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Alex Unleashed:

by Satina

Title: Alex Unleashed 2: Clean
Author: themkshrine@yahoo.com (Satina)
Website: http://themkshrine.angelfire.com/satina.html
Rating: NC-17 for sex
Keywords: M/K
Disclaimer: I might be willing to deal if I see the boys together in the finale. Maybe. We'll see.
Summary: Mulder washes it away.
Archive: I used to give it all away to everyone, but after getting burned, I'd appreciate it if you asked first. Yes in advance to any list it's posted on.
Spoilers: No.
Feedback: It keeps me going on the bad days and makes me loopy on the good ones. And it keeps the fic-fountain flowing.

After giving his embarrassing statement more times than he was going to ever want to admit to, watching police officers grimace at both his lover's bloody appearance and that of his unlikely weapon, Mulder was finally able to convince them to let him and Alex go. EMT's pronounced his arm most probably just sprained, not broken, recommending that Mulder have it X-rayed right away. Of course, Mulder didn't, thanking them for the sling and trying not to be rude as he brushed off their well-meaning concerns.

Then they had the dilemma of how to get Alex home without scaring the shit out of some taxi driver and ruining his upholstery. Finally, leaving a pale and tight-lipped Alex in the alley surrounded by officers none the wiser about his true identity, Mulder hurried into the bar and borrowed several bar towels, with which he gently wiped down Alex's face, chest, arms, hands, and pants. He then took the leash and wrapped it in another towel. When Alex was clean enough to get on public transport without arousing terror, they hailed a cab and made their way silently home.

Mulder put his hand on Alex's knee in the cab, but the muscles under his fingers were hard and tense and stayed that way all the way across town. Alex kept his eyes downcast, and Mulder gave him his space. Alex didn't appear to be comfortable with touch, so Mulder exited the cab first, paying it off and letting Alex step out alone. They walked up to his apartment, Mulder still holding the leash wrapped in the bar towel, now soaking through with small splotches of drying blood.

As the door closed behind them, Mulder couldn't help but utter a long, deep sigh of relief. Alex stopped in the middle of the living room and just stood there, hands twitching slightly at his sides. Mulder stepped up to him, laying the bundle on the floor carefully, then taking Alex by the shoulders gently.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he said softly, reaching around to unfasten the straps of the sexy little harness he'd bought for Alex a couple of weeks ago, wondering if he'd see it on him again. Alex just stood passive, letting Mulder undo the straps and peel them away from his sweaty body. Mulder let the strips of studded leather fall to the floor and ran his hands over Alex's chest. Alex inhaled sharply, but his face was still tight and closed, so Mulder didn't linger, shifting his focus to removing Alex's blood-streaked leather pants.

He thought momentarily of the mindless lust he'd experienced at his most recent visualization of this moment. He had been fully planning on peeling these pants slowly down his lover's legs, running his nails up the backs of Alex's thighs the way he knew he liked it, and then placing one hand over Alex's mouth while he used the other to help him guide his cock home, fucking him against the back wall of the bar silently. He sighed, feeling guilty at the wash of arousal this rumination brought over him, aware that Alex was not the least bit turned on, and in fact, looked rather pale and sick. Mulder quickly unfastened the pants and helped Alex step out of them, kneeling to unfasten his boots and place them to the side.

His heart squeezed at the way Alex wouldn't meet his eyes, but he forced himself not to push it, instead brushing his hand lightly down Alex's arm before going into the bathroom and starting the shower. When the temperature was right, he removed his own clothing, trying hard not to think of the feeling of those men's hands and...other appendages on him, quelling the slight shudders, trying to focus on getting them both past this and on to better things. He exited the bathroom naked, and walked back out to find Alex still standing in the middle of the living room, staring at the floor.

"Come on, Alex," Mulder said, taking him by the hand. "Let's get clean."

Alex didn't resist, letting Mulder lead him into the bathroom, then into the oversized shower stall. Mulder felt much of his tension drain as he watched the residual blood smears rinse off his lover's skin, washing down the drain and leaving him once again looking like the beautiful man Mulder knew him to be.

