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This site is mostly about a social approach to enjoying amateur radio. Our story starts with how Tim came to get an amateur radio license after more than 30 years of thinking about it, and then managed to get Sherrie interested in doing the same. It's our hope that the information will help others get started by working through some frequent problems — especially understanding that not everyone is technically skilled, or even very interested in those aspects. (We'll add, please note that this does not rule out tinkering. Tim has been known to put an adapter on a rig and then another to adapt it back to the original, just to do something.) Responses are welcome, and may provide grist for the mill; e-mail.

A Different View of Amateur Radio

Getting Started

Passing the Exams

Learning Morse Code

Life in an RF hole

Remote Base Radio

Amateur Radio for Railfans

Books . . . for Dummies and Otherwise

A Trip to the Craft Store

Yaesu FT-50RD

Yaesu FT-60R

Yaesu FT-1900R

Radio Shack HTX-200

Radio Shack HTX-420

BNC adapter for SMA radios


solar-terrestrial data presented as image by www.hamqs1.com

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