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Pleasures - Guilty, And Not So Guilty

by Scribe

Written for the WWOMB's Character of the Week thing--Alex Krycek featured.

Title: Pleasures--Guilty, and Not So Guilty
Author: Scribe
Fandom: X Files
Pairing: Krycek/Mulder
Rating: NC17
Summary: Someone watches a very private tape.
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Status: Complete
Sequel/Series: This story is separate from my Poetic Series.
Disclaimer: I did not create the characters here, I don't own them. I derive no profit from this effort. I mean nothing but respect for the creators, owners, and the actors and actresses who portray them.
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Notes: In answer to the WWOMB Character of the Week--Alex Krycek

He pulls the tape out of the plain cardboard sleeve. There's not art work, no advertising blurb--nothing but the brand name of the tape. *Fuji, ST-160, Super VHS. The good stuff.* The tape case is blank, also--the black plastic free of any label or writing. He runs a thumb over the plastic flap that guards the tape itself, thinking of the flat, thin ribbon inside. *Amazing what such a thing can hold.*

He turns on the television, finding the right channel. They're showing something from the early nineties--some 'gangsta' movie. There's a shoot out going on, and he watches while one of the men blasts away with an automatic, aiming with the gun twisted inward, so that his forearm is flat from elbow to wrist. He snorts. "Fucking amateur." He squats and hits the power button on the VCR, then slides the tape into the slot. He stands and goes back to sit on the couch opposite the television, knowing that the first minute or two of the tape will show nothing but an empty room.

He sits, hand going out to the beer he'd placed on the side table. The condensation hasn't had time to start to bead on the glass, but it's almost frigid against the warmth of his palm, and the beer itself makes his teeth buzz with the cold. *This is the life--a lazy afternoon, a cold beer, and a good, private porn tape.* He studies the empty room, cocking his head. *It's mind boggling what they can do with fiber optics these days. The only problem with this tape is that it doesn't change angle, or zoom in. Other than that...* The door in the on-screen room opens, and he sinks a little deeper into the cushions, lips curving in anticipation.

Two men enter the room--one in a neat suit, and the other in jeans and a battered leather jacket. The first one runs a hand through his hair, staring around the room suspiciously. The dark haired one is locking the door, and, voice amused, "Go ahead and make a sweep, Mulder. You won't be able to relax if you don't." Mulder shoots him a sharp look. Krycek shrug off his jacket as he says, "I understand. The meeting place was agreed on too far in advance for you to be sure that there aren't any plants." He grins. "You won't hurt my feelings."

Mulder hesitates a moment, then he moves quickly around the room, pulling pictures away from the wall, tipping lamps to peer down into the shades, looking in the closet. As he does this, Krycek is taking off his shoes, then pulling his tee shirt over his head. Mulder turns from the closet just as Alex is dropping the shirt on the dresser. He scowls. "You're taking a hell of a lot for granted, Krycek." Krycek's only answer is a smirk as he begins to open his belt. "I mean it. I came here to talk."

Alex has pulled his belt free from the loops. "Oh, come on, Mulder." He moves toward the FBI agent. "If you just wanted to TALK," he swings the belt. It loops around Mulder's waist, and he catches the end on the other side, then uses it to jerk Mulder tight against his body. "We would be having a conversation in a bar, or a restaurant--not a no-tell motel."

Mulder stands stiff with disapproval, but he isn't so tall that Alex can't stand flat-footed and kiss him, so he does. He gets no response at first, and pulls back slightly. "Huh, look at that sulky mouth. You're going to be stubborn, aren't you? That's all right--I love you despite your faults." He laughs when Mulder shoves him away.

Mulder points at him. "You are a DEVIL." Alex sits on the edge of the bed and unzips his fly, then reaches inside. His hand begins to move slowly. Mulder watches for a moment. His hands drift up and begin to loosen his tie, his movements almost unconscious. Alex lifts his ass just enough to shove his pants down. He isn't wearing underwear, and he's half-hard. "A green-eyed devil, and I'm fucking possessed."

Alex reclines on the bed, stroking himself. "Yeah, you WOULD think of that. No demon--just a plain old sinner..." he stretched, back arching, erection falling back against his belly, "and I could use a little help here." The suit is discarded in haste, the pants draped over a chair, but the jacket ending up on the floor. When Mulder is nude, Alex nods toward the door. "Going to turn off the lights? I'd kinda like to have a good look at you this time."

Mulder crawls on the bed, spreading himself over Alex's body. "That's right--watch me make a fool of myself."

