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Nicknames in *NSYNC Slash

By Wonder Woman


Webster's gives the definition as a descriptive name given instead of or in addition to the one belonging to a person place or thing. A familiar form of a proper name.

Makes sense.

It also lists, as a verb transitive, that it is a misuse or miscall.

Now, why does it seem that, especially in the boyband fandom, the second usage is more common than that of the first?

Why is it that there is an unending number of times that the name "Lansten" is used when referring to Lance Bass of *NSYNC? Do people know that he was never, ever referred to as Lansten by anyone? It's a name given to him so that he wasn't left out of a previously selected name-scheme.

He never went by Lansten. I doubt if he'd even answer to it.

So, why is it constantly used? The world may never know.

Why do so many stories, and I'm not speaking of Alternate Universe stories here people, insist upon referring to JC Chasez as Josh? Just randomly referring to him as Josh. I've been a fan for years. I have footage from all different times and places dating back to the earliest days of *NSYNC. I've yet to hear one of them call him Josh.

In AUs, yes... It makes total sense to have him as Joshua or Josh. Without the Mickey Mouse Club, there never would have been a necessity to change his name, after all. But we're not talking AUs. We're talking about stories where he's JC Chasez of *NSYNC...

I've heard him referred to as C, but never Josh. So why? Why the necessity to have him be called Josh at any possible time in a story? The only people who call him Josh, as said even by him, are people who knew him before he was 12 -- before he had to change his name for MMC. If ANYONE would refer to him as Josh, that would be Joey and Joey only... And even that would be a stretch, people.

Then there's this sudden fascination with picking nicknames for a specific member, and then having different guys in the groups addressing said member with this 'homemade' nickname. Not to mention the fact that half the time, if not more, these names are so derrogatory and demeaning and downright condescending, one would have to wonder why you're bothering to write about the person at all since it seems there's such a great distaste for them.

What IS that? If you want to address Justin or Chris with a name that you and your friends call him by, that's wonderful. When you put it into a story and have Joey referring to him with said name... That's horrible. Fiction or not, what the hell is the point of that?

A good story this does not make...

Will any or all of what's written above have me flamed? More than likely, and if so... Bring it on. It's getting rather chilly here, I could use the heating device. If you're pissed by what's said...

Then you're guilty.

Wonder Woman says that she may have a few more guest rants in store. To get in touch with her, e-mail us and we'll pass along the message.