Alex seemed to feel some of the relief as well, closing his eyes and dropping his head back, letting the hot water sluice down his face and body, making no effort to redirect it, just standing in the hard spray, lips parted, breathing hard. Despite himself, Mulder felt his cock surge to partially erect at the sight of Alex in such total submission and abandon. Wordlessly, Mulder picked up the soap, and forgoing the loofah in favor of his bare hands, began stroking it over every bit of Alex that he could reach. Alex made little movement, turning a bit when Mulder prompted him to, lifting his arms to give him better access, and stepping his feet apart to allow Mulder to soap his thighs.

The water washed every last trace of blood down the drain, and Mulder picked up the shampoo. He pressed himself up close against a much more relaxed Alex's back, no longer hiding his now fully hardened arousal, massaging the fragrant-smelling foam into the silky ebony strands. He smiled as he felt Alex sigh and lean back into him, the first effort Alex had taken to get close to Mulder since the ordeal. He lightly scraped his nails across Alex's scalp, watching the shivers this produced, and smiling even bigger as Alex began moving his tight, round ass cheeks against Mulder's ever-more-insistent erection.

Mulder rinsed every trace of shampoo from Alex's hair, then leaned in and pressed his lips against Alex's ear.

"God, you're beautiful," he murmured, wrapping his good arm around Alex's body, sliding his cock right up between those perfect globes in front of them. Alex's hands slid back, stroking up Mulder's thighs, pulling him in tighter against his backside with a quiet moan. "Let's get out of here before the water turns cold and ruins our fun," said Mulder quietly, letting go of Alex only long enough to reach forward and turn off the water. In the silence of the now quiet bathroom, it suddenly seemed more difficult. Mulder quickly turned Alex's body around and pulled it up against him, taking his mouth in a deep, slow, possessive kiss.

Alex whimpered into his mouth, his arms coming up to clutch at Mulder's hips, and Mulder gasped as their hard, hot, wet cocks bumped up together between their slick bodies.

"Come on, pet," said Mulder, feeling Alex's need to be reassured that he was still safe, that Mulder would still take care of him, that Mulder still wanted him. Alex whimpered quietly again and let Mulder lead him out of the shower, and then stood, looking much more relaxed, and meeting Mulder's eyes gratefully as Mulder ran a towel quickly over both of their bodies, getting them just dry enough not to saturate the sheets. Then he flung the towel to the floor impatiently, yanking Alex in by the neck for one quick kiss before turning and walking out of the bathroom, trailing his hand behind him and smiling to himself as he felt Alex lightly take hold of his fingers, letting him lead him to their shared bed.

As they entered the dark bedroom and walked over to the bed, Mulder turned to see Alex beginning to sink to his knees before him, head lowered.

Mulder reached out and stroked through the shiny, wet hair, and Alex leaned into the touch, his eyes fluttering closed on a sigh, head falling back. "Mmmm that's beautiful, but I want you on the bed, pet," he said quietly, placing his fingers beneath Alex's chin and urging him up. Alex's eyes opened and his tightly muscled body gracefully unfolded itself as he stood and then climbed onto the bed, again on his knees near the foot, awaiting Mulder's next request.

Mulder climbed on and kneeled in front of him so that they were facing one another, their bodies a scant two feet apart. Alex chewed the inside of his lower lip a bit nervously, but said nothing, eyes lowered. Mulder reached up and stroked the side of Alex's face, and watched the thick, dark lashes come down over the beautiful green eyes once again as Alex gave himself over to Mulder's touch.

"I don't know what you're telling yourself," Mulder lied, "but I'm damned fucking glad you were there tonight. You saved my ass, and possibly my life." Alex's eyes fluttered open and he stared into Mulder's, blinking back obvious pain and doubt and shame. Mulder sighed.

"Alex," he said, sitting back on his heels. "Talk to me." He watched Alex's body sag as he wordlessly expressed his disappointment at having to be more than Mulder's pet, but he didn't waver, waiting for Alex to straighten up and face him on equal footing. Finally, with a quiet sigh, Alex's chin came up and his gaze steadied, meeting Mulder's.

