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Too Little Too Late

by Satina

Title: Too Little Too Late
Author: themkshrine@yahoo.com (Satina)
Website: http://themkshrine.angelfire.com/satina.html
Rating: NC-17
Keywords: M/K, slash, lyric wheel fic
Disclaimer: Okay, this time you can blame Ratadder, not me, or at least you can blame her, too, since she gave me the lyrics to write for. And neither of us can figure out a way this is going to put money in our pockets, so back off, Consortium. I mean Fox.
Summary: "We've got just about fifteen minutes to enjoy this song," he whispered in Mulder's ear. "We can spend it like this, or you can let me do what I came out here to do."
Spoilers: I think it will be pretty damned obvious that certain settings were lifted quite liberally from "Fight the Future." But it's not like you can't enjoy this little romp in the gutter if you haven't seen that. This takes place a short time after The Red and The Black...you know...the kiss?
Notes: Russian provided by the very awesome Alternative Russian Dictionary:
Russian/English translation: propezdoloch = a foxy person
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There's a time to let loose and have a few and there's a time to be lucid, thought Alex, stroking the condensation off his beer glass reflectively. Mulder was having one of the former. He watched as Mulder gestured to the barmaid to set down yet another shot of Cuervo, sloppily driving the tip of his index finger against the bar and letting it slide back down into his lap. He knocked it back, wiped his lips and struggled to stand, with that universally recognizable grimace that said his bladder was about three shots past full.

Alex smiled. Showtime.

He watched as Mulder staggered to the men's room and he grinned at the look of irritation and desperation that crossed that gorgeous face when he saw the "out of order" sign he'd stuck on it. He felt his heart rate speed up as Mulder took the bait and headed into the back of the bar toward the alley door.

He dropped three dollars' worth of quarters into the jukebox and made his selection, then made his way to the restroom and removed the sign. Unable to keep the smile from his face, he walked to the back door and pushed it just slightly open, casing the scene. No one but Mulder in the dark, dirty space behind the old brick building. He slipped out the door and quietly pushed a large metal trash barrel in front of it to dissuade any other alley- frequenters. He really, really didn't want to be disturbed.

He could see Mulder behind the large dumpster, visible from the chest up, his head laid back, eyes closed as he pissed a river up against a campaign poster for George W. Bush. Alex waited patiently as Mulder loosed a long sigh and shook the last drops from his tool, then before the thoroughly inebriated agent could get properly tucked back in, he pounced.

Alex threw his real right arm around Mulder's arms and chest, locking them down to his sides. He wrapped the fake arm around his waist, yanking him back hard against him.

"Wha' the fuck?" Mulder slurred, struggling ineffectually in Alex's perfectly sober hold.

Alex's lips were at his ear and his voice was a hot, moist growl. "Hi Fox. Nice to see you again."

"Kryshek! Wha' the hell are you doing here?" Mulder's head whipped from side to side, trying to evade the warm mouth and get a look at the face attached to it.

"Just having a night out. Like you, Fox," Alex answered, tightening his grip, and holding back his groan as his erection settled itself in the crack of Mulder's ass, covered only by his boxer-briefs. In Mulder's struggles to pull Alex's arms off him, he had let go of his pants and they had slid down around his ankles.

Mulder stumbled as he struggled to get away, and Alex caught him with his body, this time letting loose the sound of pleasure caused by Mulder mashing up against his hard-on. "Uhn Mulder stop that. You're such a tease."

"If you're gonna kill me juss do it, Kryshek," spat Mulder, still fighting against the man now holding him upright and keeping him from pitching over with his pants tangled around his feet.

"Kill you?" purred Krycek in his ear, letting his tongue flick out for just an instant, tasting the soft lobe. "I don't wanna kill you, Fox. I just want a dance." The sounds of a perky, upbeat pop song wafted out through the windows of the bar. "They're playing our song."

"Wha...?" Mulder appeared to be struggling to both hear the song and make sense of Krycek's puzzling statement. He stopped struggling and laughed. "Isn't this a little bouncy for you, Kryshek?" he asked, voice dripping with disdain.

