a way to kill the beasts and save mankind - a way Quinn's never seen done. "Reign Of Fire" fuses a medieval past with a post-apocalyptic future in this exciting tale of adventure and survival
Renegades [0] Buster McHenry works as an undercover agent for the local police. Currently he investigates on police corruption and is in big trouble. His task makes him break the law, he participates in a robbery. Things really screw up as not only two men are shot, but also an ancient indian spear is stolen and Buster is wounded. Hank Storm, a young indian, is now after the spear and Buster is after his criminal 'comrades'. Both of them are outsiders in their way, but now they have the same target.
Rent [1] the story of one year in the life of a group of bohemians struggling in modern day East Village New York. The story centers around Mark and Roger, two roommates. While a former tragedy has made Roger numb to life, Mark tries to capture it through his attempts to make a film. In the year that follows, the group deals with love, loss, AIDS, and modern day life in one truly powerful story
Repo Men [1] Set in the near future when artificial organs can be bought on credit, it revolves around a man who struggles to make the payments on a heart he has purchased. He must therefore go on the run before said ticker is repossessed.
Resident Evil series [1] A special military unit fights a powerful, out-of-control supercomputer and hundreds of scientists who have mutated into flesh-eating creatures after a laboratory accident.
Ride With The Devil [1]
A little-known band of Civil War fighters known as Bushwhackers, use guerrilla warfare to destroy Yankee targets.
The Ring [0] A young journalist must investigate a mysterious videotape which seems to cause the death of anyone in a week of viewing it.
The Ring Two [0] Six months after the incidents involving the lethal videotape, new clues prove that there is a new evil lurking in the darkness.
Rise of the Guardians [1] When the evil spirit Pitch launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world.
Road House [3] Dalton is the Cooler in bars; He backs up and directs the bouncers. He takes a job in a Road House that has gotten far too rough. His attempts to clean things up put him in conflict with Brad Wesley, the town bully and rich person. Things heat up
The Road To El Dorado [6] The story is about two swindlers who get their hands on a map to the fabled city of gold, El Dorado while pulling off some sort of scam. Their plan goes bad and the rogues end up lost at sea after a number of misfortunes. Oddly enough, they end up on the shores of El Dorado and are worshiped by the natives for their foreign appearance.
Robin Hood [2] King Richard goes on the Crusades leaving his brother Prince John as regent, who promptly emerges as a cruel, grasping, treacherous tyrant. Apprised of England's peril by message from his lady-love Marian, the dashing Earl of Huntingdon endangers his life and honor by returning to oppose John, but finds himself and his friends outlawed, and Marian apparently dead. Enter Robin Hood, acrobatic champion of the oppressed, laboring to set things right through swash buckling feats and cliffhanging perils!
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [1] When Robin and his Moorish companion come to England and the tyranny of the Sheriff of Nottingham, he decides to fight back as an outlaw.
Rock Star [5] Lead singer of a tribute band becomes lead singer of the real band he idolizes.
Rocky Horror Picture Show [3] After Janet accepts Brad's marriage proposal, the happy couple drive away from Denton, Ohio, only to get lost in the rain. They stumble upon the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a transvestite who is holding the annual convention of visitors from the planet Transsexual. Frank-N-Furter unveils his creation, a young man named Rocky Horror, who fears the doctor and rejects his sexual advances. When Frank-N-Furter announces that he is returning to the galaxy Transylvania, Riff Raff the butler and Magenta the maid declare that they have plans of their own
Rogue (2007) [1] An American journalist on assignment in the Australian outback encounters a man-eating crocodile.
Romeo Must Die [1] An avenging cop seeks out his brother's killer and falls for the daughter of a businessman who is involved in a money-deal with his father.
Rose Red [1] Dr. Joyce Reardon, a psychology professor, leads a team of psychics into the decrepit mansion known as Rose Red. Her efforts unleash the spirit of former owner Ellen Rimbauer and uncover the horrifying secrets of those who lived and died there.
The Rundown [9] In order to get out of hock with mobster Billy Walker, restaraunteur-turned-"retrieval expert" Beck has to go down to Brazil and retrieve Billy's ne'er-do-well archaeologist-wannabe son Travis, who is searching for an ancient gold idol called the Gato del Diablo. This idol is prized by not only the local population as the path to their salvation, but by Cornelius Hatcher, slavedriving operator of the Helldorado mining town who oppresses said population in the name of profits, and Hatcher just won't let Beck leave with Travis.
Sahara, The Movie [13] Master explorer Dirk Pitt goes on the adventure of a lifetime of seeking out a lost Civil War battleship known as the "Ship of Death" in the deserts of West Africa while helping a UN doctor being hounded by a ruthless dictator.
Saw 3D: The Final Chapter [0] As a deadly battle rages over Jigsaw's brutal legacy, a group of Jigsaw survivors gathers to seek the support of self-help guru and fellow survivor Bobby Dagen, a man whose own dark secrets unleash a new wave of terror.
The Scarlet Pimpernel [0] London fop Percy Blakeney is also secretly the Scarlet Pimpernel who, in a variety of disguises, makes repeated daring trips to France to save aristocrats from Madame Guillotine. His unknowing wife is also French, and she finds that her brother has been arrested by the Republic to try and get her to find out who "that damned elusive Pimpernel" really is.
Scooby-Doo [14] After an acrimonious break up, the Mystery Inc. gang are individually brought to an island resort to investigate strange goings on
The Scream Movieverse [1] A killer known as Ghostface begins killing off teenagers, and as the body count begins rising, one girl and her friends find themselves contemplating the "Rules" of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one.
Secondhand Lions [1] A coming-of-age story about a shy, young boy sent by his irresponsible mother to spend the summer with his wealthy, eccentric uncles in Texas.
The Secret Life Of Us [0] An Australian drama revolving around the lives of the residents of an apartment block in an urban suburb of Melbourne. It follows the characters through some of life's most complex journeys, as they search for themselves in their work, social and family lives, yet always following one simple rule: all roads lead back to your friends
Secretary [1] A young woman, recently released from a mental hospital, gets a job as a secretary to a demanding lawyer, where their employer-employee relationship turns into a sexual, sadomasochistic one.
Sense and Sensibility [0] Rich Mr. Dashwood dies, leaving his second wife and her daughters poor by the rules of inheritance. Two daughters are the titular opposites.
Shanghai Noon/Knights [1] A Chinese man travels to the Wild West to rescue a kidnapped princess. After teaming up with a train robber, the unlikely duo takes on a Chinese traitor and his corrupt boss
The Sheik/Son Of The Sheik [1] An Arab sheik abducts a rebellious British traveler
Shelter [5] When his college dreams are sidelined by family obligations, a young man finds comfort in surfing with his best friend's brother.
Sherlock Holmes: A Scandal in Bohemia [1] Watson, now married, stops by Baker Street to visit his old friend, and finds Holmes working on a case. Holmes has received a cryptic note telling him that a gentleman will be calling on him that evening and that the gentleman may be wearing a mask. When the gentleman arrives, Holmes quickly sees through the man's disguise and identifies him as the King of Bohemia.
Shocker [1] After being sent to the electric chair, a serial killer uses electricity to come back from the dead.
Short Circuit [1] Number 5 of a group of experimental robots in a lab is electrocuted, suddenly becomes intelligent, and escapes.
The Shot (1996) [1] This low-budget satire takes a shot a Hollywood as it follows two desperate, unsuccessful actors, Dern Reel and Patrick St. Patrick, who steal 10 recently shot rolls of film from Tinseltown's newest darling, the director David Egoman, and hold them for ransom.
Shrek [9] When a green ogre called Shrek discovers his swamp has been 'swamped' with all sorts of fairytale creatures, by the scheming Lord Farquaad. With a very loud donkey by his side, Shrek sets out to 'persuade' Farquaad to give his swamp back. Instead a deal is made. Farquaad, who wants to become the King, sends Shrek to rescue Princess Fiona, who is waiting for her one true love. But once they head back Fiona, it starts to become apparent that not only do Shrek like Fiona, but Fiona is keeping something secret.
Signs [13] In Bucks County, Pennsylvania, a five-hundred-foot crop circle is found on the farm of Graham Hess, the town's reverend. The circles cause a media frenzy and test Hess's faith as he journeys to find out the truth behind the crop circles
Silence Of The Lamb [10] A young FBI cadet must confide in an incarcerated and manipulative killer to receive his help on catching another serial killer who skins his victims
Silent Hill [1] A woman goes in search for her daughter, within the confines of a strange, desolate town called Silent Hill.
The Sixth Sense [0] A boy who communicates with spirits that don't know they're dead seeks the help of a disheartened child psychologist
Skin Deep (1989) [1] John Ritter portrays a womanizing, drunken, alcholic writer who's life seems to be falling apart at the seams. He's still in love with his ex-wife(who's family can't stand him), writer's block is keeping him from completing his latest novel, and he repeatedily finds himself in trouble of one sort or another with the law, ex-girlfriends, and jealous boyfriends.
Skinner: 1993 [1] At night Dennis Skinner roams the streets with a goodie-bag filled with knives looking for victims.
Skinwalkers - 2006 [1] A 12 year old boy and his mother become the targets of two warring werewolf packs, each with different intentions and motives.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow [1] Set in New York City circa 1939, the film centers on a reporter who notices that the world's scientists are disappearing. Teamed with a skilled pilot and an adventurous colleague, it's up to her to thwart the plans of a mad scientist bent on world domination.It's funny how one day changes so much.
Sky High [4] Set in a world where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young Will Stronghold, the son of the Commander and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordinary being.
Sleeping Beauty [2] A snubbed malevolent fairy casts a curse on a princess that only a prince can break, with the help of three good fairies.
Sleepy Hollow [12] Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman.
Snatch [4] Unscrupulous boxing promoters, violent bookmakers, a Russian gangster, incompetent amateur robbers, and supposedly Jewish jewelers fight to track down a priceless stolen diamond.
Snow Falling on Cedars [1] Carl, a fisherman in the waters off Washington state, has been found dead, drowned in own nets, but with a serious head wound. Was he murdered? Post-war anti-Japanese sentiments are still running high, and the local Japanese community provides a murder suspect in the form of Kabuo, another fisherman, who had a grudge against Carl's family. Ishmael, the small town's newspaperman, may have the information that would acquit Kabuo, but can he ever put his jilted love for Hatsue (Kabuo's wife) aside?
Snow White [4] A young princess finds herself on the run from her wicked stepmother and finds refuge in a small cottage out in the forest with seven pint-sized men who immediately decide to adopt and protect her with their lives.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs [2] Snow White, pursued by a jealous queen, hides with the Dwarfs; the queen feeds her a poison apple, but Prince Charming awakens her with a kiss
Some Like It Hot [2] Two Struggling musicians witness the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and try to find a way out of the city before they are found and killed by the mob. The only job that will pay their way is an all girl band so the two dress up as women. In addition to hiding, each has his own problems; One falls for another band member but can't tell her his gender, and the other has a rich suitor who will not take "No," for an answer.
