For everything there is a season.

When I created this site back in 2000, it was for a specific purpose - when I wanted to read Tom/Harry, I didn't want to have to wade through a dozen sites that concentrated on Tom/Chakotay to get to it - and at the time there was no simple way to find just exactly what you wanted. I saw a need, and I tried to fill it.

Now, in the far future of 2007, there are a plethora of means to this ficcish end - LiveJournal communities for just about any fandom you can think of (and a few I'd really rather not think of), links tagged to a fare-thee-well for every pairing under the sun, fannish wikis and other resources beyond numbering. My little project has fallen behind the curve of technology, and become the merest eddy in our slashy stream.

For everything there is a time.

So it is with regret, but no sorrow, that I announce the closing of the Slash Page Database Project. As of this evening, I have taken down the database, and turned off the search functions. It was a good idea while it lasted, but I just haven't had the time or energy to maintain it in a long while - better to let it die an honorable death than descend into senescence and insanity.

I want to thank all the people who added their sites over the years, and who refrained from hunting me down and clobbering me over the head when I lost interest and wandered away. Your contributions and patience hove not gone unnoticed.

Thank you, and good-night.

March 12, 2007
San Diego, CA