"Bouncy can be good, Fox," said Alex, starting to move his body against Mulder's to the frantic beat of the song. "What can I say? I'm in a good mood tonight." He twitched his hips forward and back, doing a private little dance against Mulder's ass. "Only thing is," he said, gripping Mulder's shoulder tightly with his real hand. "Dancing's much better face to face."

He twirled Mulder around in his arms, bringing him hard up against him and locking him there once more, his fake arm around his upper back and his real arm around his waist. The song ended as Alex pushed him back against the brick wall with the force of his body.

"Missed the song." said Mulder between clenched teeth, wriggling to get free but only succeeding in rubbing his own erection against Krycek's and eliciting a stunned, thrilled gasp from his captor. Just then the little ditty started up again and Krycek moved them both, swinging their pelvises together on every other down beat, using the hard grace of his body in a sensuous and ceaseless undulation.

"We've got just about fifteen minutes to enjoy this song," he whispered in Mulder's ear. "We can spend it like this, or you can let me do what I came out here to do."

Mulder swallowed audibly, still pushing against Krycek's chest, but a little less forcefully now. "What..." his slur appeared to be fading fast. "What did you come here to do?"

"This, for one thing," said Alex, bringing his mouth down on Mulder's. He pressed his lips hard against the other man's, unable to contain his moan at finally feeling that surly mouth instead of the pleasant but inadequate substitute of a razor- stubbly cheek. He felt little resistance and flicked his tongue along Mulder's lips, not really expecting entry but totally unable to stop himself from making the effort.

He groaned loudly as the lips under his parted, admitting his tongue. The groan turned to a sob as he felt Mulder's tongue press into his mouth, matching his probing and stroking with sucking, licking strokes of its own.

Where Mulder's hands had been braced against Alex's chest, pushing him away, they now moved to his sides, gripping him and pulling him in closer. Alex's low moans were matched by higher ones coming from the mouth under him and he ground himself harder against the agent, now ignoring the beat of the music and listening to the rhythyms of his own body. He moved his fake arm down around Mulder's waist and used his real one to stroke through the soft dark hair of his nemesis, pulling his head in harder into the groaning, hungry kiss that seemed to go on forever.

Finally, Mulder broke the kiss, pulling his head back from Krycek's grip and leaning his forehead against the other man's.

Gasping for air, Mulder asked, "What else?"

Alex panted and blinked, confused. "What?" he breathed, not wanting to break the precious contact of skin to skin. He could smell the tequila on Mulder's breath and he was dizzy with the taste of it on his tongue.

Mulder moved his face down into Alex's neck and spoke against the sensitive flesh there, his words muffled. "You said for one thing. What else did you come out here to do?" He rested his lips against Alex's skin, not kissing, just letting his breath tickle Alex's ear.

Alex smiled. "Something I never dreamed in a million years you'd let me do, no matter how drunk," he answered, his voice coarse with entreaty but heavy with resigned acceptance that the liberty wouldn't be granted.

He cried out in what only sounded like pain as Mulder suddenly bit his earlobe. "Try me," Mulder growled in his ear, grinding his crotch into Alex's.

"God, Mulder," gasped Alex, gripping his hair and moving his face up for another kiss. He tongue- fucked Mulder's mouth, moaning and swallowing the answering moans coming from the mouth connected to his. Then before he could lose his nerve, he broke the kiss and dropped to his knees in the dirt of the alley, panting.

He felt Mulder's hands grasping his head, pulling his hair, but Mulder wasn't pulling him away, he was pulling him closer. Alex wrapped his prosthetic arm around Mulder's bare legs and used the real one to rake his underwear down, first on one side, then the other, yanking it down to join the puddle of fabric around his feet. Mulder's head was thrown back, lips parted, and he was making a low, keening whine in the back of his throat as Alex stripped him.

Alex watched Mulder's beautiful, long, dusky erection bounce free of its cotton confines and he closed his eyes for just a moment, capturing the vision on the backs of his eyelids and making himself exist here, now in the moment in order to fully experience it. He could smell Mulder's musk, and a faint undercurrent of sweat, along with the slight tang of the urine Mulder had just emptied himself of in the alley. It was a hot, thick, Muldersmell and Alex breathed deeply and felt his whole body shudder in response.

