-- Dear Journal 3 --
Bad Days For Both

by Patt Paulos-Darrow

March 30, 2000

Dear Journal:

I had an incredibly crappie day today. I had to spend most of it at the academy and I'm hot, tired and just plain miserable. And when I got home, Jim was yelling at me about towels on the floor. For Gods sake, towels? I mean there are children starving in the United States, and he is concerned about the towels on the floor. What is up with that? Now wouldn't be a good time to think about how I really feel about him, because right now I think he's a jerk. I guess the honeymoon might be over, eh? The academy is going well, I do fine in the classes although no one hangs out with me, I'm lonesome most of the time. But what can you expect? They think I'm a screw up and can't figure out why I'm in the academy in the first place. I really miss Jim. I know I just said he was a jerk, but I miss him really seriously. Today on the way home, I had tears in my eyes because I felt so isolated, and I just missed being with him. Okay, I'm now in the right frame of mind to write something about Jim and I.

Okay, what do you think so far, Journal? Enough already? :) I will do some hard thinking again tonight and write some more tomorrow.



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