Butt, Butt, Butt

by Ramblin Rose

Rafe came into the bullpen, exhausted from the all night stakeout. When would he be sleeping, he wondered? As he went towards his desk, dragging his weary butt, he heard Simon's door open and heard "Rafe, my office." Yelled out.


Rafe walked over to Captain Banks' door and knocked, "Come in Rafe." Simon bellowed.

"Sir," Rafe said quietly, "you wanted to talk to me? What can I do for you?"

"I need you to go on another stake out." Simon said.

"Shit." Rafe said without thinking, "I just got off 20 hours, sir and I'm exhausted."

"Well, this will be perfect," Simon said, "you aren't going to be needed right away. You're going to be Agent Mason's significant other and will be staying in a nice hotel room for the next week."

"But, but, but," Rafe sputtered, "sir, I really don't think that is a good idea. Who the hell is Agent Mason, and what the hell do you mean by significant other?"

"Keep your butt to yourself, Rafe." Simon said laughing, "And Mason is newly arrived here from the FBI and was looking for a sharp looking man to play the role. I thought of you."

"But Captain." Rafe tried to say quickly. Simon cut him off saying, "No ifs ands or buts about it. You're on this case. You're going to be his lover."

"But, but, but." Rafe said again, "Sir, this sucks."

"Why yes it does, Detective Rafe," Simon said smiling, "But that's why I'm the boss. Now I can make others do this kind of thing."

"Couldn't Ellison do it?" Rafe asked, "He's nice looking in a stoic kind of way."

"It's settled, Rafe." Simon said firmly, "you are his lover and that is it. He'll meet you over at the Hilton in about twelve hours. Room 1245. Pack nice things, he wants to show you off."

"But Captain," Rafe said, but stopped when he saw Simon's hand come up. "This sucks the big one."

As Rafe walked out of Simon's office, he heard Simon say, "It certainly does, but thank god I won't be sucking it."

Rafe turned around and said, "Sir? What did you just say?"

"Nothing Rafe," Simon said laughing, "now go and pack and meet your lover in twelve hours. Call and give us updates."

Rafe headed back into Simon's office and said, "Sir, you haven't even told me what this assignment is about."

"Rafe, would I send you on something without telling you?" Simon asked.

"Well, what is it?" Rafe asked him.

"You are going to be on the FBI undercover investigation that is going on. There is someone preying on nice young men and taking advantage of them. Taking money and so on." Simon said quietly so no one else would hear.

"You're shitting me?" Rafe said. "Thank you sir for having faith in my abilities."

"Yeah, okay." Simon said, "Now go and pack. Remember what I said about looking nice. That's important."

Rafe grabbed his things from his desk and took off for the elevator. He ran into Henry and Henry asked, "Where you going, partner?"

"I'm on a special assignment, and I can't talk about it." Rafe said. "The Captain might tell you something about it if you asked him, but I can't. Sorry Henry."

"Well, you take care, partner." Brown said smacking him on the back.

"Will do, H." Rafe said getting into the elevator.

When Rafe got into the car and started home he found himself smiling thinking about being undercover. Holy shit, he wondered if anyone else would know. He turned his stereo on and turned it up and was singing along all the way home. For some reason, he was really happy about this assignment.

Pulling up in front of his house, he got out and walked up to the door. He unlocked and started into the entryway when he saw a shadow and pulled his gun out, thinking someone has broken into his home. Well, shit, he thought when he saw who was there. Jim and Blair were sitting on his sofa waiting on him.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing in my house, Ellison?" Rafe yelled.

"Wait a minute," Blair said, "do you not see me here? If you shot me would I not bleed?"

Ellison looked at Sandburg like he had totally lost it. And he turned back to Rafe, as he knew Rafe was going to let him hear about this.

"Shut-up, Sandburg," Rafe said, "What the fuck are you both doing here?"

"Just calm down, Rafe." Jim said, "Simon sent us over to tell you more about the assignment and we couldn't do it at the station."

Rafe just looked at both of them and said, "Simon told me to come home and pack because I have to meet Agent Mason in twelve hours. I intend on doing just that. So if you'll excuse me, I have to pack. And by the way, Ellison, how the hell did you get into my house?"

"Excuse me," Blair screamed out. "Rafe, why do you act like I'm not even here? Simon asked me to help you pack and he wanted Jim to fill you in on the assignment as you and I did the packing. So don't act like I'm not doing anything."

Fine Sandburg," Rafe said, glaring, "you're going to help me pack, now lets get this done. I still don't like you guys getting in my house without me knowing about it."

"Rafe," Jim said, "you know that Blair and I are a couple, right?"

"So?" Rafe asked.

"Well, the Agent in charge said no one would ever buy us as a couple." Jim said, "In fact, he said, no one would ever buy me as gay at all. But everyone figured you're pretty enough to pull it off."

"But, but, but." Rafe stuttered.

"Well, yes, that was mentioned," Jim said smiling, "Sandburg make sure and pack some nice tight things for his butt."

"Ellison," Blair said, "you best not be looking at anyone's butt."

"Only yours, Chief." Jim said kissing Blair on his lips softly.

"Excuse me," Rafe said, "what the hell is going on? Why are you here Ellison?"

"Simon doesn't think you'll be comfortable with this role." Jim said, "So we're supposed to make it less stressful for you. We're going to show you some of the moves and so forth. We have the next twelve hours to work this out."

"But, but, but," Rafe stuttered again, "Jim, you can't be serious."

"Oh, very serious." Jim said as he moved up to Rafe and Rafe just kept pulling away.

"See Rafe," Jim said, "you have to relax, and you can't back up from me, when I'm putting the moves on you."

