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Manual Labor

by Shannon Kizzia

Title: Manual Labor
Author: Shannon Kizzia (sagefyre@fastmail.fm)
Website: http://themkshrine.angelfire.com/shannon.html
Rating: NC-17
Category: V, R, PWP
Keywords: M/Sc/K, Scully POV
Spoilers: None
Summary: Alex. Shirtless. Doing yard work. Need I say more?
Archive: Certainly! But tell me where, please.
Date Posted: 4/28/02
Notes: This happens within the "One Strainer..." universe, but you don't need to read that first. :) Just know they're living together and in a romantic relationship.
Thanks: To Satina, for the title and for your love. :) And once again, to the MSKipperville crew. What a wonderful group with which to share my work.
Disclaimer: These three don't belong to me, but they hang out at my house a lot just the same.

I go from the kitchen to the living room on my way back outside with lemonade for Alex, when I spot Mulder standing at the window. His arms are at his sides, but they're tense. His thumbs stand out slightly from his hands like Clint Eastwood ready to draw in "A Fistful of Dollars."

He's watching Alex.

It's a warm April day and Alex is in the yard digging a hole to plant a tree. He lost his shirt about 20 minutes ago and is now golden brown, glistening with sweat, his muscles straining as he plunges the shovel down into the dirt.

I stand back from Mulder, quietly putting the drink down on the dining table. I watch what he's watching. Alex takes a moment, with the shovel in the ground, to wipe his hair out of his eyes. When he exhales, his stomach pulls in away from the waistband of his blue jeans. When he inhales, his chest expands.

Very slowly, I come up behind Mulder.

"Nice," I say, still looking out the window.

"Yeah," he answers without looking back at me.

"He's working hard," I observe.

"Mmm," he answers.

"I was just going to take him some lemonade," I supply, conversationally.

"Okay," Mulder says absently.

I stand behind him, looking at his not-quite profile. Some subtle tension in his face makes a decision for me. Instead of walking away, I stay and, without thinking, slip my hand down into the front of his jeans from behind. He inhales audibly, but doesn't move as I find his cock hard and waiting. I close my fist around him. His skin is smooth and warm in my hand. I start to slowly jack him. My knuckles brush against the denim and the cool of the zipper.

His lips come apart as he breathes through his mouth. We don't speak to each other. I try not to breathe too heavily. I don't ask if it's okay and he doesn't tell me it is. He watches Alex as I pull and squeeze his dick inside his pants. I feel my own wet arousal seep between the lips of my sex, soaking my panties. My nipples are tight knobs of sensation, my clothes against them almost too much. Mulder's breathing is completely stuttered. It is the only sound he makes, restraining himself. My eyelids feel heavy, so I let them close for a moment. The room is so quiet except for our breathing. It's powerfully erotic.

I open my eyes to see that his head is starting to sag back on his neck, and I check to see that his eyes are still open. They are. Still intent on the beautiful, sweaty, half-naked Alex out back. I try to imagine what Mulder's thinking. If he's thinking about being in his ass. Maybe having him up against the wall of the house where all the neighbors could see.

I picture the two of them, rubbing up against each other, two hot, hard male bodies -- my Mulder, my Alex -- their animal sounds as they take each other. Mulder's heavy, proud cock is pulsing in my hand as I speed up, oozing enough precum now to ease the way and my hand slips against his skin easily. I'm really getting into it, fisting him like I've seen him do himself. I step in closer, unabashedly pressing my aching clit into Mulder's flank, moaning in ecstasy at the contact before I rest my forehead against his back and close my eyes. I breathe through gritted teeth now, no longer trying to disguise my groans and he's not either. He's thrusting his hips now. He's fucking. I love how Mulder fucks. Hard and passionate and honest. He bumps back into me, hitting between my legs and I take it like a man. In fact, I pretend I'm Alex. Sometimes I wish I were. Then we could fuck like they fuck. With that kind of raw, potentially violent energy. Sometimes I think he holds back with me, doesn't want to hurt me. Not now though. Not now while he's looking at Alex. He's not thinking of me and he's not holding back anything. He's fucking him. In his head, he's fucking him.

I roll my head to the side against his muscular shoulder, feeling my orgasm build. I want to come so bad. I want Mulder to come in my hand. I work his cock with everything I know Alex would. I do it fast, faster than I normally do. I'm usually so concerned with finesse. Now I am all speed and strength and concentration. I'm trembling with the need to have him lose control against me. I need his orgasm as much as my own. And then it happens. He throws his head back and howls and comes all over my fingers, my hand; it runs down my wrist as he comes more and he surprises me by yelling, "Scuhleeee!!!"

We stand for a moment, his dick going softer in my hand, but staying partially erect and still quite warm. I draw in a deep breath to sigh when he whirls around on me. He pulls my hand roughly out of his pants and I think he's actually angry with me until he slams me up against the wall and shoves his hand down my jeans and into my underwear. He finds my clit and starts to frig me rough and fast. I didn't know he was even really aware of me behind him at all toward the end much less aware enough to know I was close to coming. His forehead is on mine and I'm gasping air. His luscious mouth is open and so close to mine. We are animals. It's like how they are together, but we are us. He's not careful with my body and my body is singing for him.

"C'mon," he urges on a growl and I lose it. I come for him. I buck and shake against the wall and against him and he guides me through with a tapping finger on my clit that prolongs my release and has me in tears. What this man makes my body do...

"Unngod," I whine as the last powerful contraction seizes my womb and my muscles start to melt.

He takes his hand out and wraps his arm around my low back, holding me to him and consequently away from the impending floor. He breathes in my ear, smiling, "Goddamn, Scully."

I feel myself blush and hide my face in his neck. He holds me for a minute and in the silence I become aware of a distant noise. Like yelling.

Mulder must hear it, too. We both look outside at the same time. Alex is standing by his newly dug hole, his hands on his hips, looking at us. He says nothing, but points a finger in at us and then points it down to the ground at his feet -- <You. Here. Right now.>

Mulder points a finger into his chest and says, "Me?", even though only I can really hear him. We both watch Alex nod slowly. Mulder turns to me again and raises his eyebrows once. Not for the first time I think that it should be illegal to be so sexy.

"Go," I tell him.

He captures my mouth with his in a searing kiss, copping a nice feel of my breast at the same time, then he releases me and starts to back away, smiling.

"Don't forget the lemonade," I tell him.

"Thanks," he says and picks it up on the way out, winking at me. I roll my eyes, a stupid smile creeping onto my lips.

I stand at the window and watch Mulder as he goes outside and walks up to Alex in the sun. They stand for a moment, talking I presume, and then Alex grabs the back of Mulder's head and plants one hell of a kiss on him. And wouldn't you know it, Mulder drops the lemonade.

I sigh to myself, shaking my head, and continue to watch them kiss for a moment, Mulder's arms now coming around Alex, their bodies pressing into each other, hands beginning to explore each other's asses as is inevitable with them. They are simply beautiful.

But I'm thirsty. So I leave them to each other and go start some more lemonade. We're all going to need it.

The End