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Adventures In Wonderland

by StarWindDancer

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Rating Etc.: NC-17 - Krycek/Mulder. Mild sex.
Note: Mulder is Red-Green colorblind. Krycek has only one arm. But remember in my world nothing happens without a purpose and nothing stays the same.
Disclaimer: X-Files belongs to Chris Carter and Co. I just use them. Other characters are mine.

Mulder got on the back of the Harley-Davidson tentatively. The last time the climbed on the back of the machine with Krycek in charge, he got an adventure of a lifetime.

However, so many things had changed since then. Now Mulder trusted Krycek with his life and loved Alex Krycek dearly. He would do anything to make his lover happy, though that didn't stop the adventurous young man from convincing him to go along for the ride.

//Thank god,// Mulder thought as he remembered the way he was convinced. He grew hard at the memories and the throbbing of the bike didn't help at all as they rode away into the city night.

Soon Krycek pulled up to a local McDonalds. The only customers apparent were the ones in the drive-through.

"What are we doing here?" Mulder asked as he put his helmet on the back of the bike. He could have sworn Krycek promised him that it would be just the two of them.

"Getting dinner. I don't know about you but I'm hungry."

"There's a great Chinese buffet a few blocks from here."

Krycek turned around to look at Mulder speculatively. He shook his head in disbelief as he said, "Fox, you eat more Chinese food then a Chinaman. You need a hamburger, some greasy fries. Coke-a-Cola for God's sake. It's the drink of a nation you know."

Mulder rolled his eyes as he followed his lover in.

"I'll have two cheeseburgers, large fries, onion rings, 12 piece chicken nuggets, and a chocolate shake, to go. What'd you want, Mulder?"

"Arch deluxe, no catsup, tomatoes, or pickles. Extra large fries and a Coke-a-Cola." Mulder glared defiantly at his young smirking lover.

"Why aren't you getting any catsup or pickles? They're the best part."

"Have you ever eaten blue food? It's gross."

Krycek gave him a puzzled look.

"I'm red-green color blind," he said as way of explanation.

Krycek looked sad at the news. "You can't see my eyes then?"

"I can see them just fine."

"I have green eyes. Mom used to tell me they were my best feature."

"I may not be able to see your pretty green eyes but they are hardly you're best feature." Mulder said as he lifted Krycek's chin to look him in the eye. They glittered the strange blue that the colors of trees were to him. Krycek's eyes shifted back and forth looking for any deception that Mulder never intended.


"You're fishing..."

"That will come later."


"Nothing. Here's our food."

When they got their food Krycek led them out to the play pen area instead of taking a seat.

"What are we doing out here?" Mulder shivered slightly in the September wind. It wasn't cold out but it was chilly enough to make it uncomfortable. He wasn't surprised to see it didn't affect Krycek at all. The guy almost had ice water in his veins.

Instead of answering Krycek handed over his bags to Mulder then proceeded to crawl into the big cage where the balls were.

"What are you doing? We can't go in there!"

"Mulder, they're no kids around and not likely to be any soon. You said you would go on an adventure with me. You can't back out now."

"The sign distinctly says no adults, no food, no shoes, and no sharp objects," he said, thinking of the knives Krycek usually had hidden up his sleeves.

Mulder had to duck as Krycek launched his shoes at him through the yellow tunnel. After pulling off his shoes Krycek propelled himself into the balls. He burrowed under them until just his head, hand, and the tips of his toes were visible.

Shaking his head he put the food into the hallway, toed off his shoes, and followed Krycek in.

"I swear, you're like a giant six year old." Mulder said as he leaned against the cage wall, watching Krycek make angles underneath the balls.

"Says who?"

"Says me."

Krycek grabbed one of the balls and launched it at Mulder. It hit him square in the chest.

Mulder looked down disbelieving at where the ball had hit. "You hit me."

"Fox, you're making fun of me in the ball cage. What do you expect? Me to crawl over there and show you how sorry I am that I am behaving like a child?"

"Don't you even dare." Mulder said knowing that it was useless.

"Ohh, a dare. You know us six year olds can't resist a dare."


"Fox, my honor has just been challenged. I have to defend it."