"What do you want me to say?"

"You're obviously telling yourself a lot of bullshit about this, so I just figured it was only fair you let me in on it," said Mulder, keeping his voice gentle but firm.

Alex tried to look away, but Mulder reached forward and brought his face back around. Alex frowned, not liking the loss of control now that he was out of his sub space. He jerked his face back out of Mulder's hand and met his imploring look.

"I didn't think...I was still capable of...something like that," he finally forced out, his jaw tensing, eyes squinting.

Mulder sighed. "I don't think you would be, in just any situation," he said carefully, keeping Alex's eyes on his. "It's not as though you did that for your own pleasure, is it?" he asked, being purposely facetious.

"Of course not," Alex bit out. "But, god, Mulder...when I saw them...threatening you...*touching* you..." Alex closed his eyes, gritting his teeth and breathing back the resurfacing anger. "I lost control. I...I was just an animal, thinking only of the best way to kill them. Kill them all." He said the last words as though they were filth in his mouth and closed his eyes.

Mulder sighed again. "Alex, anyone would have had the same reaction," he said, and was interrupted.

"Oh come on, Mulder. You would never have done something so...brutal," Alex spat, eyes open and flashing.

"No," said Mulder calmly. "You're probably right. But it wouldn't have been because I didn't want to, Alex. I just haven't had the training and the history you have. I don't have it in me. You do. That's all."

Alex closed his eyes again, his lips twisting in a grimace of disgust. Mulder reached forward again, brushing his thumb gently over those frowning lips. Alex jerked back, but Mulder leaned forward, following his body, not allowing him to escape the small caress.

"Alex, do you remember what you said when you came to me that night, and fell to your knees, offering yourself up to me?" Mulder smoothed the grimace from the soft, pink lips in front of him and the green eyes finally opened, focusing in on his. "I do. You said you'd do things for me that I couldn't or wouldn't do. Do you remember?" Mulder didn't leave Alex room not to answer him, pinning him with a hard gaze, waiting.

"I remember." Alex's voice was nearly inaudible, and he tried to look away, but Mulder wouldn't let him.

"Good. Then you also remember I accepted your offer. Because I knew you were right, Alex. You *can* do things I can't or won't do. Things..." Mulder swallowed, looking a little uncomfortable. "Things that need done," he finished firmly. "Things someone has to do. You're that someone for me, Alex. Just like you said you would be. And I needed that tonight. And you gave it to me. Just like you promised me you would."

Alex blinked rapidly, squinting against the emotions Mulder could see warring on his face.

"I need you to be you, Alex," said Mulder quietly, rising up on his knees and moving closer to him. "I wouldn't want you to be anyone else. You're the one I want."

Now Alex ducked his head, trying to hide the tears Mulder knew he'd seen sparkling in those dark green depths, but Mulder didn't allow that, either, reaching up and stroking his hand through Alex's hair firmly, bringing his face back up. "Are you saying you don't want to be that for me anymore?" he asked quietly, watching the tears get caught in Alex's long lashes.

"No," Alex whispered huskily. "I do, Mulder. I'll always be that for you."

Mulder smiled. "Then we don't have a problem, do we?" he said gently, running his thumb over Alex's bottom lashes, stroking away the moisture there.

"Not if you don't, Mulder. Are..." Alex hesitated. "Are you sure you don't?"

"I'm sure," said Mulder with finality. He smiled as he watched Alex's tension finally break in a small grin. Mulder leaned in, brushing his lips very gently against Alex's, feeling them immediately part to receive him. "Now lie down, pet," he whispered into Alex's mouth. "I'm not through with this body yet." He felt the body in question shiver, and he leaned back, moving to the side to give Alex room to move.

"Yes, Fox," whispered Alex, stretching himself out languorously on the bed lengthwise, hands out to his sides, looking up at Mulder from beneath lashes still slightly spiked with unshed tears.

