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Note: Much of the fanfiction herein is slash in nature which means that this site contains homoerotic (m/m and f/f) content. Some fiction may also contain scenes of violence, heterosexual erotica, and/or controversial subject matter. Also, some of these links may lead you to strange and provocative places. Please surf responsibly.

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Westwind's Highlander Fanfiction

I'm Westwind and welcome to the home of my fanfiction. I write slash stories based in the universe of Highlander: The Series. These stories contain explicit homoerotic (m/m) themes. If you dislike slash or are underage in your region of the world, please leave now.

The characters of Duncan, Methos, Kronos, Anne, and Joe, are all property of R:P/D. I'm just borrowing them for a little while! All other characters are mine.

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In Fifty Years

Fifty years into the future, Duncan and Methos struggle with the changes in the world and their lives wrought by a devastating plague. Duncan/Methos, PG-13 - NC-17.

Thanks to jamwired for alpha- and betareading!

Chapter 1: Maxie
It isn't easy to hide both immortality and love in a small, rural town. 48k. April 2001.

Chapter 2: Blossom
Of fairy tales, kittens, and Watchers. 43k. May 2001

Chapter 3: Magnolia
Tragedy strikes during a barn-raising. 40k. July 2001

Chapter 4: Lily
Immortality is as much about leaving as it is about living. 60k. October 2001

Chapter 5: Dreaming
Methos leaves to seach his treasure and Duncan follows. 54k. May 2002


The further adventures of Duncan and Methos.

Chapter 1: Simplicity is having one change of clothing and only one cat. May 2003.

Chapter 2: Like a hammer blow sun bears down on the foolish melting them away. May 2003.

Chapter 3: The air feels liquid, warm then full of heat then cold. Fall is slipping in. July 2003.

Chapter 4: The cat sits smiling while the sun ineffably paints her fur with light. July 2003.

Chapter 5: Time is so very strange--the seasons drift on by like a rush of leaves. October 2003.

Stand Alone Stories

Darius/Methos, NC-17, 43k. 01/03/02

Daylight Comes and I Want to Go Home
Did he or didn't he? That is the question. Methos/Kronos, Duncan/Methos, NC-17, 29k.

He: Excerpts from the Journal of Duncan MacLeod. A look at a journal that examines the relationship between Duncan and Adam. A companion piece to Daylight Comes and I Want to Go Home. Duncan/Methos, NC-17, 45k.

Death Kronos has an obsession. Methos/Kronos, NC-17, 42k.

Welcome to Margaret's Place

I'm Margaret and welcome to my fannish spot on the net. I write slash stories based in the universe of Highlander: The Series, amongst other things. These stories contain explicit homoerotic ( m/m ) themes. If you dislike slash or are underage in your region of the world, please leave now. You can also find Margaret's blog and other fiction here.

The characters of Duncan, Methos, Kronos, etc. are all owned by someone else! I promise to wipe them down with a damp cloth and return them exactly the way I found them.

Please send Margaret feedback here!

Best Served Cold
What happened immediately after Cassandra's escape. Methos/Kronos. [3K]

In Penitence and Faith
Sequel to Best Served Cold. Someone has a lot of making up to do. Methos/Kronos. [23K]

Just Dessert
Obligatory chocolate sauce fic, first ever HL fic, first ever sex scene. Duncan/Methos. [21K]

A Little Pick-Me-Up
A bad day, sex and handcuffs. Duncan/Methos. [27K]

The Wear of Winning
The Gathering is over, what is left for the winner? Minor character death, but no-one really important. Duncan/Methos. [13K]

Generous Souls
Who can provide comfort when your family is gone? Minor character death. Methos/Joe, Duncan/Methos. [47K]

To Catch A Highlander
A post-Chivalry follow-up written with Yavanna. "Sometimes the catch is as rewarding as the pursuit." Duncan/Methos. [56K]

AU Episode #94316 - Adam
"How different might things be if we obeyed our first impulse?." An AU of the episode 'Methos', a little bit of silliness about first impressions and acting on impulse. Duncan/Methos. 17K]

Time and Tide
First het fic, unashamedly schmoopy, theoretically part of a loosely tied series. Previously unposted. Methos/Alexa. [32K]

One Sweet Moment
"Sometimes no amount of experience can prepare you for loss, but sometimes solace finds you." Sequel to Time and Tide. Adam/Alexa. [22K]

Twice Shy
Crossover: Highlander/Over Here Methos/Other - kind of Clonesex fic, I tried to resist, honest I did, but... well. It's not necessary to have seen Over Here to read this, but it might make a few things make more sense. [164K]

The Difference Between A Book and Its Cover
Originally published in Chronicles of the Heart 2, this is a slightly different version to the one there, but the changes are only really tiny cosmetic ones. Methos/Duncan. [43K]

The Blind Side of the Heart and the Wrong Side of the Door A Duncan/Methos angst-fest. Just how good is Methos with a sword, what would it take to find out and how welcome would that knowledge be? [46K]

In The After Silence A short piece set immediately following the double quickening. Duncan/Methos, Methos/Kronos. [28K]

Daisy, Daisy Nothing much of anything happens on a sunny afternoon. Duncan/Methos. [11K]

Things Sought Someone's pissed. Kronos. [3K]

Biding Time Contemplation from a man not normally given to it. Kronos. [6K]

Musings After Midnight Duncan's thoughts in the aftermath of Jakob's death. Duncan/Methos. [7K]

Though Lovers Be Lost Part of Coyote's Kronos Resurrection Challenge. Linked to from her site. Duncan/Methos/Kronos.

Miles To Go Before I Sleep "Promises can't always be kept, no matter how much you mean them. The obligatory CAH/Rev missing scene." Methos/Kronos. [30K]

A Study In Loneliness. "A lonely interval." Duncan/Methos. [18K]

The Art Of Information Gathering. "Good information is vital to the success of any endeavour, acquiring it is the real trick." A crossover (HL/XF/Eroica). Methos/Krycek, Klaus/Dorian and maybe a little Methos/Dorian while I'm at it! [57K]

Embers. "Some fires are harder to extinguish than others." Methos/Krycek. [11k]

Breaking Storm. "Some things even the most resilient take a little while to get over." Sequel to Embers. Methos/Krycek. [13K]

Phantom Pains. "Each mourns in his own way." Methos/Krycek [14K]

In The After Silence. "When the dust settles, only then can the true cost be counted." Duncan/Methos or Methos/Kronos depending on how you look at it. [22K]

The Man Comes Around. "What exactly is natural justice?" No pairing. [5K]

The Balance of Regrets. "The old debate of quantity versus quality." Set during the closing scene of Revelations 6:8. Duncan/Methos, Methos/Kronos [5K]

Victory's Shadow. "Victory doesn't always mean the war is over." A Kronos musing, set after Revelations 6:8. [5K]