Son Of King Kong [1] After the disastrous results of his last expedition, Carl Denham leaves New York aboard a ship to escape all the trouble. After a mutiny, he and a few companions are left behind on Skull island, where they meet a smaller relative of King Kong and make friends with him.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice (2010) [0] Master sorcerer Balthazar Blake recruits a seemingly everyday guy in his mission to defend New York City from his arch-nemesis, Maxim Horvath.
Sorority Boys [5] After three rowdy guys get booted from their frat house, they dress up as women and pledge the "ugly girl" sorority, where they figure they'll blend right in. In their new environment, the men relinquish their frat mentality and realize how hurtful they have been to women over the years. When their less-than-stunning female forms earn them an invite to a "dog catcher" party at their old frat, they decide to brave the harassment so they can grab the rest of their belongings from the house and make a clean break.
Spaceballs [1] Planet Spaceball's President Skroob sends Lord Dark Helmet to steal Planet Druidia's abundant supply of air to replenish their own, and only Lone Starr can stop them.
The Specialist [1] Ray Quick is an ex-CIA bomb expert now living as an high-tech outsider somewhere in Miami, Florida. May Munro has heard of his skills and tries over and over to convince Ray to bomb the guys who killed her parents once. Ray begins to overshadow May. He is interested in May's case, but still is of the opinion to never use his skills again. The situation changes dramatically when a former CIA comrade of Ray appears on the scene.
Species [1] A message from outer space contains instructions on how to modify human DNA
Speed Racer [1] The story begins with Speed Racer who is a young man with natural racing instincts whose goal is to win The Crucible, a cross-country car racing rally that took the life of his older brother, Rex Racer. Speed is loyal to the family business, run by his parents Pops and Mom. Pops designed Speed's car, the Mach 5. The owner of Royalton Industries makes Speed a lucrative offer, Speed rejects the offer, angering the owner. Speed also uncovers a secret that top corporate interests, including Royalton, are fixing races and cheating to gain profit. With the offer to Speed denied, Royalton wants to ensure that Speed will not win races. Speed finds support from his parents and his girlfriend Trixie and enters The Crucible in a partnership with his one-time rival, Racer X, seeking to rescue his family's business and the racing sport itself.
Spider-Man: 2002 [5] When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a nerdy, shy, and awkward high school student gains spider-like abilities that he eventually must use to fight evil as a superhero after tragedy befalls his family
Spy Game [1] Retiring CIA agent Nathan Muir recalls his training of Tom Bishop while working against agency politics to free him from his Chinese captors.
St. Elmo's Fire [1] A Group of friends, just out of college, struggle with adulthood.
Star Trek: The Motion Picture [3] When a destructive space entity is spotted approaching Earth, Admiral Kirk resumes command of the Starship Enterprise in order to intercept, examine, and hopefully stop it.
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan [7] Admiral Kirk's midlife crisis is interrupted by the return of an old enemy looking for revenge and a potentially destructive device.
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock [2] Admiral Kirk and his bridge crew risk their careers stealing the decommissioned Enterprise to return to the restricted Genesis planet to recover Spock's body.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home [1] To save Earth from an alien probe, Kirk and his crew go back in time to retrieve the only beings who can communicate with it, humpback whales.
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier [1] Capt. Kirk and his crew must deal with Mr. Spock's half brother who hijacks the Enterprise for an obsessive search for God.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country [2] The crews of the Enterprise and the Excelsior must stop a plot to prevent a peace treaty between the Klingon Empire and the Federation.
Star Trek: Generations [2] Capt. Picard, with the help of supposedly dead Capt. Kirk, must stop a madman willing to murder on a planetary scale in order to enter a space matrix.
Star Trek: First Contact [1] Capt. Picard and his crew pursue the Borg back in time to stop them from preventing Earth from initiating first contact with alien life.
Star Trek: Insurrection [1] When the crew of the Enterprise learn of a Federation plot against the inhabitants of a unique planet, Capt. Picard begins an open rebellion.
Star Trek: Nemesis [0] After the Enterprise is diverted to the Romulan planet of Romulus, supposedly because they want to negotiate a truce, the Federation soon find out the Romulans are planning an attack on Earth.
Star Trek - 2009 [41] A chronicle of the early days of James T. Kirk and his fellow USS Enterprise crew members.
Star Trek: Into Darkness [8] After the crew of the Enterprise find an unstoppable force of terror from within their own organization, Captain Kirk leads a manhunt to a war-zone world to capture a one man weapon of mass destruction.
Star Wars: A New Hope [42] Young Luke Skywalker grows up on a farm unaware of his destiny - the Rebels try to contact a local hermit, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and send him plans for the Death Star which the evil Empire plans to use to totally dominate the galaxy. Luke and Obi-Wan meet and hire Han Solo, a rogue, to rescue Princess Leia and stop the Empire - it is only Luke's tie to the mystical Force that will let them triumph over Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader and destroy the Death Star.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace [94] Two Jedi knights and an outcast must help a queen save her world, and along the way discover a boy who has the potential to be a powerful Jedi himself.
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones [7] Ten years after the 'Phantom Menace' threatened the planet Naboo, Padmé Amidala is now a Senator representing her homeworld. A faction of political separatists, led by Count Dooku, attempts to assassinate her. There aren't enough Jedi to defend the Republic against the threat, so Chancellor Palpatine enlists the aid of Jango Fett, who promises that his army of clones will handle the situation. Meanwhile, Obi-Wan Kenobi continues to train the young Jedi Anakin Skywalker, who fears that the Jedi code will forbid his growing romance with Amidala
Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith [2] After three years of fighting in the Clone Wars, Anakin Skywalker concludes his journey towards the Dark Side of the Force, putting his friendship with Obi Wan Kenobi and his marriage at risk.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens [1] Three decades after the Empire's defeat, a new threat arises in the militant First Order.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi [1] Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers.
Stargate: Arc of Truth [2] SG-1 search for an Ancient Artifact to finally defeat the Ori. But the Artifact is in the Ori Galaxy.
Stargate: Continuum [1] Ba'al travels back in time and prevents the Stargate program from being started. SG-1 must somehow restore history
Starman [1] An alien takes the form of a young widow's husband and asks her to drive him from Wisconsin to Arizona. The government tries to stop them.
Starship Troopers [1] Humans of a fascistic, militaristic future do battle with giant alien bugs in a fight for survival.
Studio 54, Where Are You? [2] Instead of offering a comic portrait of '70s excess, '54' is a '90s-style morality tale.
Sunset Boulevard (1950) [1] A hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent-film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity.
Superman Returns [4] Following a mysterious absence of several years, the Man of Steel comes back to Earth in the epic Superman Returns. While an old enemy plots to render him powerless once and for all, Superman faces the heartbreaking realization that the woman he loves, Lois Lane, has moved on with her life. Or has she? Superman's bittersweet return challenges him to bridge the distance between them while finding a place in a society that has learned to survive without him. In an attempt to protect the world he loves from cataclysmic destruction, Superman embarks on an epic journey of redemption that takes him from the depths of the ocean to the far reaches of outer space.
Swampthing [4] The swamp is my world, It is who I am, it is what I am. I was once a man, I know the evil men do. Do not bring your evil here, I warn you. Beware the wrath of Swamp Thing.
The Talented Mr. Ripley [2] The 1950s. Manhattan lavatory attendant, Tom Ripley, borrows a Princeton jacket to play piano at a garden party. When the wealthy father of a recent Princeton grad chats Tom up, Tom pretends to know the son and is soon offered $1,000 to go to Italy to convince Dickie Greenleaf to return home. In Italy, Tom attaches himself to Dickie and to Marge, Dickie's cultured fiancée, pretending to love jazz and harboring homoerotic hopes as he soaks in luxury. Besides lying, Tom's talents include impressions and forgery, so when the handsome and confident Dickie tires of Tom, dismissing him as a bore, Tom goes to extreme lengths to make Greenleaf's privileges his own
Tangled [2] The magically long-haired Rapunzel has spent her entire life in a tower, but now that a runaway thief has stumbled upon her, she is about to discover the world for the first time, and who she really is.
Tarzan [0] Tarzan was a small orphan who was raised by an ape named Kala since he was a child. He believed that this was his family, but on an expedition Jane Porter is rescued by Tarzan. He then finds out that he's human.
Ten Inch Hero [1] Four friends deal with their love lives and learn about themselves while working in a funky sandwich shop in Santa Cruz, California.
Tequila Sunrise [0] Mac Mckussic is an unlikely drug dealer who wants to go straight. His old and best friend Nick Frescia is now a cop who is assigned to investigate and bring him to justice. Mac is very attracted to Jo Ann, the owner of a stylish restaurant. Nick gets close to Jo Ann attempting to know more about Mac's drug dealing plans and his connections with the Mexican dealer Carlos, who the police believe is coming to town to meet with him. Nick also falls for Jo Ann's charms and his friendship with Mac is in danger.
Terminator [6] A human-looking, apparently unstoppable cyborg is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor; Kyle Reese is sent to stop it
Their Second Chance [0] Twenty eight years ago, Barbara and Larry, were college lovers and Laurie was conceived. They were unmarried, young and afraid and decided to put her up for adoption. She now returns to their lives and through persistence, re-unites them.
Them [0] Mac Mckussic is an unlikely drug dealer who wants to go straight. His old and best friend Nick Frescia is now a cop who is assigned to investigate and bring him to justice. Mac is very attracted to Jo Ann, the owner of a stylish restaurant. Nick gets close to Jo Ann attempting to know more about Mac's drug dealing plans and his connections with the Mexican dealer Carlos, who the police believe is coming to town to meet with him. Nick also falls for Jo Ann's charms and his friendship with Mac is in danger.
The Thing from Another World [1] Scientists and American Air Force officials fend off a blood-thirsty alien organism while at a remote arctic outpost.
Thirteen Days [0] In October, 1962, U-2 surveillance photos reveal that the Soviet Union is in the process of placing nuclear weapons in Cuba. These weapons have the capability of wiping out most of the Eastern and Southern United States in minutes if they become operational. President John F. Kennedy and his advisors must come up with a plan of action against the Soviets. Kennedy is determined to show that he is strong enough to stand up to the threat, and the Pentagon advises U.S. military strikes against Cuba--which could lead the way to another U.S. invasion of the island. However, Kennedy is reluctant to follow through, because a U.S. invasion could cause the Soviets to retaliate in Europe. A nuclear showdown appears to be almost inevitable. Can it be prevented?
Thor: 2011 [10] The powerful but arrogant warrior Thor is cast out of the fantastic realm of Asgard and sent to live amongst humans on Earth, where he soon becomes one of their finest defenders.
The Three Musketeer's [2] The three best of the disbanded Musketeers - Athos, Porthos, and Aramis - join a young hotheaded would-be-Musketeer...
Threshold [1]