Mulder sighed, feeling his own shivers at the incredible sight of this firm young body laid out before him, awaiting his next whim. He decided to assert his dominance in a special way tonight, and give Alex and himself the healing they both needed after the events of the night. He climbed over Alex's body, straddling his thighs, leaning in and placing his hands over Alex's.

"Ow! Fuck!" he exclaimed as he put too much weight on his injured arm. Alex's body came up off the bed, but Mulder gently placed his good arm on Alex's chest, pushing him back down on the mattress. "Don't think that because I have one bum arm that I can't handle you, pet," he growled. "Now get those hands up over your head and keep them there. Don't make me get the cuffs."

Alex smiled and raised his hands up over his head, laying one wrist over the other as if they were tied.

"Good," Mulder praised him with a curt nod. He knew from months of experience that until he gave the word, nothing short of a house fire could make Alex break that position. He reached down and stroked quick, sharp circles around Alex's left nipple in reward, riding his body as it bucked in response, the dusky pink cock beginning to rise again between the strong thighs in front of Mulder's own. Mulder traced a line down from Alex's chest to his navel, stroking into it with more circles, this time softer.

"Have I ever told you how much I like your little innie belly button?" he asked Alex as his continued to stroke it in casual, feathery strokes.

"Yes," gasped Alex, knowing that when Mulder asked a question, he always, *always* wanted an answer.

Mulder nodded, carefully avoiding Alex's rising cock as it pushed up to meet his lowering hand. He traced lazy patterns on Alex's flat, hard stomach, playing in the trail of dark hair there, and Alex squirmed slightly, his cock hardening fully, much to Mulder's satisfaction.

"And have I told you how much I like your sweet, responsive hips?" he continued, now moving his tickling torture to the very sensitive skin just to side of Alex's pubic hair.

"Y-yes," answered Alex, eyes now closed, pelvis writhing under Mulder's teasing, sure touch.

"Mmhmm," replied Mulder with another nod. He started to scoot down Alex's legs now, wordlessly nudging Alex's legs apart with his knees as he got settled in between them. He gave the hard thighs one more press, making sure they were spread wide, giving him plenty of room to move as he kneeled between them. He kept his injured arm resting lightly on his left thigh, and started brushing lightly and quickly up Alex's thigh with the backs of the nails of his right hand.

His cock jumped at how responsive Alex was to his touch, the tight, beautiful body already writhing at just these simple touches. Mulder never got tired of playing it like a fine instrument. He breathed back a shuddering sigh, controlling his urge to throw Alex's legs up over his shoulders and fuck him hard. He wanted to show Alex how much he treasured this body, treasured Alex's surrender of it to him.

"You know how much I like it when you're such a slut for my touch, don't you, pet?" he asked, brushing his fingers up the inside of first one thigh and then another, watching the cords of muscle tense as the legs twitched and Alex's cock jumped.

"Yes, Fox," said Alex, his voice more sure now, proud and breathy, as he sank himself into the role of making Mulder happy with his natural reactions. He undulated once just for Mulder, his eyes drifting closed as he let out a small moan, knowing that Mulder liked it when he voiced every response.

Mulder sighed and bent forward. "Open your eyes, pet," he said, his mouth hovering a few inches above Alex's left hipbone. "Look at me." He knew how much it undid Alex to watch him putting his mouth on him, and it made the pleasure he took in it all the more delectable.

Alex opened his eyes and looked down his body at Mulder. Mulder looked up at him and slowly lowered his mouth to Alex's skin, licking a hot, wet line along the sensitive crease where Alex's thigh met his groin.

"Uhhnnn..." Alex groaned, his cock jumping and nearly succeeding in rubbing itself against Mulder's face just before Mulder knowingly pulled away, teeth nipping quickly at Alex's hipbone in punishment. Alex's eyes began to flutter closed again, and Mulder snapped, "I said look at me, pet. Don't make me tell you again." Alex blinked rapidly but kept his eyes on Mulder. Mulder's mouth opened wide and came down to hover at Alex's cockhead, not touching, just breathing hot moist air over the twitching organ, moving his mouth back just in time to avoid the jumping flesh.

