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Vigdis is a Multi-Fandom Author.

Relevant disclaimers are in the introduction to each story.

Unless otherwise noted, everything on this page is a WIP.

For info on the Chocolate Tradition and Kai-Clone fic, visit dgrequeen’s page.

Arms of Night
An Original Work
R to NC-17
(for themes)
A Vampire Story

This story, which I hope to turn into a book someday, has some very
nasty stuff in it. The Vampire (the main character – not the only vampire)
is the hero, but he still has to do some pretty nasty things. He kills a
lot of people. But like Arnold said in “True Lies” – They’re all bad!

Chocolate Dreams
A Chocolate Tradition and Kai Clone Fic
(Kai-clones & their Mistresses, but no real pairing)


PG-13 (so far)

This story is a sweet romance.
Clark and Lex make confessions to each other.

This story is complete for now.
If you want it to continue, let me know.

Curses & Cures

(See “Quantum Xander” by Cassy)

This story takes place in the “Willow Cursed Spike With a Soul”
dimension that Cassy created in Chapters 73 – 75 of “Quantum Xander”.

A Series

This is my answer to the ‘unspeakable event’ that occurred in the
Season 7 Buffy Episode “Dirty Girls”. It will, eventually follow the
events of the final episodes – with modifications, of course!

The first 4 parts are complete. I have several more parts planned.

Dark Chocolate
A Chocolate Tradition Fic
(Multiple pairings of APEC & ORALmembers with Kai, Xev and Stan.)


Not Posted Yet

Forever Is Just the Beginning
(Methos/Duncan; Methos/Duncan/Kate; Methos/Duncan/f;
and other pairings to be announced later. I think you can
count on Dylan, Rhade, and Harper being in there somewhere.)

This begins in the present, illustrating the dynamics of the basic
Methos/Duncan relationship. It picks up again in the distant future,
after thousands of years together, in the Andromeda Universe.
It may end up skipping around in time. I’m not sure, yet.

Note: This work starts out very rough and it cuts off rather abruptly.

Leather Slide
A Scribe Birthday
Sliders/DC Comics/Scribe’s MarySue and Clive Universes
(Scribe/Quinn; Clive/Trent; Clive/Quinn; Clive/Scribe;
Clive/Scribe/Quinn; Wade/Rembrant; and it’s entirely
possible that Superman, Batman and Robin will figure
in there somewhere, eventually.)

This was written as a Birthday Gift to Scribe because she loves
Jerry O’Connell. I have not come close to finishing it.
But, hey! She has a birthday every year, right?

Not Posted Yet

Madness Is a Point of View
(Angel/Spike; and other pairings to be announced later.)

In the 2700’s, Angel and Spike find each other again, after being
separated by forces beyond their control. They are brought
together by chance and the crew of the Serenity.

I just couldn’t resist bring these Joss Whedon series together.
I feel I have made a good beginning. It’s about 25 pages. It is unbeta’d
Please let me know what you think. Should I continue?

Norwegian Chocolate
A Chocolate Tradition Fic

My first-ever fanfic.


The Power Series
A Series
Smallville/Dorinar (an Original Work)

The first part is the beginning of their romance. (Incomplete)
The second part is the ‘coming out’ – they go public. (Incomplete)
The third part will be dealing with the aftermath. (Not started)

Not Posted Yet

She Ran
(Clark/Lex; and possibly other pairings as well.)

This is a tentative beginning to a new series.
Please let me know if I should continue it.

Something Strange
A Series
The Sentinel/Unbreakable/The Vampire Chronicles/X-Files
(Jim/Blair; Jim/Blair/f; and other pairings to be announce later.
Krycek, Mulder, and Skinner will all be in the mix somewhere.)

The first part of the Series is all Jim/Blair. (Incomplete)
The second part brings in Caitlin, creating a triad. (Incomplete)
The third part will be the crossover with the X-Files. (Not started)

A word of warning… This is the first slash story I ever wrote.
And it’s pretty hardcore…

Not Posted Yet

Not all of the story links here lead anywhere yet.
I’m working on it.

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