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June 23, 2008 -- Please note: I no longer have these particular patterns, but I do still have the pattern program to make them. If you are interested in a pattern, please e-mail me ( and I'll see what we can work out. All I need is a decent picture -- a clear screen capture or, better yet, a professionally taken photo. Please note the "special orders" section below.

My updated price list for this service is $7.50 per chart, with the chart squares sent as bitmap files via attachment or download. Payment through PayPal preferred.

Patterns to Order
Order patterns by name. Cost $10 per chart plus postage.

The following pictures are the charted patterns. What you see is what you will stitch. Patterns vary in size, but are generally quite large. They print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper (50x50-stitch squares each) which are pieced to form the finished pattern.

Please contact me at the address below, giving the name of the pattern(s) you wish to order. After I have received payment, I will make your pattern(s) and mail it/them out to you. I will mail out orders ONCE A WEEK on Fridays.

SPECIAL ORDERS -- I will consider making special charts on request. Any vidcap or scanned picture (any digital off the WWW) is a candidate. After charting, I will send you a copy of the charted picture (such as the ones on this page) for approval. NOT ALL PICTURES CHART WELL. I'm not a professional. There's only so much I can do to correct a picture. Some will not chart satisfactorily no matter what I do.

Specially requested charts will cost $15 apiece. If I think the subject might be popular enough that others might request it, I will include the pattern on this page.

To see what some of these pictures look like actually stitched, visit my Cross Stitchers of the Knight Page. When you finish an FK project, if you send me a snapshot (or e-mail me a scan) I will put your cross stitch on this page for all to enjoy.

E-mail me at

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