"Oh god..." Alex whimpered, lashes fluttering as he struggled to keep his eyes on the mouth hovering hotly over the tip of his throbbing cock. Mulder knew Alex desperately wanted to thrust his hips up and push his dick into Mulder's mouth, but he also knew that Alex was aware of the punishment should he choose to do so. Mulder closed his teeth very gently over the hot, silky skin as a reminder, and Alex's hips stayed pressed to the bed, his body slightly trembling. Mulder pulled his mouth back, and saw Alex sigh with both disappointment and relief.

"Good, pet," Mulder soothed. "You're being so good." And he lowered his mouth back down toward Alex's cock slowly, extending his tongue again, and this time taking a quick, rough swipe right across the tip before drawing back again. He was surprised that Alex continued to maintain control of his hips, especially given the high, breathy sob he let out between his parted lips.

He watched, breathing hard, as a droplet of precum oozed out of the small slit in the end of Alex's cock. He looked into Alex's dark, dazed, desperate eyes and smiled. "Would you like me to suck your cock, pet?" he asked, eyebrows raised.

"Oh, god, yes," answered Alex, eyes fluttering closed for only an instant before snapping open and focusing in on Mulder's again. Mulder smiled, enjoying the way Alex was purposely not giving him exactly what he wanted, knowing Mulder liked to push him as much as he liked to be pushed.

"Yes, what, pet?" asked Mulder, tilting his head imploringly.

"Puh-please..." begged Alex, lashes fluttering madly, cock twitching, glistening with more precum.

"Please what?" Mulder prodded, sounding slightly impatient now.

"Please, Fox, please suck my cock!" Alex sobbed, giving in and nearly in tears again, unable to look away from Mulder's smug grin as his hips twisted on the bed but did not rise.

Mulder slid his hand slowly up Alex's flank as he leaned in over him again, and he gripped Alex's side firmly, supporting himself, as he finally opened his mouth wide and enveloped half of Alex's cock in a hot, tight suction. Alex groaned loudly, and Mulder moaned deep in his throat, his own eyes drifting closed at the warm, silky, salty taste of his lover's delicious flesh. Mulder began to move his tongue, licking hard as his mouth moved up and down the length of Alex's cock, sucking hungrily. Mulder was grunting and moaning continuously now, stopping only to swallow back his own drool from time to time as he worked his face up and down Alex's shaft. He began dragging his lower teeth up the underside of Alex's cock as he licked rapidly, and Alex whined helplessly.

Alex was voicing open-mouthed cries now, totally overwhelmed with the forced sight and feel of Mulder taking his cock deeper and deeper into his plush, hot, hungry mouth, unable to thrust himself up into that perfection and fuck himself to completion in its delicious heat. Just as his moaning sobs became truly pathetic and desperate, Mulder pulled his mouth off with a loud slurping smack.

Alex whined and bit his lip, eyes wild.

"What's the matter, pet?" asked Mulder somewhat breathlessly. "Do you want more?"

"Yes, please, Fox, please, more," begged Alex, all pride gone.

"I don't think so," said Mulder softly. "That's not what *I* want."

Alex groaned, sounding close to tears again, and Mulder smiled, wrapping his hand around Alex's cock and giving him a firm squeeze. Then he leaned forward, laying his body down on top of Alex's, his mouth level with Alex's nipples, his cock pressed tightly against Alex's hard thigh, Alex's cock squeezed tightly beneath Mulder's abdomen.

"I think I want to play with these," said Mulder, shifting around and getting into a position where his injured arm was comfortable and he had easy access to both of Alex's nipples. "Have I told you how much I love to tease your nipples?" he asked, flicking the end of his tongue just once against one hard nub.

"Yes," Alex breathed, arching up for more touch, sliding his cock against Mulder's belly and groaning with the double sensation of that and Mulder's own hot, hard length against his thigh.