"Jim," Rafe said, "are you serious here? You're supposed to teach me moves?"

Yeah, man," Blair said smiling. "This is one of the best assignments we've pulled in ages." Both men started laughing their butts off.

By this time Rafe was fairly pissed off and decided that he might just have to teach these two buttheads a thing or two about judging a person. So as Ellison came up to him the next time, Rafe didn't pull away and instead pulled Jim into his arms. He kissed him with such passion that Jim had a hard time thinking.

Blair was left standing there saying, "But, but, but."

Rafe kept kissing Ellison and then started rubbing his body next to Ellison's and he could feel how hard this man was. And not just in his chest. Oh yeah, this was going to be good, Rafe said to himself.

Suddenly, Blair was standing there and Rafe stopped kissing Jim and pulled Sandburg into his arms and started kissing him. And Blair was fighting him; Blair was pissed as hell that Rafe was kissing his man, right in front of him. Suddenly he realized what a great mouth Rafe had. The next thing he knew he was moaning into Rafe's mouth.

Rafe reached out and pulled Jim up behind him and put Jim's arms around Rafe and Blair. It was like a sandwich. Jim was breathing really hard by this time and said, "Can we do something about this or are you just teasing us, Rafe?"

"Bedroom," Rafe said, "now."

All three men rushed to the bedroom and Rafe asked, "Jim, have you ever done this with two guys before?"

"Not hardly," Jim said, "but, but, but."

"Speaking of butts," Rafe said, "I'd like to see some naked right now."

Blair was out of his clothing so fast; it was like they were on fire. He was so hard; he could have pounded nails into Rafe's walls. Next was Jim, pulling his clothing off almost as fast, Rafe sat on his bed and watched this happening and they looked at him and Jim said, "Oh fuck, he's fucking with our heads."

"No," Rafe said, "I'm not fucking with your head. At least that head. I want to watch the two of you for a few minutes and then we'll make this a trio."

Jim moved up next to Rafe, pulling him up and Blair started taking Rafe's clothing off and Rafe realized he had lost control of this. Rafe said, "But, but, but."

"We need to see your butt," Blair said laughing.

They all three were naked now and finding a lot of things to do with there hands. Jim asked Rafe, "Ever slept with a man, Brian?"

"Yep." Rafe answered, "It was mighty fun, if I remember right. It's been awhile though, we might have to practice for the next few hours."

Blair got on the bed first on his side, and then Rafe pulled up behind him and then Jim behind Rafe. Oh man, the three of them were about giddy with this assignment. Jim got the lube out and handed it to Rafe, and Rafe used some, both he and Ellison were plenty busy with their fingers. Blair in the meantime was in the front, so he was left more or less playing with his own cock until the show got going. Rafe kept putting fingers into Blair and kissing the back of Blair's neck. Watching this was driving Ellison insane. He was close already and he hadn't even gotten inside yet. Jim got Rafe ready as Rafe moaned with pleasure. Before long they were all ready, the condoms were brought into the program as Jim and Rafe put one on their cocks. Jim said, "Rafe, you ready?" And Rafe answered, "Oh yeah. Blair, are you ready for me?" The two men heard Blair laugh as he said, "Bring it on, Brian."

Jim slid into Rafe and Rafe howled, he had forgotten how great it felt to be taken by a guy. Shit, but he was going to feel this tomorrow. Rafe in turn took a hold of Blair's hips and slid his cock into Blair's tight hole and Blair was moaning and telling him to bring it on some more.

They were all busy, there were many noises coming from this room it was hard to tell who was making what noise. Jim was thinking that he wanted to be fucked by Rafe, Blair was thinking, I want to fuck Rafe and Rafe was thinking, hot damn, this is the best sex I've ever had.

As they got closer, Brian said, "Jim fuck me harder, fuck me now." Jim growled and said, "I thought that's what I was doing. I've never heard anyone complain before."

Blair said, "Both of you shut the fuck up and lets get this show on the road. I'm ready to come. So one of you fuck me hard and get it done with."

Rafe didn't need any more encouragement from Blair. He started pounding into him and Blair was screaming out both Jim and Rafe's names. As he came, Jim was pounding into Rafe and Rafe yelled out both Jim and Blair's names as he came. Jim couldn't hold on any longer, he came right after them, yelling out Rafe and Blair's names.

They all lay there on top of the bed trying to catch their breath. And Rafe started laughing and said, "But, but, but."

Jim turned Rafe's face towards him and said, "What are you talking about?"

"Rafe laughed as he said, "I've been saying, but, but, but all day long, who knew that it would be butt, butt, butt?"

Blair started laughing really hard and pushed up closer to Rafe and Jim pulled Rafe closer to him and said, "Rafe, I think you know how to do this. I don't know why Simon was so worried about it."

"Want to take a shower, before we pack?" Rafe asked the two men. "I need to get cleaned up before I pack."

As they all got up, trying not to look embarrassed, they made their way into the bathroom. Rafe grabbed the towels and the three men got into the large shower that was also a huge bathtub. Jim leaned down to Blair and said, "Chief, do you mind if he fucks me?"

"No," Blair said, "Rafe, Jim would like you to fuck him, he loves being a bottom and I'd like to fuck you before you go."

"Butt, butt, butt," Rafe said and they all started laughing. The fun was just beginning.

One hour later they walked out of the bathroom and getting dressed, Blair said, "Rafe we need to get you packed and ready so you can get over to the hotel."

"I know." Rafe said sadly. "We'll see you at the loft when the assignment is over. I mean, if you want to still see us."

"Yeah, I do." Rafe said smiling. "I really like your butts." And they packed as they laughed their collective butts off.

The end. Geez, now you know why my hubster calls me Ramblin Rose.

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