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Trouble Squared by Josette Grover Rated: FRAO - Adult [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 12 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Fandom: Voracity's Chicago Series(Biker Mice from Mars & Buffy: TVS) & original character of mine
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Throttle/Xander
Rating: FRAO, no actual sex but established relationships
Archive: Beyond Canon, WWOMB
Synopsis: Greta comes to Chicago for college and meets some new friends.
AN: Voracity put me up to this, she commented on the fact that I written Greta into another story I'm writing, saying she missed reading about my alter-ego, then a plot bunny bit her and she lobbed it in my direction.
AN II: Written in alternating first person (Greta) and third person viewpoint.
AN III: Micah Simms, Lorne Cash, and Maxine (Max) London are from the tv show Spy Games.
Fandoms: slash fiction Characters: None
Genres: Slash Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapters: 3 Completed: No Word count: 2506
Published: 10/14/05 Updated: 10/16/05

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