"God, do it," groaned Mulder, pushing himself into Alex's face, sliding the silky length of his rock hard cock against his cheek then jerking back slightly at the rasp of the stubble.

Alex grabbed the base of Mulder's shaft and brought the tip to his lips, swirling his tongue around the swollen head in soft, then harder circles, eliciting what sounded like a sob from the man above him. He drove the tip of his tongue into the slit, licking out the pre-ejaculate and making Mulder's hips jerk reflexively with the intense sensation. Surprisingly, Mulder was making no attempt to fuck his face but letting Alex control the action, only intermittently gripping and stroking Alex's hair and trying to keep his knees from buckling.

Alex's own erection was straining painfully against the crotch of his jeans, but he ignored it, focusing on giving Mulder the blowjob of his life. He flicked his tongue, fast and hard, against the underside of the head of Mulder's cock and Mulder's moans went higher, with a sound very similar to crying. Alex wrapped his lips tightly around the head now, keeping his tongue moving across the tiny ridge of sensitive flesh at its underside as he applied a strong, rhythmic sucking. Mulder started thrusting his hips forward, seeking to drive more deeply into Alex's mouth, but Alex moved his head in time with the thrusting, keeping Mulder's cock from ramming down his throat. Mulder continued the constant humming moan and tightened his grip painfully on Alex's hair.

Alex was grateful for the distraction the pain provided, as it took the edge off his own overwheming need for stimulation. He moved his mouth further onto Mulder's cock, now sliding his tongue around the shaft as he sucked it down, as if it were the world's tastiest ice cream cone. As the head began hitting the back of his throat, he had to switch to a firm rubbing of his tongue back and forth against the vein on the underside, as he moved Mulder's shaft in and out of his mouth, controlling the rhythym of the movement with his hand, still wrapped tightly around the base. He kept this up for a few minutes, taking Mulder a little deeper each time, sucking and flicking his tongue tirelessly, causing Mulder's legs to shake and his hips to jerk. With a hard suckling lick, he pulled off, gripping the base of Mulder's cock tightly.

He looked up and saw Mulder staring down at him, confused and frustrated and angry and dazed.

"You can fuck my face, Mulder," he gasped out. "I'll let you. I want you to. I only have one good hand, and I want to make this good, so I'm going to let go of you but you have to promise not to hurt me." To his surprise, Mulder's eyes softened at once and he nodded quickly, loosening his painful grip on Alex's hair and stroking his fingers through it, making him shiver and lean into the touch.

Alex moved forward and took Mulder's length in his mouth again, now letting go of the shaft and sliding his hand farther between Mulder's legs, fingering his balls and pressing into his perineum as he sucked and licked and moved his head back and forth. He felt Mulder take hold of his head, but gently this time, and begin to thrust into his mouth, just deeply enough to bump against the back of his throat without causing him pain. Alex groaned deeply at the amazing control and consideration Mulder was showing and decided it was time to really show him what he was capable of. The song wasn't going to play forever.

He slipped his hand out from between Mulder's legs and reached up blindly, seeking his face. He felt his fingers immediately drawn into the wet heat of Mulder's mouth and groaned again as Mulder sucked and licked his fingers to the same tempo that Alex sucked and licked his cock. Reluctantly, Alex pulled his fingers free of that sweet, hot heaven and pressed them between Mulder's legs again, which parted slightly, giving him access.

Mulder's thrusts became harder and deeper, and Alex concentrated on relaxing his gag relflex in order to allow Mulder's long organ to slide as far into his throat as he could stand. As Mulder continued fucking his throat, he worked his finger up behind Mulder's balls, pressing in against his hot little opening, causing Mulder to jerk forward convulsively, ramming himself painfully into Alex's throat for a moment before recovering just enough to pull back and gasp an apology.

Alex just moaned against the hard, silky flesh in his mouth and pushed his fingertip into that hole, a little deeper each time, now finger-fucking his ass to the same tempo that Mulder fucked his face. He felt Mulder's balls draw up against his body and knew it was almost over.

