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AKA Reets for those wondering. I've been writing fanficiton for at least ten years. There's just something about getting your work out there. Yeah, I've made a lot of mistakes and written a lot of bad stuff, really bad stuff. But I've learned from it all. And I have to thank anyone who reads and lets me know they did. Even if it is to say it sucks. Although bad eggs usually get tossed back at ya. I'm currently working on two novels and a short of original work. I take classes online with Writer's Village University. I would recommend this site and its advisors to everyone interested in writing. It gives you the feel of the class, new friends, a sense of direction and hope. Perhaps one day I'll actually be in print, who knows, until then I'll keep working on my novels and my fandoms. I could never truly give it up. Fanfiction is a release for me. A chance to relax, get into someone's head and play. E-mail me if you want or buzz me, always love to meet new people. AIM or YAHOO -- Ladeevix
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