Isn't this just a lovely page? <g>  In my defense, I am aware of the fact that it's awful, and I'll make, you know, an actual page sometime.  Right now I'm just in a hurry to show off my Stargate vid, so I have a video and a picture of the team.  And, really,  what more do you need?  (Well, I suppose now that I have a Sam vid, a Lord of the Rings picture couldn't hurt either. I'll do that. Sometime.  I'm lazy.)

Anyway, as it turns out, you can only look at other people's videos so long before you have to make one of your own.  This is mine and my first attempt, so any feedback at all is shamessly begged for.  If you'd like to see many, many, many other and better Stargate vids, visit my real site, Whatever Dials Your Gate.  I've searched the internet for every links to every Stargate music video site I could find and indexed the vids by both their sites and their subjects.  I've long since given up counting, but I know the the vid number is well into the triple digits by now.  

Here, though, are mine.  Enjoy.  And send feedback.  Feedback is good. :-)

If you're having trouble viewing any of these, then your codec is probably out-dated.  Going to http://www.divx.com and downloading the newest version should fix the problem.
Swallows Me Whole - Lori McKenna (14mb)
Here is how this vid came to be.  I really, really wanted to watch Return of the King.  It was like October of 2003, so watching Return of the King wasn't option.  Instead, I made a vid about Frodo and Sam and Frodo's addiction to the Ring. I couldn't upload the vid, because my school is evil, so there the vid set on my hard drive until I forgot about it. Nine months later, I found again, and finally got my chance to upload.

So there you go.  Frodo.  Sam.  The Ring.  Enjoy.  

Am I the Only One
- Barenaked Ladies (23mb.  I also have a lower quality 7mb version, but pick the larger version.  It's better.)
Jack and Daniel and innocence.

Second Chances
(30mb.  I know, I know, I'm really sorry.)
My official, "Yay!  Daniel's back!" vid.  Many, many thanks to Beth for patiently working with me to get that one scene I needed.  I'm keeping the real song title a surprise for this one but...well...you'll see.  And although this is very much a celebratory vid, if I've done my job right, it's also a bit of a tearjerker, so you have been warned.  Spoilers for Fallen and Homecoming.  It feels so very nice to say that.  

- Rufus Wainwright
Daniel and Sha're are what drew me into Stargate in the first place, so it seemed right that my first video tell their story.  That, and I was a bit intimidated and didn't want to search too hard for clips. It's a zipped file at 19mb (above) or 6mb.  Right click and pick Save As.  And thanks very much to Rhian and to Josh for helping work out the many technical details.  (Yes, Josh, I know you're reading this.  Go right ahead and download. <g>)
Unwell - Matchbox 20 (17mb.  Sorry.  I'm working on getting a smaller one.)
It's probably only a matter of time before this song becomes a vid cliché.  I'm proud to say I'm the, er, second. The first to try it for Daniel and Legacy, anyway.    
The Rainbow Connection (10mb - If that's too large for anyone, let me know and I can put up a lower quality one at about 6mb.)
My tribute to Samwise Gamgee - faithful friend, wide-eyed wanderer, and forever my hero.  Also featuring the music stylings of Kermit the Frog.  Yep, it a tad bit sappy, but it's Sam, so I get like that.