A space shuttle crew return to Earth, bringing alien "seeds" with them. These begin to grow into alien life-forms, needing hosts to complete their evolution... When their number reach the Threshold amount, they will be an unstoppable swarm, so it's up to two scientists to stop them beofre it's too late. While repairing a spacecraft, an astronaut is perforated in the arm by a tiny meteor. Once back in Houston, he stays in the hospital for a further examination. Along the night, he breeds some sort of alien moths that attack people with B-negative blood type, transforming them in creatures with claws. Dr. Jerome 'Geronimo' Horne and Dr. Savannah Bailey have forty-eight hours for finding a way of destroying the aliens, otherwise Houston will be completely bombed to limit the outbreak

Thunderheart [0] An FBI man with Sioux background is sent to a reservation to help with a murder investigation, where he has to come to terms with his heritage.
Titanic [5] Brock Lovett is a treasure hunter looking for a famous diamond among the debris of the Titanic. He finds a sketch in a safebox in which a young woman is wearing the diamond on a necklace. After showing the drawing on a TV program, Rose Dawson, an old lady comes forward claiming to be the woman in the drawing. She is brought to the explorer's vessel to help them determine the location of the diamond, but instead she tells everyone the "real" story of Titanic's sinking. She was a 17 year-old rich girl sailing to the USA to get married with Cal Hockley. Her mother was forcing her to get married so she felt trapped inside her own world. During the trip she tries to commit suicide and she is saved by Jack Dawson, a third-class passenger who travels around making pencil drawings. They get to know each other better until they fall in love. Hockley and Rose's mother try to separate them several times. Amidst all this confusion the Titanic hits an iceberg and starts to sink.
To Die For (1995) [2] Suzanne Stone is an aspiring TV personality who will do anything to be in the spotlight- including enlisting 3 teenagers to kill her husband.
Tombstone [4] After success cleaning up Dodge City, Wyatt Earp moves to Tombstone, Arizona, and wishes to get rich in obscurity. He meets his brothers there, as well as his old friend Doc Holliday. A band of outlaws that call themselves The Cowboys are causing problems in the region with various acts of random violence, and inevitably come into confrontation with Holliday and the Earps, which leads to a shoot-out at the OK Corral.
Top Gun [0] The macho students of an elite US Flying school for advanced fighter pilots compete to be best in the class, and one romances the teacher.
Toy Story [2] A cowboy toy is profoundly threatened and jealous when a fancy spaceman toy supplants him as top toy in a boy's room.
Trading Places [1] A snobbish investor and a wily street con artist find their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.
Transformers: Live action movie (2007) [14] A war re-erupts on Earth between two robotic clans, the heroic Autobots and the evil Decepticons, leaving the fate of mankind hanging in the balance
The Transporter (2002) [1] This film is about a man (Statham) whose job is to deliver packages without asking any questions. Complications arise when he breaks those rules.
The Tripods [5] Sci-fi thriller about the takeover of earth by alien tripods. The conquerers start controlling human minds, but not until after they reach the age of sixteen. Two boys seek to end the terror.
The Trollenberg Terror [1] A remote mountain resort in Switzerland is invaded by horrible alien creatures that like to decapitate humans. The beings are also in telepathic communication with people and inhabit a ysterious, radioactive cloud at the base of the Trollenberg mountain.
Tron [1]
A hacker is literally abducted into the world of a computer and forced to participate in gladiatorial games where his only chance of escape is with the help of a heroic security program.
Troy [2] It is the year 1250 B.C. during the late Bronze age. Two emerging nations begin to clash after Paris, the Trojan prince, convinces Helen, Queen of Sparta, to leave her husband Menelaus, and sail with him back to Troy. After Menelaus finds out that his wife was taken by the Trojans, he asks his brother Agamemnom to help him get her back. Agamemnon sees this as an opportunity for power. So they set off with 1,000 ships holding 50,000 Greeks to Troy. With the help of Achilles, the Greeks are able to fight the never before defeated Trojans. But they come to a stop by Hector, Prince of Troy. The whole movie shows their battle struggles, and the foreshadowing of fate in this remake by Wolfgang Petersen of Homer's "The Iliad."
Twilight [22] A teenage girl risks everything when she falls in love with a vampire.
Twilight Of The Gods [2] Following a pitched battle, a Maori warrior finds a wounded European soldier and helps him back to health. How will this clash of cultures in a time of warfare turn out?
Uncaged [1] Miki and her younger brother Robby flee their destructive home and find themselves in the towering metropolis
Underworld: 2003 [2] Selene, a beautiful vampire warrior, is entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races.
V for Vendetta [2] The futuristic tale unfolds in a Great Britain that's a fascist state. A freedom fighter known as V uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. He rescues a young woman from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally.
Valentine's Day [3] Intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles break-up and make-up based on the pressures and expectations of Valentine's Day.
Van Helsing [13] Infamous monster hunter Van Helsing, and his priest of a sidekick Carl, travel to Transylvania to battle monsters of legend Dracula and brides and the Wolfman, and keep the notorious Count from bringing his undead children to life, and in so doing, allow the the beautiful Anna, and the rest of the family Valerious, to enter the Gates of St. Peter
Velvet Goldmine [56] In 1984, British newspaper reporter Arthur Stuart is investigating the career of 1970s glam rock star Brian Slade, who was heavily influenced in his early years by American rock singer Curt Wild, whose show was quite crazy for his time.
Vertical Limit [1] A high-adrenaline tale of young climber Peter Garrett, who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world's second highest peak. Confronting both his own limitations and the awesome power of nature's uncontrollable elements, Peter risks his life to save his sister, Annie, and her summit team in a race against time.
Victor/Victoria [3] A struggling female soprano finds work playing a male female impersonator, but it complicates her personal life.
Virus [0] A ghostly ship looms silently ahead as the crippled, ocean-going, salvage tug Sea Star approaches. The Sea Star crew, their ship slowly sinking, has sought refuge in the eerie calm of the eye of a typhoon to make repairs and hopefully avert disaster. But something's terribly wrong. The ship, a Russian science vessel bristling with high-tech radar, electronics and other wonders, appears to be deserted. Unfortunately for the crew of the Sea Star, nothing could be further from the truth. Shelter from the storm turns into terror on board as they find themselves stalked by a mutating alien life form that has traveled across time and space, an energy force unlike any in the universe. It is powerful. Intelligent. And it has found the perfect planet to inhabit. Now, in order to survive, it must destroy the one threat to its existence: a virus called man
Voyage of the Unicorn [7] recently widowed mythology professor Alan Aisling. Subscribing to the theory credendo vides (by believing, one sees), Prof. Aisling finds this philosophy put to the test when his home is invaded by malevolent trolls, determined to prevent him from fulfilling "the prophecy." Managing to escape, Alan and his older daughter, Miranda, embark upon a journey from the Sensible World to the Land of Imagination on board the magical ship "The Unicorn." Meanwhile, Alan's younger daughter, Cassie, heads off on an adventure of her own, eventually reconnecting with her family on Faerie Isle -- where it is written that a wise man and two gentle maidens are destined to release the population from the powers of darkness.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) [0] Admiral Nelson takes a brand new atomic submarine through its paces.
Wanted [3] 25-year-old Wes was the most disaffected, cube-dwelling drone the planet had ever known. His boss chewed him out hourly, his girlfriend ignored him routinely and his life plodded on interminably. Everyone was certain this disengaged slacker would amount to nothing. There was little else for Wes to do but wile away the days and die in his slow, clock-punching rut. Until he met a woman named Fox.
Watchmen [5] In an alternate 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it.
Wayne's World/Wayne's World 2 [1] Two slacker friends try to promote their public-access cable show.
Westworld [1] A amusement park for rich vacationers provides its customers a way to live out their fantasies
What To Do In Case Of Fire [1] What To Do In Case of Fire? tells the humorous and touching story of six former creative anarchists who lived as house squatters in Berlin during its heyday in the 80s when Berlin was still an island in the middle of the former eastern Germany. At the end of the 80s they went their separate ways with the exception of Tim and Hotte, who have remained true to their ideals and continue to fight the issues they did as a group. In 2000, with Berlin as Germany's new capital, an event happens forcing the group out of existential reason to reunite and, ultimately, come to grips with the reason they separated 12 years ago.
What Women Want [1] After an accident, a chauvenistic executive gains the ability to hear what women are really thinking.
The Witches Of Eastwick [1] Alexandra Medford, Jane Spofford and Sukie Ridgemont are three dissatisfied women living in the small town of Eastwick, Rhode Island.
Who Framed Roger Rabbit [1] A toon hating detective is a cartoon rabbit's only hope to prove his innocence when he is accused of murder
The Whole Nine Yards [2] Nick is a struggling dentist in Canada. A new neighbor moves in, and he discovers that it is Jimmy "The Tulip" Teduski. His wife convinces him to go to Chicago and inform the mob boss who wants Jimmy dead.
Wilby Wonderful [1] A day-in-the-life dark comedy concerning a group of islanders, their respective secrets, and one man's plan to kill himself quietly.
Willow [1] A reluctant dwarf must play a critical role in protecting a special baby from an evil queen.
The Wizard of Oz [7] Dorothy Gale is swept away to a magical land in a tornado and embarks on a quest to see the Wizard who can help her return home
The Wolf Man - 1941 [1] A practical man returns to his homeland, is attacked by a creature of folklore, and infected with a horrific disease his disciplined mind tells him can not possibly exist.
World Without End [1] Four astronauts returning from mankind's first mission to Mars enter a time warp and crash on a 26th Century Earth devastated by atomic war. Our heroes meet with hideous mutant cavemen, giant spiders, love-struck beauties in short dresses, and jealous old geezers in sparkly skullcaps as they struggle to save humanity and build a new world
X-Files: Fight the Future [2] Mulder and Scully must fight the government in a conspiracy and find the truth about an alien colonization of Earth.
X-Men (2000) [5] Two mutants come to a private academy for their kind whose resident superhero team must oppose a terrorist organization with similar powers.
X-Men movieverse [67] Two mutants come to a private academy for mutants whose resident superhero team must oppose a powerful mutant terrorist organization.
X-Men: First Class [5] The film is set primarily in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and focuses on the relationship between Charles Xavier and Magneto and the origin of their groups, the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants.
X-Men: X2 [1] The X-Men band together to find a mutant assassin who has made an attempt on the President's life, while the Mutant Academy is attacked by military forces.
X-Men: The Last Stand [0] When a cure is found to treat mutations, lines are drawn amongst the X-Men, led by Professor Charles Xavier, and the Brotherhood, a band of powerful mutants organized under Xavier's former ally, Magneto.
X-Men Origins: Wolverine [3] After seeking to live a normal life, Logan sets out to avenge the death of his girlfriend by undergoing the mutant Weapon X program and becoming Wolverine.
Xtro II: The Second Encounter [1] Scientists at a secret underground complex have found a way to travel to another dimension. Three dimension-travellers are the first to go through the gate - but are soon attacked by something that interrupts the communication with Earth. This horrible something uses the gate to travel back to the underground complex. Most of the staff are evacuated, except four heavily-armed militaries and Dr. Casserly and Dr. Summerfield who just can't stand each other...
xXx [1] Xander Cage is an extreme sports athelete recruited by the government on a special mission.
Young Frankenstein [1] Dr. Frankenstein's grandson, after years of living down the family reputation, inherits granddad's castle and repeats the experiments.
Young Guns [2] Tully Rice is a teenager trying to get a break in life but saddled with an image gained from his father being the infamous bank robber Mark Rice. With his father hanged, Tully is working in a local store but cracks under constant pushing from the local deputy. The sheriff tries to help him out by finding him another job, but Tully rides out of town after a girl he met. He finds himself staying with her and her extended family – a group of teenagers who carry out minor robberies and such. As time passes Tully finds himself drawn into the gang and put in position where he must decide the path he will follow.
Young Lady Chatterly [2] Cynthia inherits her aunt's large estate and moves in. She reads her aunt's diary and finds out (and graphically imagines) how she was taught in the ways of love by her gardener in 1901 at the age of 21. She decides to continue the fruitful relationship to the personnel and gets it on with the handsome young gardener herself.
Yours, Mine And Ours [2] When a widower with 10 children marries a widow with 8, can the 20 of them ever come together as one big happy family? From finding a house big enough for all of them and learning to make 18 school lunches, to coping with a son going off to war and an unexpected addition to the family, Yours, Mine and Ours attempts to blend two families into one and hopes to answer the question Is bigger really better?
Zoolander [5] Derek Joseph Zoolander was born in 1972 in the trendy South Beach area of Miami. It was a difficult birth made even more so by the infant Derek's coarse hair and prominent cheekbones. His mother, Sunny, never fully recovered. "Pops" Zoolander quickly grew tired of the warm climate and gentle sea breezes of Miami. He wanted something more for his family, but he wasn't sure what. Coal mining had always been a hobby of his, and he felt it was time to make it his career. He was getting older and it was no secret that few were able to break into the mining biz after 40. Goodbye South Beach, hello coal mining country, where the future has no limits if you simply believe in your dreams.
Zoom [1] Former superhero Jack Shepard, (also known as Captain Zoom), is called back to work to transform an unlikely group of ragtag kids into a new generation of superheroes at a privacy Academy and save the world from certain destruction. The project holds an audition of would-be members, most of whom possess useless or disgusting powers. In the end, Dylan, a 17-year-old boy who can turn invisible Summer, a 16-year-old girl with telekinetic powers Tucker, a 12-year-old boy with the power to enlarge any part of his body Cindy, a 6-year-old girl with super strength.
Darkside Verse by Gage [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = ]
Summary: Alternate Movie Ending. Chase defeats Caleb and leads his new Coven.

