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An Apocalypse, A Sprig Of Mistletoe, And Thou

by Spica

A (somewhat sheepish) author's note: All right, this piece is so very out of season now. Computer problems stopped me from posting it at Christmas, and by the time I was online again, the moment was, as they say, gone. However, the lovely Muridae has asked me to post it so that she can put it up on the list archive, and I can't say no to Muridae. So here you are, and Merry January, everyone! ;)

Title: An Apocalypse, A Sprig of Mistletoe, and Thou
Author: Spica (spica111@fastmail.fm)
Website: http://spica.popullus.net/
Archive: For the Harem, fine. Others, please ask.
Disclaimer: CC, 1013 and Fox own them.
Keywords: 155 words, R, K/Ma
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Just a heaped teaspoon of pre-apocalyptic schmoop.
Spoilers: Season 8
Beta thanks: To the Green-Eyed Monsters. Mwah!

"--So, I forgot to buy fucking mistletoe! We still have holly, ivy, a goddamned *tree*--" Alex stops, hearing his own strained pitch.

"Forget it," she says tightly, emptying the shopping bag. "It doesn't matter."

The dingy two-room apartment sparkles with her efforts. Who would've thunk Marita was a closet traditionalist? It's the first Christmas they'll spend together, and with the Antichrist possibly gestating under Scully's heart, he'd say it's 50-50 whether there will be another. So who gives a damn about a sprig of--


Taking in her flushed face, long with disappointment, Alex is lost for words. Jesus, Covarrubias can be such a *girl* sometimes...

He walks over to her. Marita sighs and flushes deeper. "Alex, really, forget it--"

He smiles. Fingertips cupping her chin, he leans down and whispers against her lips--tidings of comfort and joy, his voice rough with conviction:

"I don't need fucking mistletoe to kiss you."