and its sequels

The Treeline Challenge:
It all started when GreenWoman posted a short story, Treeline, in response to a "dark obsenad" challenge on Senad. So many people wanted a resolution to the story that a new challenge was born: to write continuations to Treeline. These are the results.

Each of the stories below represent a possible continuation to the story began in Treeline, and have no relationship to any of the other stories unless otherwise specified.

Clicking on the story title will lead to the copy archived at 852 Prospect. Clicking on the name of the author will lead to the author's webpage, if there is one. Otherwise, the links are keyed to the author's email address.

Please feel free to write your own sequel to Treeline. If you wish to have your story included in this list, please contact WoD.

Warnings: m/m, angst
Some of these stories require warnings which may spoil the content of the story. They are marked with an asterik in the ratings column. Clicking on the asterik will take you to the spoiler version of this page.

Title Author Rating Date Posted
The source story
GreenWoman PG 08/28/01
Stormfront (4 K) kyanoswolf PG 08/31/01
Beyond the Treeline (4 K) Winds-of-Dawn PG 08/31/01
Timber (8 K) Silk R 08/31/01
Save Me (4 K)
Sequel to Timber
Silk R 08/31/01
Treeline Exposed (6 K)
posted to Senad only
alyjude unrated 08/31 and 09/01/01
Trial (16 K) Melinda Rebel PG 09/01/01
Kindling (12 K) Lily G 09/01/01
Balance (6 K)
posted to Senad only
Margaret and Bluewolf unrated * 09/01/01
The Rain Came Down (4 K) kyanoswolf PG * 09/02/01
Out Of The Woods (24 K) Jvantheterrible R 09/02/01
Shoulders of the Mountains (8 K) J.M. Griffin PG 09/05/01
MORAINE (20 K) GreenWoman PG 09/07/01
Thinking of Angels (8 K) MrsHamill R * 09/07/01
Kiss Me Goodbye (12 K) ciarra G 10/14/01
MONTANE (12 K) GreenWoman PG 03/25/02