Fandoms: Movies, The Covenant Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Character Death, hetero and slash, Language, m/f, m/m, m/m/m, mild violence, sexual references, slash
Challenges: None
Open: No
Summary: Thor has displeased Loki and will now pay the price.
Fandoms: Movies, Thor: 2011 Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Anal Sex, AU, Captive Bondage, Incest, m/m, Partner Betrayal, Rough Sex, Sap
Challenges: None
Open: No
Lies and Half-Truths (1/?) by SlayerKnight2 [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = ]
Summary: For his entire life, Welsey has lived in a world of lies and half-truths. Now he must face the truth of it all.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Drama, First Time, frottage, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, m/m, Oral sex, slash, violence
Challenges: None
Open: No
Summary: Slash Photoart of Movie and TV Inspiration X-overs.
Fandoms: Crossovers, Television, Movies Characters: ensemble
Genres: Non-fic, Slash Warnings: Adult Situations
Challenges: None
Open: No
Redeeming Grant by Cat2000 [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = ]
Summary: Set after the series one finale. Coulson gives Ward a second chance, protecting, teaching and caring for him. This series does contain spanking as well as instances of physical abuse and a deeply damaged young man. The road to recovery is not an easy one
Fandoms: Movies, The Avengers: 2012, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Characters: None
Genres: General Warnings: Abuse
Challenges: None
Open: No
Tales From the Red White and Blue by Catch23 [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = ]
Summary: Two years after a mission that went -mostly- wrong, Hellboy and Meyers begin to sort a few things out.  Professor Broom wasn't stupid, after all...
Fandoms: Hellboy, slash fiction, Movies Characters: None
Genres: GenSlash, Preslash, Slash Warnings: friendship, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, Language, m/m, Oral sex
Challenges: None
Open: No
You will always have more chances. by NavyReservist Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Maggie (OC) is one of Dr. Jones's students and his friends niece! Number 6 in quotes Drabble challenge!!!
Fandoms: Indiana Jones, Movies Characters: original character
Genres: General Warnings: Writing Genre - Drabble
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 579
Published: 10/16/14 Updated: 10/16/14
! Lord of War by Psylocke Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 20 ] Featured Stories

LORD OF WAR. Yuri is selling weapons to Baptiste, whose son can’t take his eyes off of Yuri’s younger brother – but not only because he doesn’t trust him. ~ Andre Baptiste Jr/Vitaly Orlov ( Jared Leto ) ~ Movie spoilers!!

Fandoms: Movies Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, Character Death, Dark Themes, graphic sex, m/m, Non-con, Rape, slash, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 4389
Published: 09/09/09 Updated: 09/09/09
"I Have John Murdoch in Mind." by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 19 ] Featured Stories

Mr. Hand tries to make Murdoch understand what things would have been like if he had recieved his full injection of memories. (John Murdoch/Mr. Hand)

Minor Spoilers for the movie.

Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: John Murdoch, Mr Hand
Genres: Slash Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, BDSM, D/s, Dark Themes, domination, graphic sex, Human/Alien coupling, Knife play, m/m, Missing Scene, Non-con, Rape, rough sex, slash, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1647
Published: 07/03/09 Updated: 07/03/09
"Most Shocking Betrayal" by Vorchan Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 0 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Faith gets a slayer-dream to remember for the rest of her life... is it some kind of divine intervention, just a wandering of her mind while sleeping, or some sort of deception? Read and find out.
Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, General fiction, Television, Movies, Books, Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith Characters: Anakin Skywalker [Revenge of the Sith], Darth Vader [Revenge of the Sith], Faith [Buffy the Vampire Slayer], other, other female, Other male
Genres: General Warnings: Abuse, Abuse - Emotional, Abuse - Physical, Abuse Of Power, Friendship
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 4063
Published: 07/21/19 Updated: 07/21/19

Dark City. As John Murdoch and Daniel Schreber deal with demons of the past, the only place they can turn for support and survial is each other. Companion to "I have John Murdoch in Mind."(Murdoch/Schreber, Hand/Schreber)

Spoilers for the movie. 

Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Daniel P Schreber, John Murdoch, Mr Hand
Genres: Slash Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, Alcohol Abuse/Dependency, anal sex, Angst, BDSM, Bondage, D/s, Dark Themes, domination, Drama, dubious consent, friendship, graphic sex, Human/Alien coupling, Hurt/Comfort, implied rape, Knife play, m/m, marking, mild violence, Missing Scene
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 15734
Published: 07/03/09 Updated: 07/03/09
A Brother's Wrath by Lady Midath Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 21 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Loki has to face Thor's anger. Set in the Avenger's movieverse.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: ensemble
Genres: General Warnings: Disipline - Spanking
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2565
Published: 07/08/12 Updated: 07/08/12
A Call to Service by Siberian Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Being called to take on a difficult task can test even the strongest of individuals. Sometimes it changes your life for the better, sometimes for the worst. And sometimes the line is too blurred to tell the difference.
Fandoms: Harry Potter [Movies], Movies, Books, The Harry Potter Series Characters: Ron Weasley [Harry Potter - Books], Voldemort
Genres: Slash Warnings: m/m, One-Shot Fiction
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2811
Published: 11/25/15 Updated: 11/25/15
A COWBOY FOR CHRISTMAS by Donna McIntosh Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 12 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What if the Earl incident never happened?