Alex buries his hands in Mulder's hair, and this time the kiss is deep, wet, and intense. "As long as you're just a fool for me, Mulder."

It progresses quickly. They move together, mouths wandering over faces, necks, and hands mapping torsos and flanks as their erections rub together. There is laughter when Alex almost falls off the bed, leaning over to reach into his jeans pocket for lubricant and condom. Alex threatens to make Mulder pay for that disrespect, then makes good on the threat by driving his lover to whining, shivering frustration with his slow, thorough preparation. The camera angle is just right to catch the glistening slide of well oiled fingers in and out of Mulder's anus, the shift of his balls just below every time Alex finds his prostate, causing him to squirm in need. Finally he's begging, and only then does Alex move up between his wide spread thighs, pull his hips up, and mount him in one long thrust.

After that it slows. Alex fucks him slowly, and strongly. When Mulder tries to thrust back and impale himself more vigorously, he is held firmly, Krycek's fingers sinking deep into his hips as he tells his lover to, "Hold up, hold up, now. No hurry, lover." Only when Mulder has stopped his effort does Krycek resume his lazy thrusts, the pale curves of his ass flexing with each plunge. He speeds up gradually, his movements becoming sharper. Mulder is moaning quietly, breath hitching each time Krycek's loins smack his buttocks.

Finally Alex slides his arms around Mulder's waist, hands gliding down to grip Mulder's straining, dripping cock, and he begins to fist it strongly. "All right, hot stuff. Go! Go!" With a small cry, Mulder begins to shove back--spiking himself on Krycek's cock, then fucking into his stroking fist. In only a moment he climaxes. The camera even catches the flight of the drops of spunk as it splatters the blanked beneath their heaving bodies.

Krycek finishes with a few hard thrusts, grunting with the effort and pleasure, skidding Mulder forward with the force. Then they collapse together. Mulder mutters, "Damn it, Alex, I'm gonna have fucking blanket burns on my knees."

There wasn't much more. After a few minutes of rest, Krycek got up and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. He returned carrying two damp cloths, tossing one to Mulder. They cleaned themselves in silence, then began to dress. There would be no cuddling, no shared sleep, no waking up in each other's arms. This had been just sex on one side--at least consciously.

Finally there was nothing more than what there had been at first--an empty room. The only traces of occupation were a couple of soiled washcloths, a condom wrapper, and a new set of come stains on the already less than pristine blanket.

The watcher set aside the empty beer bottle and took a moment to thoughtfully stroke the bulge that distended his fly. *The very best porn is the candid kind.* He stood and went to the entertainment center, knowing that he should remove the tape immediately. The watcher had almost forgotten once. If the other 'star' had found it in the VCR, that WOULD have made life interesting. *Or what if the tape got tangled up inside of the machine? They try to eat them occasionally.*

The tape went back into the case, and he ran his hand over it fondly. *I really ought to destroy this. God knows I've watched it enough to memorize it. But I could get in a LOT of trouble--and so could he.* He went into the bedroom, squatted before the dresser, and reached up under it, feeling. He found the shallow ledge, and carefully tucked the tape back into its hiding place. Just in time-- he heard the door open in the living room.

He went and stood in the bedroom door, hands braced on the jamb, watching as the apartment owner dropped his keys on the table beside the couch.

Fox frowned. "I changed the locks. How many times have you been in my apartment that I don't know of, Krycek?" The former agent shrugged negligently. Mulder came over. His eyes darted past Alex, flicking quickly over the dresser before returning to Krycek's face. "What were you doing in my bedroom?"

Alex smiles slowly, remembering how he'd first broken in, almost two months ago. Mulder had been in the field for some time, and Alex was feeling bored. He'd gone into the apartment just to feel a little closer to Mulder, to learn a little more about him by spending time among his things. Boy, had he learned. He'd found the bland looking tape almost immediately and, of course, watched it. And watched it again. And again. It took him three viewings to believe what he was seeing. *I'll be damned. Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. It isn't like he doesn't know the techniques, or have access to the equipment. But he's a better actor than I gave him credit for. I really thought he was skittish because he was suspicious that I'D rigged the room.* He had chuckled. *Fox, I'm proud of you.* Then he watched the tape again, and this time he jerked off. It had become his favorite viewing since then. Every time he returned to the apartment, he was antsy till he reached under the dresser and his hand found the tape. He wonders now how many more viewings he will have before Mulder finally gets nervous with finding him here to destroy it.

"And?" Mulder is waiting for the answer to the second question.

"Oh, I was just thinking that even when you believe you know someone," he leaned forward and kissed Mulder, "they can surprise you."