Krycek crawled over the balls. He looked like a lame pup with his artificial arm bent too high to be useful. When he reached Mulder he settled himself between invisible legs, knowing instinctively where they were. Brightly colored balls were pushed aside to reveal the already tented pants.

"You started without me." Krycek pouted. He bent down to nuzzle and lick through the pants.

"Alex whatever-your-name-is Krycek, quit it this instant. We're in a public place," Mulder yelled as he tried to move the younger man off him. He didn't try all that hard. He knew as soon as Krycek had moved towards him that he'd be getting a blowjob.

"Nessa Wardcraft," he said as his hand pushed at multi-colored balls underneath Mulder's butt. This lowered the older man so Krycek's head was completely surrounded by balls. Lightly he gnawed on the erection through the cotton.

"Nessa? I thought your sister's name was Nadia," Mulder said, trying his best to figure more of his lover out.

"It is, MY middle name is Nessa." Krycek looked up from what he was doing, as if he was daring Mulder to comment.

"Nessa? Isn't that a girls name?"

"No, it's my name. I don't make fun of Fox, now do I?"

Mulder saw the playful twinkle in his lover's eye. Krycek had made fun of his name, in his own special little way. Now Mulder couldn't hear the word Fox without thinking of Krycek's husky, aroused tones. That moaning sound of his name on those red, devourable lips always got him hard.

He would forgive Krycek his sissy name, of course it wouldn't stop Mulder from having a little fun.

"Nesssaaaa..." Mulder tried to huskily whisper but it came out sounding like he was trapped in a B grade horror flick and he was the villain.

Krycek burst out giggling.

Mulder frowned.


//Even worse B movie.//

"You have to blow on it, as if you're about to orgasm in a minute."


"Better," Krycek could barely control his laughter at Mulder's attempts. "Maybe this will help."

Krycek squeezed Mulder's butt really hard, making him squeak. He grinned wickedly as he returned back to Mulder's erection.

"Krrryycekk." Mulder grunted. Still didn't have the same ring as Krycek's 'Faawwkkss...'

"Waarrdd..." Mulder giggled. That name was too much of a mouth full.

Krycek laughed at that even though he was still making Mulder's jeans front very wet.

Mulder bit his lip. He had just found out Krycek's whole name. He'd assumed that Nadia Wardcraft had been married at one time or another. He hadn't really thought much about the fact that Krycek's name was Krycek and not Wardcraft like his sister's name.

"Was Wardcraft your mother's maiden name?"

"Yeh," Krycek replied.

"And Krycek your father's?"

"Uh uh."

Krycek lifted himself up a little to give himself room to seduce his Fox better. Slowly he pulled metal teeth of a zipper down. The fingers trembling slightly in anticipation. He loved Mulder's cock. Ironically the lack of foreskin made it all the more erotic. Almost like Mulder's cock was made just for him.

"Who's Krycek then?"

"It's a name we made up."


"I changed my name so I wouldn't be associated with my mother's in any way, shape, or form."

"Why'd you do that?"

Slowly Krycek peeled back underwear to let the throbbing cock free to bob between the multicolored balls in the playpen. Mulder looked around before threading his hands through the mesh webbing.

"My mom was a cat burglar. An international jewelry and art thief. I have a copy of her FBI file somewhere."

"Your mother was a thief?"

Instead of replying, Krycek licked up the underside of the erection in front of him.

Mulder groaned at the sensation. Upon reaching the tip, Krycek slowly licked the oozing precum. Next he blew on the wet tip, sending shivers up Mulder's spine at the sensation.

A hand rolled the full balls, thumb rubbing over the scrotum. Krycek's lips massaged the upper part of the erection. His tongue explored the sensitive tip, rolling over it until Mulder was moaning.

Mulder looked down at the head in his lap. Yellow and orange plastic balls framing night black hair. The head started bouncing as Krycek took him deeper. Mulder thrust up into that wet warmth. When Krycek started humming it wasn't long until Mulder climaxed. Pumping his seed into his eager lover who easily swallowed it.

"Mmm, fresh Fox. Just the way I like it." Krycek came up for a languorous kiss.

"You're incorrigible."

