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by Rainey

Been lurking for awhile, anyway, I thought I'd put out a little something (and it is little) I did while at work when I probably should have been looking attentive. It's not been beta read so there may be some errors in it. It's a stream of consciousness piece. I just hope you don't think it sucks. Anyway here goes....

Rated PG-13 for bad language. No smut here.

Spoilers: "The End", "Two Fathers", "and One Son"

Standard disclaimer. <yawn> Mulder, Scully and any of the other characters from the X-Files do not belong to me. They belong to Chris Carter, Fox, and 1013 Productions who squander them a great deal of the time. I've got a few bucks in the bank and a car that is as reliable as its namesake so suing me would be a cruel exercise in futility.


I should have taken him out when I had the chance but the old man said I might need him. So I had to settle for buzzing him with the car as we left. I'll admit it's petty but this is a petty business.

The bastard probably didn't even have the decency to flinch.

The man has to have ice water instead of blood running through his veins. Cliché perhaps but true. It's the only explanation for the combination of cold-heartedness and arrogance packed into one nicotine stained package. It takes a special kind of depravity to want power at the expense of every person on the planet. What scares me is that he really believes that once he's done his part to deliver the people of earth to the colonists that they would leave the group alone. How can anyone who is so deceitful and duplicitous be so naïve when it comes to others betraying them? Anyway, it really does take something out of the ordinary to want to be the overseer of your planet's destruction. It's not the kind of meglomanical evil a guy runs into every day. You would think that even he knew that.

But with arrogance often comes stupidity.

Okay, maybe it was more blindness than outright stupidity. I doubt it but it's possible. The only thing sonny boy and his papa have in common is a certain amount of DNA and a last name. Baby Spender couldn't fill his father's shoes with a backhoe. Any fool could see that. The incident with the alien rebel only proved that.

Even on a good day, Jeffrey Spender is a bigger punk than Mulder is on his worst day. I know Mulder would have been able to kill that rebel. At the very least, he would have made the attempt instead of flailing around like some impotent... Never mind. Thanks for forcing me to kill my best chance at getting rid of the prosthetic Punk. I was supposed to just be the damn chauffeur.

I can't say that I haven't done worse things than play chauffeur and babysitter to the punk heir apparent. Spouting off about the greatness of one C.G.B. Spender comes to mind. I don't know what was more miraculous managing to give that little speech with a straight face or managing to get through it without choking on the words. At least it had its desired effect. I certainly drove the wedge between father and son. "Accidentally" telling him about the tests performed on his mother was pure genius. The look on Baby Spender's face was priceless. Of course now he's thoroughly disgusted with me. No matter. I've been sneered at by better men than Jeffery Spender. I don't need him anyway.

Which brings me back to his father. It looks as though I'll have to make myself scarce again. Now that most of the group have been charred to a hideous crisp there's going to be a power vacuum in the consortium. And knowing Old Smokey he's planning to fill it himself. With Mulder's ex-girlfriend at his side. I wish I could see the look on old Spooky's face when he found out that his former squeeze is in bed with the Cancerman. Figuratively that is. If she is in bed with the man literally I don't want to know. Of all the things I've seen the image of Agent Fowley and that black-lunged bastard in the throes of passion is one I don't need in my head.

Anyway, as to my immediate future, without the other old men to hold the smoker in check he'll come after me again. The man doesn't trust me as far as he could throw me. As well he shouldn't. I'd stab him in the back in a heartbeat if I thought it would ensure my survival. And old man Spender wouldn't hesitate to kill me given the chance. He's still pissed about that DAT tape. I wish I knew where the hell it was. Of course he could just do what the old man didn't and send me back to Russia. Either way I'd be a dead man.

You know I still don't know what I need that bastard for. Unless I want to doom the entire planet I can't see any use for him at all. Except maybe for a little Mulder torture. Hell I can do that myself. I don't need him for that.

Damn. I should have taken him out when I had the chance. Idiot.