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain, Movies Characters: Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist [Brokeback Mountain]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 6201
Published: 12/17/11 Updated: 12/17/11
A Midnight Parley by Lycanus Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 4 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Where a knight finally finds the strength and courage to let go of his painful past and move on with his life, albeit in a very unexpected direction ...
Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: original character, Other male, Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Character Death - Minor Character, Hurt/Comfort, Language - Mild, m/m, Partner Betrayal, Romance, Sexual Relationship - Implied, Violence - Implied
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2317
Published: 06/24/13 Updated: 06/24/13
A Single Syringe by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 25 ] Featured Stories
Summary: A dark secret is left burried in John Murdoch's memories by the man who helped him defeat the Stranger.
Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Daniel P Schreber, John Murdoch
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Cutting, Dark Themes, First Time
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes Word count: 5858
Published: 08/20/09 Updated: 08/20/09
A Whitsun Morris-Dance by hyarrowen Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 4 ] Featured Stories
Summary: The start of the Whitsun holiday, and the celebrations in the countryside are rather less decorous than those in the church.  
Fandoms: Movies, Henry V (1989) Characters: Henry/Montjoy
Genres: Slash Warnings: Holiday story, Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3415
Published: 07/07/13 Updated: 07/07/13
Abandonment by Tommyboy Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 18 ] Featured Stories
Summary: A mission goes wrong.
Fandoms: Sahara, The Movie, Movies Characters: Al Giordino, Dirk Pitt
Genres: General Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 527
Published: 06/02/12 Updated: 06/02/12
Absent Friends by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: A grief-stricken Bors reminisces ...

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Bors
Genres: General, Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, Character Death - Main Character, friendship
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1286
Published: 12/27/11 Updated: 12/27/11
Advantages by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRM - Mature starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 10 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Schreber reflects that there are definite advantages to partnering with the Master and Commander of the City....
Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Daniel P Schreber, John Murdoch
Genres: Slash Warnings: m/m, smut
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1134
Published: 08/20/09 Updated: 08/20/09
Aftermath by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 27 ] Featured Stories

How a single error of judgement can affect three individuals far more than they could possibly imagine ...

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: other female, Tristan/Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: Hetero, Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, hetero and slash, Hurt/Comfort, m/f, m/m, partner betrayal
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 4548
Published: 01/01/12 Updated: 01/01/12
Agent Smith and the Virus by shewolf Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 22 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Poor Agent Smith has developed a virus and for the ‘life’ of him can’t find it.
Fandoms: The Matrix, Movies Characters: None
Genres: Hetero Warnings: Adult Situations, Fantasy, Language, m/f, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1449
Published: 06/29/11 Updated: 06/29/11
ALASKA by Donna McIntosh Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories

Their relationship discovered, Jack and Ennis run off to the most remote place they could think of.  Alaska.

There they find an entirely new way of life. 

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain, Movies Characters: Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist [Brokeback Mountain]
Genres: Slash Warnings: m/m
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 102581
Published: 09/17/15 Updated: 09/17/15
All Roads To You by Vetesse Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 30 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Brian O'Conner and Dominic Torretto have been put on a collision course with each other a number of times in the past - but will this be the last? And will it turn out for the best? Or will it just lead to more empty roads and broken hearts. Following the end of the fourth movie and into the fifth and beyond, Brian and Dom take a stand united. Lines are crossed, bonds forged, and old lives left behind.
Fandoms: The Fast And The Furious, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Brian O'Conner, Dom/Brian, Dominic Toretto
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Language, m/m, sexual references, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 1568
Published: 05/06/11 Updated: 05/06/11
ALMA BITES THE DUST (Sequel to RUG RATS) by Donna McIntosh Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 15 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Jack and Ennis have to fight to keep custody of their kids.

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain, Movies Characters: Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist
Genres: None Warnings: Adult Situations
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 20888
Published: 12/18/08 Updated: 12/18/08
Always Check The Hall by YanzaDracan Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories
Summary: If Jim thought Bones was letting him run at the beck and call of the Admiralty, Jim and Starfleet had another thought coming. Look both ways when leaving your hotel room.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek: Into Darkness Characters: James Kirk [Star Trek: Into Darkness], James Kirk/Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [Star Trek: Into Darkness], Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [Star Trek: Into Darkness]
Genres: General, Slash Warnings: Angst, Drama, Genre - slash, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Injury, Language, m/m, Relationship - Established Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 475
Published: 10/05/15 Updated: 10/05/15
Always Shall Be Yours by Slashygirl Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 16 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Jim feels like he's dying inside as he watches Spock helplessly through the glass.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Characters: James T. Kirk/Spock [Star Trek: Wrath Of Khan]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Character Death, Genre - Preslash, Writing Genre - Poetry
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 96
Published: 10/21/12 Updated: 10/21/12
And More by Syrus Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 4 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Sequel to Chocolate. Continues right where Chocolate left off. In gaining very intimate knowledge of each other, both James Kirk and Spock learn things about each other that they never expected.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 4191
Published: 12/19/13 Updated: 12/19/13
And you wondered why Scarlett slapped him by orpsgod Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 7 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Just my take on what may have been behind Scarlett slapping Jack as he and Will entered Tortuga
Fandoms: The Pirates Of The Caribbean, General fiction, Movies Characters: Jack Sparrow, Other, Will Turner
Genres: General Warnings: Adult Situations, Humor
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 681
Published: 02/10/08 Updated: 02/10/08
Another Chance To Imprint. by Shakito Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 21 ] Featured Stories
Summary: When Bella makes her choice, Jacob thinks he is lost, until a childhood friend finds him.
Fandoms: Movies, Twilight Characters: Jacob Black/Lazlo [Twilight]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2869
Published: 11/01/11 Updated: 11/01/11
Another Summer Begins by Spikedluv Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 16 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Students arrive for another summer dig.
Fandoms: Jurassic Park 3, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Alan/Billy
Genres: Slash Warnings: drabble, m/m, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 292
Published: 09/05/08 Updated: 09/05/08
Ash by Gothabilly13 Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 47 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What if Bruce wasn't the only child who's life was shattered by his parent's death? What if he had a younger female cousin? What if when she grew up, she ran away to Metropolis? (Smallville/Batman Begins Crossover NC-17)
Fandoms: Crossovers, Batman, Smallville, Superman, Batman/Smallville, hetero fiction, Television, Movies, Comic Books Characters: Alfred, Batman, Bruce Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Dick Greyson, Lois Lane, Lois Lane, Mercy Graves, original character, original character, original character, Lex aka Alexander Joseph Luthor, Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent, Lana Lang, Martha Clark Kent
Genres: Hetero Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Dark Themes, Drama, Excessive violence, First Time, graphic sex, het, Language, m/f, MarySue, Mind Control, multiple sexual encounters, partner betrayal, Romance, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 17 Completed: Yes Word count: 138639
Published: 08/16/09 Updated: 08/18/09
Baby, Is It Your Time? by Slashygirl Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 6 ] Featured Stories
Summary: This is a song/fic. Jim is worried about Spock. Bondmates for what seems like forever, Spock begins to act how Vulcans did, so long ago...

It's pon farr time baby!!!!!
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Humor, Relationship - Established Romance, Sexual Relationship, Writing Genre - Song Fic
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 761
Published: 06/13/13 Updated: 06/13/13
Back to Vegas by Blackcrystaly Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 2 / Kudos Received = 10 ] Featured Stories

Pairing: Linus Caldwell/Terry Benedict

Raiting: NC-17

Summary: Terry had always been a man of obsessions and since he found the thieves of his casino he couldn't help but want Linus, so after he got his money, and the interest, back he went for the man with what seemed an innocent proposition: work for him as a security consultant. The son of Robert Caldwell couldn't even imagine the second intentions of the Bellagio's owner.


Disclaimer: These characters don't belong to me, I'm just playing around with them and the story is of my invention without any intent to make money out of it.

Fandoms: Ocean's 11, Movies Characters: Linus Caldwell, Terry Benedict
Genres: Slash Warnings: graphic sex, Language, m/m, Oral sex, Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 7850
Published: 02/09/09 Updated: 02/09/09
Beauty and the Beast by Natasha Barry Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 3 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Slash pairing Michael/David based upon '80s classic teenage vampire film, LOST BOYS.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Supernatural - Vampires
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 43240
Published: 08/01/19 Updated: 08/01/19
Better Off by Elizabeth Wilde Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 12 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Rating: PG

Pairing: Will/Elizabeth, Will/Jack

Summary: Elizabeth and Will think of how things have changed... and why they're better off.

Disclaimer: I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean unfortunately. I also do not own the brilliant song "Gates of the Country" which inspired me to write this. Also unfortunately.

Distribution: Let me know and you're welcome to it

Notes: I wasn't going to do this until I finished a few other fics, then I was listening to my Black Lab CD and I had to. Everything in ~~s is lyrics.

Finished: July 16th, 2003

Submitted through the PiratesOfTheCaribbean_JustFic mailing list. This list can no longer approve new members posts, please join us at PiratesOfTheCaribbean_JustFic
Fandoms: The Pirates Of The Caribbean, hetero fiction, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Elizabeth/Will, Jack/Will, Jack/Will
Genres: Hetero, Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 738
Published: 05/02/06 Updated: 05/02/06
Blood and Sunshine by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Sequal to Chocolate and Honey. Two people alone in a city of thousands, tied together by blood and desire. Spoilers for the movie.

Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Daniel P Schreber, John Murdoch
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, anal sex, biting, bloodplay, First Time, graphic sex, m/m, PWP, slash, vampirism
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3896
Published: 06/04/09 Updated: 06/04/09
Blood Ties by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 17 ] Featured Stories
Summary: "You mess with my family, you mess with me ..."
Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Bors The Younger [King Arthur - 2004], Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004], Gawain [King Arthur - 2004], Lancelot [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: General, Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, Family, friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Language, m/m, partner betrayal, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 4943
Published: 12/31/11 Updated: 12/31/11
Blue Sky Promises by Bamboozlepig Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: From the 1996 movie "Twister". On the night Jo Harding's father dies in a tornado, she makes a promise to hunt the beast that took his life.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: None
Genres: General Warnings: Angst, Drama
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2476
Published: 03/19/13 Updated: 03/19/13
Blush by Little Wing Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 34 ] Featured Stories

Bawards response to prompt at LJ Kink Meme. Promt was 5x times Cougar makes Jensen blush. This one is 5x Jensen makes Cougar blush and the 1x Cougar makes Jensen blush. Mostly suggestive stuff, nothing graphic.

Fandoms: Movies, The Losers Characters: Cougar, Jensen
Genres: General Warnings: drabble, Humor, m/m, Preslash, sexual references
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: No Word count: 2360
Published: 07/24/10 Updated: 07/24/10
Broken by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 158 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What happens when the Pack's resident hot-head and troublemaker is rejected by his imprint ? Will he succumb to grief or find solace in the arms of another ?

Fandoms: Movies, Books, The Twilight Saga Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Alcohol Abuse/Dependency, Angst, AU, Cutting, First Time, friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Language, m/m, Masturbation, nudity, Oral sex
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 18 Completed: Yes Word count: 39128
Published: 01/12/12 Updated: 01/15/12
Bunnies by wereleopard Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 12 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Anya meets Harvey

Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Crossovers, Movies Characters: Anya [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]
Genres: None Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 236
Published: 12/09/11 Updated: 12/09/11
By The Lion's Mane by Lycanus Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 20 ] Featured Stories
Summary:  Dagonet faces a "hairy" problem and re-lives his worst fear ...
Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: ensemble, Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: General Warnings: AU, friendship, Humor, Language
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 2 Completed: Yes Word count: 3580
Published: 01/01/12 Updated: 01/01/12
Call From Home by warlock Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Dirk gets a call from home.
Fandoms: Sahara, The Movie, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Al Giordino, Dirk Pitt, Eva , Dirk/Al
Genres: Slash Warnings: Established couple
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 508
Published: 08/29/09 Updated: 08/29/09
Chocolate by Syrus Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 19 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Response to a 400 word drabble challenge on y!gal with a theme of chocolate. Kirk finds out the interesting and unexpected effect that chocolate has on his favorite Vulcan, Spock.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 393
Published: 12/23/11 Updated: 12/23/11
Cicatricis by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 20 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What hurts the most, isn't always visible ...

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Tristan/Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1451
Published: 01/04/12 Updated: 01/04/12
Clay Ponders Many a Things by Cleo Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 14 ] Featured Stories
Summary: In a moment of calm and quiet Clay ponders upon his team both individually and collectively.
Fandoms: Movies, The Losers Characters: ensemble
Genres: General, Slash Warnings: GenSlash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1396
Published: 01/15/12 Updated: 01/15/12
Come away to the water with me by Shaera Rated: FRAO - Adult Round robin [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 13 ] Featured Stories
Summary: It is my very unfortunate duty to inform you that one day, you and I shall meet, if you are unlucky enough to have someone who wants you dead, that is. You can call me Nero. Like the Roman Emperor. Only, I am but a humble assassin who has stupidly gotten herself into Bruce Wayne's debt. Lucky me, huh?
Fandoms: Batman, Movies, Comic Books, Batman: The Dark Knight Characters: Bruce Wayne
Genres: Hetero Warnings: AU, Character Death, Fluff, Holiday story, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Kidnapping, Kink, Language, m/f, Multiple Sexual Encounters, Nudity, OOC [Out of Character], Relationship - Established Romance, Relationship - Friendship, Romance, Sexual References, Sexual Relationship
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 1266
Published: 07/10/12 Updated: 07/10/12
Controlled Pressure by ellia Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 24 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Brian takes Dom for the ride of his life
Fandoms: The Fast And The Furious, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Dom/Brian
Genres: Slash Warnings: Established couple, Kinks, m/m, Oral sex, PWP
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1526
Published: 10/12/09 Updated: 10/12/09
Counting Bodies like Sheep by Gage Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 15 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Show me what it's for/ Make me understand it
Fandoms: Movies, The Covenant Characters: Chase Collins, Chase/Tyler, Pogue Parry, Tyler Simms
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Character Death, Drama, ficlet, GenSlash, hetero and slash, m/m
Challenges: None
Series: Darkside Verse
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1650
Published: 05/12/11 Updated: 05/12/11
Damn, There is Something in my Eye by Slashygirl Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 2 / Kudos Received = 52 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Jim finds ways for Spock to touch him in a innocent way leading to eventually his goal. Sex.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Anal Sex, Angst, First Time, Genre - Preslash, Genre - slash, Humor, m/m, Relationship - Friendship, Romance, Sexual Relationship - Graphic
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 12 Completed: No Word count: 7077
Published: 07/16/12 Updated: 04/23/15
Dance Me To The End Of Love by Lady Midath Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 17 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What became of Alfred. Set after the events of Dance OF The Vampires.

Fandoms: Movies Characters: ensemble
Genres: Slash Warnings: Anal Sex, Angst, Discipline, Disipline - Spanking, First Time, Genre - slash, Kink - Non-con, Supernatural - Vampires
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 28356
Published: 05/27/13 Updated: 05/27/13
Summary: This is a Drabble which I submitted to a challenge on under the same penname!!!
Fandoms: Terminator, Movies Characters: John Connor/Terminator, original character
Genres: General Warnings: Writing Genre - Drabble
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 420
Published: 10/16/14 Updated: 10/16/14
Death's Sweet Release by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 13 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Tristan remembers his lost love as he lies fatally wounded during the battle of Badon Hill.

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Tristan/Dagonet
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, Character Death - Main Character, m/m
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2026
Published: 12/27/11 Updated: 12/27/11
Devour the Sunless Day by wild_sartre Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 36 ] Featured Stories
Summary: A playing with the plot. Grima leaves Saruman's service before the battle of Pelennor fields and meets up with the Rohirrim. The usual 'must prove that he is a somewhat vaguely better man than he was before' begins. There are some heroics, some musings, some temptations (of all sorts), and lots of purple prose.
Fandoms: The Lord Of The Rings, slash fiction, Movies, Books Characters: Eomer, Grima Wormtongue/Eomer, Other, Other, other male
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, Finger fucking, m/m, Masturbation, Missing Scene, Preslash, Rare Pairing, slash, Unconventional Pairing
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 5 Completed: No Word count: 16598
Published: 11/12/11 Updated: 12/05/11
Dish Duty by Little Wing Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 32 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Jensen gets some help doing the dishes.
Fandoms: Movies, The Losers Characters: Jensen/Cougar
Genres: None Warnings: Established couple, implied sex, m/m, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1078
Published: 07/23/10 Updated: 07/23/10
Disturbing Emotions by monkiainen Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 15 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Captain Jack Sparrow had... a little problem in his hands, so to speak.
Fandoms: The Pirates Of The Caribbean, Movies Characters: Elizabeth Swann, Jack Sparrow, Jack Sparrow/Will Turner, Will Turner
Genres: None Warnings: Angst
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 727
Published: 03/09/09 Updated: 03/09/09
Does She Not? by Slashygirl Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 36 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Dr. McCoy and Captain Kirk return on board the Enterprise, disturbing their so needed shore leave. A minor incident in sickbay diverts McCoy's plans, Jim's plans are changed also.

But, only major difference between the doctor and the captain is that Jim is drunk, and has a terrible hard-on from it. What will he do until McCoy finishes with his business in sickbay?

Spock is in trouble with his relationship with Uhura. But, he dare not say a word. Because the women tend to wear the pants in the family. Well, Spock's family they do.

Will Jim and Spock meet?
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Anal Sex, Angst, First Time, Genre - Preslash, Genre - slash, Humor, m/m, Relationship - Friendship, Romance, Sexual Relationship - Graphic
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 14 Completed: No Word count: 8342
Published: 07/20/12 Updated: 11/01/14
Summary: OC is taken from the above ground to the underground by a group of fea!
Fandoms: Labyrinth, Movies Characters: original character, Jareth [Labyrinth]
Genres: General Warnings: Writing Genre - Drabble
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 676
Published: 10/16/14 Updated: 10/16/14
Double Jeopardy by arcadii Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Thor is on a clone hunt.
Fandoms: Movies, The Avengers: 2012, Thor: 2011 Characters: ensemble, Loki [Thor - 2011], Odin [Thor - 2011], other female, Thor [Thor - 2011], Thor/Loki [Thor - 2011], Black Widow [Avengers - 2012], Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Captain America [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], Iron Man [Avengers - 2012], Jarvis [Avengers - 2012], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], Pepper Potts [Avengers - 2012], Steve Rogers [Avengers - 2012], The Hulk [Avengers - 2012], Tony Stark [Avengers - 2012]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Abuse - Physical, Anal Sex, AU, Finger Fucking, Genre - slash, Hermaphrodite Characters, Illness, Incest, Injury, Kink - Double Penetration, Kink - Threesome, m/m, Major Illness, Oral Sex, Sap, Sex - Graphic
Challenges: None
Series: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 13897
Published: 12/27/17 Updated: 01/12/18
Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun by arcadii Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 6 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Thor has displeased Loki and will now pay the price
Fandoms: Movies, Thor: 2011 Characters: surprise, Loki [Thor - 2011], Thor [Thor - 2011]
Genres: Slash Warnings: AU, AU - Magic, Captive Torture, Hurt/Comfort, Incest - Implied, Kink - Bondage, m/m, Oral Sex, Partner Betrayal, Schmoop, Voyeurism
Challenges: None
Series: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 4055
Published: 12/26/14 Updated: 12/26/14
Double, Double, Toil and Trouble by arcadii Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 1 ] Featured Stories
Summary: While on Midgard, Thor sees a familiar face. Sequel to Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun.