"And you love it."

"Did you join the FBI just to get your mother's record?" Mulder changed the subject, trying to figure more of Krycek out.

"No, I was actually recruited."

Mulder raised his eyebrow in disbelief.

"Really. I took several criminal psychology courses in college. Real easy credit. In fact, I did so well that my records were picked up by several judicial sections, but somebody helped me decide on which one."


"Uncle Bill. He was a friend of my mothers. He'd come by to check up on us from time to time. I never really knew my father until much later. I preferred Uncle Bill, wished he was my father when I finally met the man." Krycek said in honesty, he fervently hoped that Mulder didn't want to know any more. That was about all he could tell without endangering him. "Doesn't matter. The food's getting cold."

Mulder took note of the subject change and filed away "Uncle Bill" for later conversation when he could get more out of Krycek. For the most part Krycek's past was a mystery; but what he did know of it was that it wasn't pleasant. At least the young man didn't have to face the future alone anymore, and neither did Mulder.

Krycek retrieved the food from the hallway and doled them out. He unwrapped a burger then threw the yellow paper across the cage. Mulder glared at him before picking up the wrapper and stuffing it into his bag.

When Krycek was done with his first burger, he pulled out the second one. Again he threw the wrapper across the cage which Mulder picked up to put in his bag. Krycek frowned. He dumped his fries, onion rings, and nuggets into his lap, freeing the cartons to be launched across the pen. Mulder picked these up too. Next he threw the bag, new and used ketchup packets and wadded up napkins, almost to fast for Mulder to pick them up.

"Will you cut that out!" Krycek ordered.

"Cut what out?"

"Picking everything up. It's annoying."

"We shouldn't be messy." Mulder said as way of explanation.

Krycek rolled his eyes. "This coming from a guy whose apartment is so messy you could bury a dead body underneath all the take out containers."

"Is that what that smell is?" Mulder said it trying to be sarcastic but it came out wrong. He was mad that Krycek had just called him a slob.

"I am not a killer," Krycek stated emphatically.

"I'm not saying you are a killer. You just kill people when it's convenient." Anger flared up in Mulder.

"I do not!" Krycek practically screamed at him. "I kill when I have to. You don't know what I have to do. You cannot judge me."

"I'd be able to judge you better if you would tell me something, anything."

"You know that I can't do that." Krycek stood up in the pen, fist clenched in rage. "When we started this relationship one of the things we agreed on was that certain questions can't be asked. If you want to back out now, then fine." He proceeded to crawl out.

Mulder grabbed his foot, stopping him from leaving. "Alex, please don't. I didn't mean anything by it. I just got mad. Don't leave." True worry rushed through him. If Krycek left there really wasn't any way to find him or get him back. He could have just lost Krycek forever.

When Krycek turned around there was a tear rolling down his cheek. Mulder gave him the big, sad puppy dog look. Krycek reversed direction to crawl back into the cage. Mulder hugged him close, leaning back on the balls, feeling that reassuring weight over him.

"I'm sorry, Fox." Krycek said with pain apparent in his voice. "I couldn't leave you, not really. It's you, Fox; it's always been you. It will always be you. It's like your part of my soul. If I ever lost you..." his voice gave out at the possibilities.

"I know, I know, Alex." Mulder softly kissed the silky hair tickling his neck. "I feel it too. Like we were destined to be together, forever."

Krycek wiped his tears off on Mulder's shirt, feeling warmth drift through. When he settled he could hear Mulder's heart beating, strong and true.

"Do you...do you want to go home?"

"No," Mulder replied. "I promised you an adventure and by gum, you're going to have an adventure. What do you have planned?"

"By gum?" Krycek questioned into his chest, chuckling. "It was supposed to be a surprise but I was planning on a moonlight drift through the Potomac in a canoe."

"On the water?" Mulder gulped.

"Of course on the water. What's the matter? I know you can swim, so it's not that."

"Umm, it's just that I get seasick, easily."

Jade eyes glinted in the darkness. If Mulder saw them, he would have backed out; knowing Krycek was planning something. "Don't worry, I promise you won't get seasick."

"As long as you hold my head when I'm praying to the porcelain god..."