Gen Anthology, 163 pgs., comb bound, with plastic cover protector sheets.

The cover is a beautiful color collage done by S.C. The cover utilizes very flattering photos of all of the main characters. There is no other artwork.

Publisher: Neon Rainbow

Overall, I was really impressed with this zine.  The layout is easy to read, the print large and pleasing. The stories all had footnotes, which is nice because the authors could thank their betas. I feel this zine is definitely worth the $20 it costs in the US.

There are 8 stories in this zine. I liked them all. Three are novellas, the rest are short, and wouldn't ya know, two of the novellas rock!

The first story is "Unrequited". This is a bittersweet little Trance/Harper romantic story. It really shows how much Trance, the old Trance, cares for Harper.

The next story is a cool novella. It's called "Hope Among the Living". Originally written for a zine using plots recycled from episodes of other shows, this story does an admirable job of adapting a Voyager episode to Andromeda. It's really good and has some wonderful character development.

"Tyr" is a poem that perfectly encapsulates Tyr's conflicts and torments. Even without the title, I would have known who it was about.

"The Harvest Moon" brings back President Ortiz and Charlemagne Bolivar. Excellent, exciting story. It's a good exploration of the ethics and moral conflicts that accompany leadership.

"Symphony" is a powerful drabble that gave me shivers because it captures Trance's mystery and the tinge of threat surrounding her so well.

"Harper's Hope" is one of my favorite stories in this zine. It's a novella that features Harper and really explores the meaning of hope and faith. It has cool aliens, lots of action and uses all of the characters well. It's funny, sad, horrifying and interesting all at once. Definitely worth reading. This is a story I'll remember.

"Hand to Hand" is a well-done character piece about Beka and Tyr. It's really emotional and well written.

"Insurrection" is the longest story in the zine and my other favorite. It's compelling and could be an episode. It has new aliens, new characters, starship crashes, politics, explosions, Dylan and Tyr naked in a bubble bath - no, it's not slash, Andromeda spying, fights, myths, slave girls, hints of Trance's past, raw emotions, humor, angst, subtlety and a bunch of other rockin' compelling stuff. This is one story I'll keep and reread.

Am I glad I bought this zine? Yes. Definitely. 

Will I keep it and read it again? Yes. I already have. 

Do I recommend it? Yes. I most certainly do!

Reviewed by anon.