Alex focused all his will on his throat and finger and as he pushed his finger all the way in up to the base, feeling for that hard pleasure center deep within, he swallowed down on the hot flesh in his throat. Suddenly, without warning, he felt and heard Mulder lose control. Mulder's hips jerked erratically, driving his cock deep into Alex's swallowing throat and filling it with spurt after spurt of hot liquid that Alex would never taste. He held his head still, his teeth covered, and his throat open as he struggled to breathe between hard, fast thrusts.

"Krycek! Jesus! Fuck! Krycek!" Mulder was gasping and calling out his name, and although Alex would have preferred to be called by his first name during sex, he supposed it was a damn good start. He left his finger buried deep inside Mulder as he felt the man finish out his climax. Mulder finally pulled himself free of Alex's mouth with a shuddering gasp, petting his head over and over. Alex removed his finger, slowly and carefully, and with a last kiss on the drained and twitching member, rose to his feet, brushing the dirt from his knees.

He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he looked into Mulder's panting, sweaty face. He noticed that his song had finally indeed stopped playing, replaced by some annoying Whitney Houston ballad. "My song's over," he said, leaning in to kiss Mulder gently on the lips.

He was very pleasantly surprised when Mulder grabbed his face and held it in place for a deep, searching, probing kiss. Mulder pulled his face back, still holding Alex's just inches away. "What about..." he looked down at Alex's bulge, obvious even in the low light of the alley. "You?"

Alex sighed, made completely boneless by the concern in that low, velvety voice. "Next time, propezdoloch," he said, closing his eyes and brushing his lips against Mulder's one last time before pulling out of his embrace.

"Next time?" Mulder's eyes were wide and dark and his hands fell to his sides. Then, realizing he was naked, he quickly bent to pull up his underwear and pants. When he looked back up, he was alone in the alley. He scanned the area, zipping up his pants, then went back into the bar and looked all around. Krycek was nowhere to be found.

Chewing on his lower lip, he made his way over to the jukebox and studied the titles. He hadn't really been in a frame of mind to recognize the song that had been playing, but he thought maybe his mind would make a subconscious connection between some heard lyrics and one of the song titles listed. He needn't have worried.

"You better not play that fucking Barenaked Ladies song, asshole," said a large, bearded man at the bar. "Six goddamned times is more than enough."

Mulder smiled stupidly at him. "I wasn't the one who bought that song," he said, turning back to the list and scanning for the name. "Do you happen to know the title by any chance?" he asked, as he found three Barenaked Ladies titles on the machine.

"Yeah. I'll probably never get that stupid thing out of my head now," snarled the man. "Too Little Too Late's the name of it. And I never fucking wanna hear it again."

"Thanks," said Mulder, already making his way to the door of the bar to leave.

He took a cab home, collapsing the minute he got in the door, intending to find the lyrics to the song in the morning.

When he woke, he went over to his desk to check his email, blinking through his pounding hangover and sucking down Tylenol and coffee in burning gulps. He nearly choked when he saw the subject on one of the messages.

'Too Little Too Late?'

Steadying his now-trembling fingers, he sat down and opened the email message. It was a text message with a .mp3 attachment. He downloaded the file and played it after scanning for viruses. As the bouncy pop song filled his empty apartment, he read the lyrics on the screen and smiled.

His fingers slipped clumsily on the keys as he typed his reply.

'Maybe. Maybe not.'

He hit send.


"Too Little Too Late"
by Barenaked Ladies

You say, "Why does everything revolve around you?" You say, "Why does everything I do confound you?" You say that I pulled the world from under you, You can't go through it this time

I could be good, and I would - If I knew I was understood And it'll be great, just wait - Or is it too little too late?

One day, this embarrassment will fade behind me And that day I could think of things that won't remind me But these days it's unbearable for both of us, We can't discuss it this way

I'm gaining strength, trying to learn to pull my own weight But I'm gaining pounds at the precipice of Too Late Just wait

I could be good, and I would - If I knew I was understood And it'll be great, just wait - or is it too little too late?

Record and play, after years of endless rewind Yesterday wasn't half as tough as this time This time isn't Hell, Last time, I couldn't tell This mind wasn't well Next time, hope I'm...

Gonna be good, and I would - If I knew I was understood And it'll be great, just wait - Or is it too little too late?