Stuck In The Middle With You

by Ramblin Rose

As Jim walked into the loft, Blair was getting ready to walk out. "Where you going tonight?" Jim asked, "I thought we were going to watch the game?"

"Sorry man," Blair answered, "but I have a gig for being a model for a all male magazine. Oh stop, it pays really well and I need the money for my tuition. I won't be back for at least four hours. I have things to do afterwards."

"Haven't you already done that?" Jim asked, "You said you were doing that last month."

"Can I help it is they liked what they saw?" Blair asked laughing, as he walked away.

Jim was so pissed off. He had really looked forward to watching the game with Blair. He hadn't seen him much lately and missed him a great deal. Well, hell, Jim thought, I'll go and buy that magazine and see what they are talking about.

Jim walked down to the shop at the corner and looked around until he saw the one that Blair had talked about. Jim was so embarrassed to buy this magazine, but he wanted to see what Blair did for this place.

Once home, he hung his jacket up, put his keys in the basket and started up the stairs. He was dreading this. He had been attracted to Blair for some time and the idea of him inside a magazine that other men could look through about drove Jim nuts. Like he had far to drive to start with.

Lying across the bed on his stomach, he flipped the magazine open and it went right to the centerfold and low and behold, there was Blair, bare. Holy shit. Jim didn't even know what to think, let alone do. All he knew was he was getting hard underneath him and needed to take care of that. Damn, he could use Blair's picture as a means of helping him focus. So he didn't zone. That was always a worry with Jim.

He went downstairs to see if he had any lotion, or anything like that to use for lube, but couldn't find anything. He settled for butter. Hell, he liked the smell of butter. A lot. He went back up the stairs with the butter and started taking off his clothing. As he took off each thing, he kept looking down at the nude picture of Blair and thought, why would he do this? Oh face it Ellison, he said to himself, you just are upset that you have to look at him in a picture instead of in person.

When completely naked he tore his covers down and climbed into bed. He stacked three pillows against the railing that overlooked the downstairs at the head of his bed. He got comfortable and got some of the butter. Realizing that he needed something to clean up with, he just grabbed his boxers to use for this.

He took some of the butter and put it on his hand and started warming it up to use on his cock. He liked the smell and knew this was going to be a good one. This picture of Blair was going to be like all of his wishes come true. Oh shit, no, its not. If it were his wish come true, it'd be Blair in the bed, not a magazine. He started using the hand without butter to rub his nipples until they became hard. As he did this, he took the hand with butter and started stroking. He pulled the picture up closer to him so he could see it better.

He let go of his nipples and grabbed the magazine and looked at it and said, "Oh shit." With this said, he pulled the centerfold out and used it around the butter on his cock and fantasized that it was Blair on his cock instead of a picture. He was going pretty hot and heavy, yelling Blair's name over and over again, and as he got closer to completion, he screamed out Blair and came. As he came, he thought of that picture around his cock and went into a full-blown zone. When he did, he fell back hard against the pillows, making them fall out of the railing and Jim was left hanging half on and half off of his bed. Looking like he was a man passed out.

Blair came home early, because he got the feeling that Jim was upset about this whole thing and thought he'd talk to him tonight about it. As he walked into the door, he looked up and saw Jim hanging from his bed almost fall through the railing. Blair shouted, "Jim." He ran up the stairs and saw a naked sentinel on the bed with butter and a magazine wrapped around his cock. What the fuck, Blair thought?

Blair grabbed a hold of Jim and started pulling him through so that he wouldn't fall and break his neck. Once he got him on the bed and out of danger, he pulled the magazine page off of him and saw it was himself. Smiling, Blair knew now why Jim seemed angry earlier. Well, hot damn, Blair thought, look at all the time we've wasted.

He went and got a washcloth and cleaned Jim all off and once he was done, he got his clothes off and climbed into bed with Jim. As he snuggled up to Jim hard as a rock, Jim started coming out of the zone.

Jim was not only startled, but he didn't want to mention to Blair how scared he was. Why was Blair in bed with him? Oh fuck, thought Jim, he found me with the picture. Shit, shit, shit.

Blair could tell Jim had come out of the zone and he was tensing up. Blair said, "Jim, relax. Everything will be just fine. You can go to sleep and we'll talk about this tomorrow."

"What if I don't want to go to sleep?" Jim asked, "Maybe I need to do more than sleep."

Blair smiling said, "That would be good for me. I'm as hard as a rock. I thought I would have to go and pound some nails with this damn thing." And he took Jim's hand and put it on his cock. Blair was indeed hard. Jim flipped over and faced Blair and said, "Blair, this is all new to me. I want to do it right."

"Tonight we just make each other feel good, Jim." Blair said calmly, "Tomorrow we'll tackle the next things we want to do."

Blair climbed on top of Jim and started rubbing their cocks together until they built up quite a tempo. They were like two instruments in the same orchestra. Jim thought, leave it to me to go all sappy here.

As they were getting closer to coming, Blair leaned down and bit Jim on the neck and said, "You're now mine, no one else's."

Jim came with a howl, saying, "Yours."

As Blair came he screamed, "Butter is better than Oleo."

Jim couldn't help it; he started laughing and said, "What the hell kind of thing was that to say in the throes of passion?"

"Makes sense to me," Blair said, "You smell like butter, great smell and you're still slick. Which made us slide better. So butter is better."

"Blair?" Jim asked, "Do I need to mention I don't want you posing anymore in those magazines?"

"Man," Blair said laughing, "you are such a downer."

Jim pinched his ass and they proceeded to get out of bed and head for the shower. Both of them knew they had to buy supplies for the next time. Butter wasn't going to do it.

While in the shower, Blair said, "Jim I'd like you to pose for that magazine so I can have one of you too."

"Chief," Jim said, "you know I'd do almost anything for you, but I would die first. I'm sorry."

"Kidding big man." Blair said as he got down on his knees in the shower and took Jim's cock into his mouth and started sucking until Jim got hard. As Blair was doing this, Jim kept thinking of the damn picture and how hot it made him and figured maybe he would do that for Blair as a surprise. While thinking that, Blair picked up the speed on the sucking and stuck a soaped up finger in his hole and Jim came with a yell.

Blair sucked him dry and then let Jim's cock fall out of his mouth and stood up and started kissing Jim.

"I'll do it for you." Jim said. They both smiled and they both knew right then that Blair would and could have anything he wanted from Big Jim Ellison. What could be wrong with that?

Blair smiled and said, "You're stuck in the middle with me." They both laughed as they got out of the shower. And Blair said, "Come on, Jim, I have business to take care of with the butter upstairs.

As they started up the stairs, they started laughing. God, this was going to be good. Jim was indeed stuck and was glad of it.

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