Fandoms: Movies, The Avengers: 2012, Thor: 2011 Characters: Black Widow [Avengers - 2012], Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Captain America [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], ensemble, Hawkeye [Avengers - 2012], Heimdall [Thor - 2011], Iron Man [Avengers - 2012], Jarvis [Avengers - 2012], Loki [Thor - 2011], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], other female, Pepper Potts [Avengers - 2012], Steve Rogers [Avengers - 2012], Thor [Thor - 2011], Tony Stark [Avengers - 2012]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Anal Sex, AU, Betaed - No, Disability - Speech, Family, Hermaphrodite Characters, Illness, Incest, m/m
Challenges: None
Series: Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 5176
Published: 12/01/17 Updated: 12/01/17
Downfall by Gage Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 13 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Fear in me so deep it gets the best of me
Fandoms: Movies, The Covenant Characters: Chase/Tyler, Pogue Parry, Reid Garwin
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Dark Themes, ficlet, hetero and slash, m/m, mild violence
Challenges: None
Series: Darkside Verse
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 610
Published: 03/24/09 Updated: 03/24/09
Dreams of Darkness and Light by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 25 ] Featured Stories

Echoes of the past emerge to haunt John, Anna and Dr. Schreber. With the strangers gone, is the human mind strong enough to allow John Murdoch to remember who he really is?

Spoilers for the movie.

Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Anna, Daniel P Schreber, ensemble, John Murdoch
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, Drama, graphic sex, m/m, Oral sex, Romance, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 19598
Published: 05/05/09 Updated: 05/05/09
Dromedary Drama by warlock Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 7 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Al gets bitten by a camel. Dirk is in comfort mode...sorta.
Fandoms: Sahara, The Movie, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Al Giordino, Dirk Pitt, Dirk/Al
Genres: Slash Warnings: Established couple, Humor
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1034
Published: 08/29/09 Updated: 08/29/09
ENNIS, WAIT A MINUTE by Donna McIntosh Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 29 ] Featured Stories
Summary: What if Ennis and Jack decided to stay together after coming down from that mountain.

Fandoms: Brokeback Mountain, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Ennis Del Mar/Jack Twist
Genres: None Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 15741
Published: 12/13/07 Updated: 12/13/07
Enough by Buffy Rated: FRC - child safe [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 7 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Bruce muses about the men he's loved in his life
Fandoms: Movies, Batman: The Dark Knight Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 400
Published: 08/26/08 Updated: 08/26/08
Exhaustion Takes a Backseat by Siberian Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories
Summary: John’s condition makes his body needy. Hellboy is only too happy to satisfy those needs.
Fandoms: Hellboy, Movies Characters: Hellboy/Myers
Genres: Slash Warnings: One-Shot Fiction
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1357
Published: 04/27/16 Updated: 04/27/16
Eye-Sex At Any Age by Slashygirl Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 21 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Jim and Spock take a break, whispering sweet nothings in a dark, secluded corner of the Enterprise.

Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country Characters: James T. Kirk/Spock [Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country], Spock [Star Trek VI: Undiscovered Country]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Kink - Implied Toy Play
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 277
Published: 06/14/12 Updated: 06/14/12
Eyes of the Beholder by Slashygirl Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 17 ] Featured Stories
Summary: This is the shortest poem, I have ever written. It just takes that one look.....
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Genre - slash, Romance, Writing Genre - Poetry
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 23
Published: 02/08/13 Updated: 02/08/13
Fajitas by Little Wing Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 20 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Cougar teaches Jensen to cook.
Fandoms: Movies, The Losers Characters: Jensen/Cougar
Genres: None Warnings: Established couple, implied sex, m/m, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 981
Published: 07/23/10 Updated: 07/23/10
Falling Glitter by Kate of Kintail Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 11 ] Featured Stories
Summary: It’s Brian and Curt. Just a shameless, plotless reason for them to shag some more. Set during their brief ‘much needed’ vacation. 
Fandoms: Velvet Goldmine, Movies Characters: Curt/Brian
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1639
Published: 05/30/11 Updated: 05/30/11
From The Rubble by YanzaDracan Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 6 ] Featured Stories
Summary: The Avengers believe Coulson is dead. After they find out otherwise can they rebuild trust.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: Black Widow [Avengers - 2012], Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Captain America [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton/Phil Coulson [Avengers - 2012], Hawkeye [Avengers - 2012], Iron Man [Avengers - 2012], Jarvis [Avengers - 2012], Maria Hill [Avengers - 2012], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], Nick Fury [Avengers - 2012], Pepper Potts [Avengers - 2012], Phil Coulson [Avengers - 2012], Steve Rogers [Avengers - 2012], The Hulk [Avengers - 2012], Thor [Avengers - 2012], Tony Stark [Avengers - 2012], Tony Stark/Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], Happy Hogan [Iron Man: 2013 ], Harley [Iron Man: 2013 ], Iron Man [Iron Man: 2013 ], J.A.R.V.I.S [Iron Man: 2013 ], The Mandarin [Iron Man: 2013 ], Tony Stark/Pepper Potts [Iron Man: 2013 ]
Genres: Femme Slash, Hetero, Slash Warnings: Abuse Of Power, Adult Situations, Angst, Drama, f/f, Family, Friendship, Genre - Femme Slash, Genre - Hetero, Genre - slash, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Injury, Language, m/f, m/m, Multiple Sexual Encounters, Nightmares, Partner Betrayal, Polygynandry, Post Invasion, Romance, Sexual Content, Sexual Relationship - Consensual
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: Yes Word count: 33439
Published: 10/07/15 Updated: 10/07/15
GETTING AWAY by McJude Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 0 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Story based on character John Lawless from a series of New Zealand Television movies, This was written a long time ago but has been off the internet for a long time. Average woman, hot cop, sexy (but bent) what could go wrong. Oh yes, Opera!
Fandoms: Movies Characters: ensemble
Genres: None Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 11720
Published: 06/28/17 Updated: 06/28/17
Getting Caught by Kate of Kintail Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 24 ] Featured Stories
Summary: No one likes getting caught during a private moment...
Fandoms: Star Wars: A New Hope, Movies, May Masturbation Month Characters: other
Genres: Slash Warnings: Masturbation
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1855
Published: 05/30/11 Updated: 05/30/11
Getting Dirty With You by Spikedluv Rated: FRAO - Adult starstarstarstarhalf-star [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Alan, Billy, dirt. *g*
Fandoms: Jurassic Park 3, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Alan/Billy
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, m/m, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1359
Published: 09/04/08 Updated: 09/04/08
Give Me Your Hand by Slashygirl Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 23 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Spock holds on to Jim's hand, but fears Jim may not have the strength to save him, and that they both might perish.

Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, Genre - Preslash, Human/Alien Coupling, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, m/m, Relationship - Friendship, Writing Genre - Ficlet
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 457
Published: 06/15/12 Updated: 06/15/12
Gladiator Slash 16 - Maximus by Melinda Rated: FRM - Mature starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 15 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Gladiator Slash Fanfiction/with crossover to Highlander (Methos)
Pairing: Maximus/Quentin (Norman Reedus, BOONDOCK SAINTS, GOSSIP, DARK HARBOR), Commodus and Methos (Highlander)
Rating: Rated R some sex, big change in pace, small violence
Disclaimers: Yes, I DO NOT own Maximus or anyone else in the Gladiator movie (I think Russell Crowe is scrumptious). I also don't own any characters from the movie listed above, I just think Norman Reedus is a great match for Maximus. And of course Methos belongs to the creators of Highlander and he is only here for our amusement. So who ever owns the rights to these characters please don't sue, I'm a poor college student just trying to relax from studies. This is just for enjoyment. I will never make any money off of this, but I hope people like what I write
Archive: yes
Important: I have borrowed some information from a wonderful Highlander slash fiction writer by the name of Tessa Rae. She has written a wonderful series called "What If..." which keeps Duncan and Methos characters awesomely perfect. With her permission I have been granted the right to use some of her material to keep my timeline with Methos correct. Intermittently, I will quote from her work and I have borrowed her version of shared quickenings, because it creates such a passion between Immortals. Thank you Tessa Rae.
HUGE THANK YOU TO My Nia, who does my beta. She keeps me humble.
Fandoms: Highlander The Series, Gladiator, slash fiction, Movies, Gladiator/Highlander Characters: Methos, other
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: Gladiator Slash
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 5067
Published: 05/13/08 Updated: 05/13/08
Green-Eyed Monster by Lycanus Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 3 ] Featured Stories

"You are a fool, Son of Odin … A betrayer of trust …"

When a certain blond oaf's actions leave an insecure Loki hurt and humiliated, she vows to make him pay … only things don't go quite the way she planned …

Fandoms: Movies, Thor: 2011 Characters: other female, Hogun [Thor - 2011], Sif [Thor - 2011], Thor/Loki [Thor - 2011], Volstagg [Thor - 2011]
Genres: Hetero Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 7271
Published: 06/24/13 Updated: 06/24/13
Grief by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 9 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Where the Pup reflects on loss, grief and his brethren ...
Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Galahad [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: General, Slash Warnings: Angst, AU, Character Death - Main Character, Family, friendship, Language, slash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2050
Published: 01/05/12 Updated: 01/05/12
How Beauty Broke My Heart by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 22 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Where a loyal and wise wife isn't blinded or deceived by another's selfishness and duplicity ...

Fandoms: Troy, Movies Characters: None
Genres: General, Hetero Warnings: Angst, Character Death, Family, m/f
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 880
Published: 01/10/12 Updated: 01/10/12
How It All Came Together by YanzaDracan Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 0 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Parker's brother isn't actually dead, and he's someone we've met on the show. Added Pretties:They met in war, gave themselves to the Program. and were reunited by a billionaire, genius, not so much a playboy anymore. Spoilers: The Future Job, The Last Dam Job – actual dialogue from the episodes quoted. The Bourne Legacy
Fandoms: Television, Movies, Leverage, The Avengers: 2012 Characters: Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], Jarvis [Avengers - 2012], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], Nick Fury [Avengers - 2012], Phil Coulson [Avengers - 2012], Steve Rogers [Avengers - 2012], Thor [Avengers - 2012], Tony Stark [Avengers - 2012]
Genres: Hetero, Hetero & Slash, Slash Warnings: Abuse Of Power, Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Bromance, Crossover, Dark Themes, Drama, Established Couple, Genre - Hetero, Genre - Hetero & Slash, Genre - slash, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Injury, Language, m/f, m/m, Relationship - Friendship, Romance, Sexual Content, Sexual Relationship, Violence, Violence - Mild
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 10585
Published: 10/07/15 Updated: 10/07/15
Humor of the Situation by Elizabeth Wilde Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 16 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Rating: R [candid mention of sexual situations]

Summary: "I expected it to be dirtier."

