Fanfiction, or fanfic, is fan-generated fiction -- stories, poems and scripts -- inspired by a movie or television show.

This site is dedicated to fanfiction written by me.

Recognizable series, concepts and characters in these stories are the property of their creators. No ownership or claim on said property, copyright or trademark is made or implied by the use in this work. This work constitutes a personal comment on the aforesaid properties pursuant to doctrines of fair use and fair comment. This work is non-commercial, not for sale or profit, and may not be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes.

Types of stories you'll find here:

Straight Through the Heart
Part 1
Part 2
Summary: Ray must stop a serial killer before he claims his final victim. Rated PG-13.

Electric Dreams
Summary: An answer to Phillip K. Dick's question, "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" Rated PG-13.

Summary: Fluff. Poetry written in response to a challenge on RATales. Rated G.
The Garou Files: A Nightmare on Hegal Street
Summary: Is it a nightmare or reality? And what happens when they're the same? An X-Files/Werewolf: The Apocalypse crossover. Rated PG-13.

Madness Takes Its Toll
Summary: Doggett's reaction to the World Trade Center attack. Rated PG-13.
An Ode to Doggett 
Summary: I like Doggett, dammit! Here's why. Rated PG.
First Place - Outstanding Poem
Ursula's Birthday Page - Warning: contains adult content!
With fiction and artwork created specifically for Ursula's birthday

Adult Fanfiction - Updated 9/12/04
The stories on this page are of an adult nature and feature homoerotic relationships between two or more males.

Disclaimer: The characters as written in these stories are 
in no way intended to reflect upon the actors who portray them.

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