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Three Conversations with Slade Wilson by skitty_kat Rated: FRM - Mature [ Reviews = 0 / Kudos Received = 12 ] Featured Stories
Summary: Rating: R (I really can’t write full-on porn…*sighs*)
Pairing: Slade/Dick
Canon: I wrote most of this at about the point when all the DC books leapt to One Year Later. So the whole thing with Deathstroke and the Teen Titans hasn’t happened and most of the Titans stuff OYL hasn’t either.
From starluckasia’s challenge:
CANON 1: After the Wildebeest tragedy, Slade and Dick find themselves in the ruins of Titans Tower. Slade tries to comfort Dick who fights him (comfort as in reassure in words). At this time, Dick's disco costume is all ripped, showing his abs and chest and parts of his leg.
CANON 2: Dick as a cop in Bludhaven. He enters his apartment to find Slade sitting pretty. Slade tells him that Dick is all grown up and looks good in it. He tells Dick that he has a contract in Bludhaven and is telling Dick for old times' sake. Dick removes his shirt *in front of Slade* and puts on his Nightwing costume.
CANON 3: Mob arc. Dick is in his shower when he notices Slade's message on his window, written only a few minutes before. The door bell rings. Dick gets out, takes off his towel, and puts on his pants and shirt. After the visitor leaves, Slade emerges from the shadows. Implication: Slade saw Dick taking a shower and putting his clothes on right after.
Challenge fic: A story that can begin or has these lines:
"Grayson has this habit of BEING undressed in front of me. I find it [fill in the blanks - "annoying," "irritating," "hot."].
Fandoms: The Teen Titans, slash fiction Characters: Dick/Slade
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Published: 06/02/07 Updated: 06/02/07

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