Pairing: Draco/Ron

Disclaimer: I don’t own the boys, and I’m sure J.K. Rowling would gouge out my eyes if she ever knew I’d done this. So don’t tell on me and I won’t charge you to read it.

Distribution: List archives, anyone already archiving my fic, anyone who asks nicely, my site at

Notes: Lyrics come from the song “I Know” by Save Ferris featured on the ’10 Things I Hate About You’ soundtrack. I gave myself a random lyric challenge by hitting my iTunes on random and picking the first song that played. Very quick little jump-starter for my brain written and edited in about an hour.

Completed: November 27, 2004
Fandoms: Harry Potter [Movies], slash fiction, Movies, Books Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 737
Published: 11/27/04 Updated: 11/27/04
Hunger by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 24 ] Featured Stories

Tristan's thoughts on love and desire ...

Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, setting etc. are the property of their respective owners.  The original characters and plots are my own.  I'm in no way associated with the owners, creators or producers of any media franchise.  No copyright infringement is intended.

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Tristan/Dagonet
Genres: Slash Warnings: friendship, m/m, Preslash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 991
Published: 12/27/11 Updated: 12/27/11
I Crave by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 14 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Dagonet's views on love, yearning & desire ...

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Tristan/Dagonet
Genres: Slash Warnings: friendship, m/m, Preslash
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2485
Published: 12/27/11 Updated: 12/27/11
I Like Sex and... Pancakes? by Vetesse Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 14 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Abe's thinking one thing and Hellboy is thinking another.
Fandoms: Hellboy, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Hellboy/Abe
Genres: Slash Warnings: Established couple, Humor
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 726
Published: 05/22/10 Updated: 05/22/10
I.O.U. by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 13 ] Featured Stories
Summary: When the small matter of a brawl and a little debt collecting leads to unexpected pleasure ...

Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Galahad [King Arthur - 2004], Tristan/Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, AU, biting, Established couple, friendship, Humor, Language, m/m, Masturbation, smut
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2564
Published: 01/01/12 Updated: 01/01/12
If Quellek Had Lived by missfae Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 2 / Kudos Received = 21 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Can he and Alex have a life together?
Fandoms: Galaxy Quest, Movies Characters: Quellek/Alex Dane
Genres: Slash Warnings: anal sex, Angst, AU, Character Death, Established couple, graphic sex, hermaphrodite characters, Human/Alien coupling, m/m, OOC [Out of Character], Romance, slash, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3443
Published: 11/30/07 Updated: 11/30/07
If Wishes Were Fishes by Robin Gills Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 2 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Logan breaks Magneto out first and Magneto discovers what's happened to the Professor. A small fix-it for DoFP.
Fandoms: Movies, X-Men: First Class Characters: Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr [XMen: First Class - movie]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Alcohol Abuse/Dependency
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1852
Published: 10/04/14 Updated: 10/04/14
In My Blood by Lycanus Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 33 ] Featured Stories
Summary: "You're in my blood, Dag. I've got a taste for you ... "
Fandoms: King Arthur: 2004, Movies Characters: Tristan/Dagonet [King Arthur - 2004]
Genres: Slash Warnings: AU, fluff, friendship, m/m
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2208
Published: 12/29/11 Updated: 12/29/11
Irrelevant by Slashygirl Rated: FRT - young teen starstarstarstarstar [ Reviews = 1 / Kudos Received = 13 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Spock doesn't understand Jim's decision and he feels a wall forming between them.

Sidenote: The poem is under Star Trek 2009, but it is in fact for the new movie Into Darkness. So, when the new listing is posted, I shall change it.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009 Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], Spock [Star Trek - 2009]
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, Genre - Preslash, Relationship - Friendship, Writing Genre - Poetry
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 109
Published: 05/01/13 Updated: 05/01/13
It Was On A Friday by Andrew Troy Keller Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 8 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Leslie goes back to fix her relationship with Alec,only to get a shocking surprise.
Fandoms: Movies Characters: ensemble, other, other female, Other male
Genres: General, Hetero Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, AU, Drama, f/f, f/f/f, f/f/m, First Time, Genre - Hetero, Hurt/Comfort, Kink, Kink - Exhibitionism, Kink - Fetish, Kink - Voyeurism, m/f, m/m, m/m/f, Nudity, Partner Betrayal, Relationship - Established Romance, Relationship - Friendship, Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 309
Published: 04/12/13 Updated: 04/12/13
Journey by zoi_no_miko Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 49 ] Featured Stories

Dark City - John Murdoch must face his own nature, abilities, and feelings, and find it in himself to take care of the city he's liberated. Fortunately, he has a very patient helpmate. John Murdoch/Daniel Schreber

Spoilers for the movie. 

Fandoms: Dark City, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Daniel P Schreber, John Murdoch
Genres: Slash Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, anal sex, Angst, Dark Themes, description of rape, Drama, First Time, friendship, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, Knife play, m/m, Oral sex, Romance, slash, torture, violence
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 22 Completed: Yes Word count: 23123
Published: 07/02/09 Updated: 07/03/09
Jumping to Conclusions by cartwright_fan2006 Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 28 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Tony returns to Stark Tower after a night out and the Avengers jump to the wrong conclusion. Misunderstandings abound.
Fandoms: Movies, The Avengers: 2012 Characters: Black Widow [Avengers - 2012], Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Captain America [Avengers - 2012], Clint Barton [Avengers - 2012], ensemble, Hawkeye [Avengers - 2012], Iron Man [Avengers - 2012], Jarvis [Avengers - 2012], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], or
Genres: General Warnings: Abuse, Adult Situations, Anal Sex, Angst, Drama, Drug Abuse, Dubious Consent, Finger Fucking, Hurt/Comfort, Kidnapping, Kink - Fisting, Kink - Non-con, Kink - Threesome, Kink - Voyeurism, Language, m/f, m/m, m/m/m, Oral Sex, Rape, Rape - Implied, Relationship - Establish
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: No Word count: 2228
Published: 06/24/12 Updated: 06/24/12
Just Average by LadyDeb Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 19 ] Featured Stories
Summary: During the Decepticons' occupation of Chicago, a group of woman seek shelter in one of the tunnels of the Chicago Pedway.
Fandoms: Transformers: Live action movie (2007), Movies Characters: original character
Genres: General Warnings: Hurt/Comfort, Language, Violence - Implied
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 3749
Published: 05/23/12 Updated: 05/23/12
Keep Myself Awake by Elizabeth Wilde Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 4 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Author: Aloysius [aka Elizabeth Wilde]
Title: Keep Myself Awake
Series: none; set during the events of "Passage"
Distribution: Anyone who has my fic, anyone who asks me for it, [my site]
Disclaimer: I don't own any SW characters. Don't sue!
'Ship: Qui-Gon/other
Classification: romance
Summary: Qui-Gon watches Tanilea sleeping.
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: none
Feedback: to
Fandoms: Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, hetero fiction, Movies Characters: original character, Qui-Gon Jinn/ofc
Genres: Hetero Warnings: Angst, m/f, Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 595
Published: 04/30/08 Updated: 04/30/08
Kismet by Siberian Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 17 ] Featured Stories
Summary: After making a shocking discovery, John feels the need to 'rescue' Matt. Little do they both know where this twist of fate is going to lead them.
Fandoms: Die Hard 4: Live Free or Die Hard, Movies, Die Hard Characters: John McClane, Matt Farrell [Live Free or Die Hard], original character
Genres: Slash Warnings: Angst, m/m, Romance
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 6 Completed: Yes Word count: 23232
Published: 03/22/14 Updated: 10/21/15
Knowing His Place by ellia Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 23 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Brian knows there's something not quite right about Monica's relationship with Verone, figuring it out just might cost him everything Carter Verone/Brian O'Conner
Fandoms: The Fast And The Furious, slash fiction, Movies Characters: Carter Verone/Brian O'Conner
Genres: Slash Warnings: domination, dubious consent, m/m, Oral sex, PWP
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 2074
Published: 10/18/09 Updated: 10/18/09
Summary: OC from our world being held by SHIELD!! The third in quotes of Drabble challenge from under the same penname there too!!
Fandoms: Movies, The Avengers: 2012 Characters: original character, Black Widow [Avengers - 2012], Bruce Banner [Avengers - 2012], Captain America [Avengers - 2012], Captain America/The Hulk [Avengers - 2012], Iron Man [Avengers - 2012], Natasha Romanoff [Avengers - 2012], Nick Fury [Avengers - 2012], Phil Coulson [Avengers - 2012], Steve Rogers [Avengers - 2012], Thor [Avengers - 2012], Tony Stark [Avengers - 2012]
Genres: General Warnings: AU - First Meeting, Writing Genre - Drabble
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 1157
Published: 10/16/14 Updated: 10/16/14
Lift The Veil From Your Eyes by YanzaDracan Rated: FRT - young teen [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 3 ] Featured Stories
Summary: After years of turning Jim down, Bones finally decides he's ready for a relationship. Except Jim thinks it's Bones turn to do a little chasing. Luckily Jim really wants to be caught.
Fandoms: Movies, Star Trek - 2009, Star Trek: Into Darkness Characters: James T Kirk [Star Trek - 2009], James T Kirk/Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [Star Trek - 2009], Leonard 'Bones' McCoy [Star Trek - 2009], Nyota Uhura [Star Trek - 2009], Spock/Nyota Uhura [Star Trek - 2009], Carol Marcus [Star Trek: Into Darkness]
Genres: Hetero & Slash, Slash Warnings: Adult Situations, Angst, Drama, First Time, Hurt/Comfort, Injury, Language, m/f, m/m
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes Word count: 5523
Published: 10/05/15 Updated: 10/05/15

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