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Ave Maria And RATChat Revenge

by Amber M. Howard

The following vignette does not include a summary, disclaimer or rating. Since this is only a revenge snippet for the girls who were on RATchat the other night, please DO NOT ARCHIVE! (unless Laura wants to archive it. Speaking of which, all of my listfics have four-oh-fours.)

Scully rapped loudly on the door of Room 103. The door opened and the dark haired man looked up and down the hall before pulling her inside.

"Mulder and Spender are still at the cafe gathering evidence." She panted as she ripped off his shirt and shoved his jeans down around his ankles. "Don't be nervous."

"At the cafe? They're getting evidence from the cafe? Oh God..." Krycek said, remembering something just as the door was kicked open.

"FEDERAL AGENT!" Mulder screamed at the top of his lungs with Spender right behind him.

Scully's heart lurched in terror.

The two men stared at the joined couple in horror. "You two-timing rat bastard!" they yelled in unison.

Krycek, looking rather guilty, stumbled off to the bathroom with his pants around his knees. He suddenly needed to pee.

His three furious double-crossed lovers stormed into the bathroom after him, catching him as he was just about to begin, starting an orgy in the tiny bathroom of Room 103 in the Newark, New Jersey Motel 6. Until the Flukeman came through the drain and ate them all.

(What, did you actually expect me to explain how he uses the bathroom with one hand.??!!?)

The End