"Mmmm and how much I like it when you writhe like that?" said Mulder, leaning in and closing his teeth very gently over one erect nipple, making it somewhat risky for Alex to do what it was Mulder had just said he liked.

"Yes," Alex whimpered, arching again, but with more control so as not to cause the pleasure to turn too quickly to pain.

Mulder opened his mouth over that nipple, and put his hand to the other, and he began to hump against Alex's thigh, rubbing his belly against Alex's own tortured cock with his slow, casual thrusts. Alex groaned and whimpered, pressing his leg into Mulder's thrusts and undulating against Mulder's body. Mulder closed his lips over Alex's nipple and sucked in short, sharp bursts, keeping time with his hip's movements, while his other hand pinched and pulled at the other nipple to the same tempo.

Alex's cries went higher and higher, his frenzied movements faster and more desperate, and Mulder let his nipple go with a quiet pop. "You can move all you want, pet, but don't you dare fucking come."

"Nnnnnn!" Alex complained incoherently, his hips stilling immediately. Mulder smiled and kissed his chest gently, stilling his own movements.

"Don't you like this, pet?" he asked innocently, flicking his fingernail casually across the tip of Alex's nipple as he looked up at him.

Alex's wide, round eyes stared and his jaw clenched. "Yes, Fox," Alex grated out.

"I like it, too," breathed Mulder, quite frankly tired of the teasing and ready to fuck. "Do you want me to keep doing this?" he asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Alex whined, but no words came out of his mouth.

"Or is there something else you want, pet?"

"Yes!" Alex gasped, eyes closing in relief, then snapping open again.

Mulder began to raise himself up off Alex's body, getting into his previous kneeling position between Alex's thighs. "What do you want, pet?" he asked, dragging one finger through the precum smeared on his belly, then putting it in his mouth and sucking it off.

"Oh god, fuck me," gasped Alex, hands still in the exact same position over his head, legs spread wide, cock red and hard and jumping against his own precum-smeared abdomen.

Mulder's cock jerked at Alex's breathless request, but he didn't give in just yet. "What? What do you want, pet?"

"Please! Please dear fucking god, Fox, fuck me! Please! PLEASE! PLEASE!" Alex's head came up off the pillow, the cords in his neck standing out as he yelled his plea at Mulder, and Mulder smiled and shifted forward, grabbing Alex's hip with his good hand and pulling him up on Mulder's lap. Alex didn't wait for Mulder, moving himself up onto Mulder's thighs, feet planted, ass raised off the bed, arms still over his head. Mulder groaned as Alex's balls brushed against his throbbing cock in his efforts to get settled in. Mulder pushed him away slightly, making a little room to move.

"Get the lube, pet. Under the pillow." Mulder made every effort to control his voice, his own breathing become more and more difficult to rein in.

Alex kept his wrists together and pushed his hands up under the pillow that was now above his head, pulling out a large bottle of Astroglide. He tossed it with his fingertips, and it landed on his belly with a soft smack. Mulder grinned, very pleased with Alex's beautiful, obedient performance, and prepared to reward him, quickly coating the fingers of his good hand with a generous layer of slick. He looked down at the quivering cock just in front of him and couldn't resist leaning forward and planting a quick, sucking kiss on its tip as he slid his hand behind Alex's sac. Alex jerked his hips up for the first time that evening, bumping his cockhead against Mulder's plump lips hard, smearing them with his pre-ejaculate. Mulder decided to let that infraction pass since they weren't really in the same position anymore, and he couldn't really expect Alex not to react with lips on his cock and a thumb pressing in on his asshole in tight, slick little circles.

"Look at me," Mulder ordered breathlessly, licking Alex's taste from his lips hungrily. He kept Alex's gaze as he slid his thumb deeply into his ass, all the way to the base.

"Unhnnn!" Alex whined, his stomach muscles clenched with the effort of holding himself still for Mulder's preparations.

