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Please feel free to download any pictures on this page for your personal enjoyment. I only ask that you DO NOT use them on your own webpages without first writing to me for my permission. While making these vidcaps was a labor of love, it WAS work, and I'd like to get credit for my efforts. Thank you.

This page was created to highlight some of the other projects our favorite FK actors have done, past and present. Any suggestions for other actors and projects are welcome.

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Vintage Ger

"Gary Davies" in "Deadly Harvest"

Ger in "In Their Shoes -- The Loyalist"

Ger in "Diamonds -- Leap of Faith"

Ger in
"To Serve and Protect"

Okay, so I got a little carried away. Enjoy!!

Ger in His New Series

Black Harbour

Season 1 -- The Bar Scene and the Champagne Scene

Black Harbour -- Season 2

Geraint Wyn Davies' Gemini nominated performance in
"Another Country"

The Yellow Jacket from "A Family Affair"

Scenes from "The Sleep of Reason"

Black Harbour -- Season 3

Ger on a rope from "Mr. Sensitivity"

Earthquake in New York

Catherine Disher guest starred in this Oct. 1998 Fox Family Channel movie.
Note her new, shorter hairdo.

Friday the 13th: The Series

Catherine Disher guest starred in two episodes: "Double Exposure" and "Coven of Darkness"

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Nigel Bennett in "Banker's Hours"

Nigel Bennett and Catherine Disher in "Straightjacket"

Deborah Duchene in "Out of the Woods"

Geraint Wyn Davies in "The Possessed"

Catherine Disher in "Gunfighters"

Greg Kramer (Screed) and Chantellese Kent (Lisa in "Father Figure") in "Ancient Love"

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