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I kept threatening to redo the old Sex Tips for Slash Writer's site, bringing it up to date and making some new recs... but Real Lifetm kept getting in the way.

Well, just the other day I realized that I didn't really need to redo the whole thing - most of the content of the site didn't need changing. What I really needed to do was update the Question & Answer portion. Thus...

The MQA is born. This is all (or at least most) of the questions I've been sent in the last three years (along with my answers), tucked into a searchable database for your browsing pleasure.

If you're looking for the original Sex Tips for Slash Writer's site - you can still find it at - it's listed as the Classic site. That's where all the juicy stuff still is - the dirty pictures and explicit explanations.

If you've already been through that site and still have questions, then you've come to the right place.

But before you ask me anything, take a few minutes and search through the database - you may find your question already answered.

-- Minotaur


last update: 01/01/02
total answers: 222