Classified - a portfolio of documents with reference to agents 3,7 and 4,5 by Adely Kingsbury and Amy A. Morgan....

Publisher: Keynote Press 

Pros, Slash. Out of Print

Review: This is one unusual zine. You have to sit down and rifle through it but be careful - it's not your common book. It's a year's or more worth
of written letters and checking out files and case-notes from both Bodie and Doyle to each other as well as "the other guys" about 3,7 and
4,5 or about the cases they solve. There's artwork in there too - Suzan Lovett's artwork, to accompany the yearning that gets deeper and deeper
as the relationship between the two agents slowly grows and unfolds and blooms, all depicted and colorfully described in letters, notes and
scribbled lines of writing, contained in a leathery-looking file-folder that looks as if it comes straight from the archives of CI5.

Run, don't walk if you see this zine preloved, as it's probably outta commission now.

Reviewer: Serena