"Good, pet. Good," Mulder soothed, moving his thumb in an arc, pulling Alex gently more and more open. He slid his thumb out and Alex gasped, then he pressed in with two fingers, palm up. As the pads of his fingers brushed against the hard little knot of nerves deep inside Alex's body, Alex's hips shot up off Mulder's thighs, knocking him backward just a bit. Mulder didn't blame Alex, though, and just smiled and slid his fingers out quickly, grabbing himself around the base of his cock and beginning to line himself up with Alex's still slightly squirming ass. "Hold still," he growled, and Alex immediately did. Mulder placed the tip of his cock against Alex's opening and made a quick, shallow thrust, shoving his cockhead quickly past the tight ring of muscle.

"GAH!" Alex cried out, still quite incoherent, much to Mulder's delight. Mulder panted, eyes wide and blinking with the intense sensation of having the tip of his cock squeezed so tightly. He let go of himself and grabbed Alex's hip, shoving himself in deeper, pulling Alex in against him as he thrust. His mouth dropped open as the tight heat surrounded him and he watched Alex's do the same, his breath now coming in grunting gasps.

"So good," Mulder forced out, rendered nearly speechless but wanting to praise Alex before he lost all ability to do so. He held himself buried inside Alex's body, trembling slightly with the need to move, listening to the little panting whimpers coming from Alex's throat. "You...you know I love you, don't you, pet?" he gasped out.

Alex sobbed, his eyes now definitely filling with tears. "Yes, Fox," he choked out.

"Yes, what?" demanded Mulder, digging his fingers into the flesh of Alex's hip, holding himself and Alex still.

"Yes, I know you love me," sobbed Alex, his voice breaking as the hot tears coursed down the sides of his temples and into his hair.

"Good," grunted Mulder, and then he began to move. He very quickly set a hard, fast pace, pulling Alex in with his hand roughly as he slammed his hips against him, fucking him hard and deep and thoroughly. Alex used the leverage of his feet planted firmly on the bed on either side of Mulder behind him to drive his own hips forward, meeting Mulder thrust for thrust, both of them grunting with the impact. Mulder's grunts drove higher and more breathless and he leaned in more, taking his hand from Alex's hip, where it was no longer needed anyway, Alex doing his level best to impale himself as deeply as possible on Mulder's cock with or without his help.

Mulder's hand closed around Alex's cock and he slid his fist from tip to base in concert with his thrusts just twice before he felt it swell and pulse against his hand, Alex finally closing his eyes and driving his head back against the mattress as he sobbed out his climax, spurting hotly over his body and Mulder's chest. Mulder drove into him with a couple more growling grunts, feeling Alex's body squeezing him in its throes of release, and he opened his mouth in gasping sob as he felt his body empty itself into Alex's, feeling like all of his frustration and anger and love were spurting deep into the body surrounding his. They trembled and shuddered, locked together in their completion.

With a breathless gasp, Mulder slid out of Alex's body and backed up slightly, letting Alex's ass fall to the bed. Alex immediately straightened his legs, and Mulder leaned in over him, laying himself down full-length over Alex's spent, sweaty body, and taking his mouth in a quick, deep kiss, breaking it only because neither man had completely caught his breath yet.

Mulder slid slightly to the side, taking the weight off both Alex and his injured arm, resting it on Alex's heaving, sticky abdomen, one leg thrown over Alex's. He reached up and snagged his own pillow, Alex having scooted back onto his. He tucked it up on Alex's shoulder, and laid his head down with a long sigh. He reached up under the pillow, stroking up Alex's still-raised arms, and stroked them apart, finally giving Alex permission to break his position. Alex groaned as he brought his arms down, stretching and shaking them before settling them into a comfortable position around Mulder, careful of his injury.

They lay like that for several minutes before Alex took a deep breath and spoke.

"Thank you, Mulder," he said quietly, his voice hoarse and broken.

"You're welcome, Alex," Mulder replied, leaning in and placing his lips gently against Alex's cheek, then settling back into his pillow. "Thank you."

Mulder didn't let himself fall asleep until Alex's breathing had become deep and regular, and then he let go, drifting into a very sound sleep, just as the watery purple of dawn started filtering through his window, heralding the new day.

The End