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Penname: Tamed Wild Cat Mel [Contact] Real name: Melanie Couture
Member Since: 06/24/08

Name: Melanie Emmanuelle Couture
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: Janurary 30th 1988
Marital status: Taken and plan to stay that way
Love: Timothy Dalton Vanluven (Draco Leviathan Bahamut)
Location: Estaire, Ontario, Canada
Occupation: Student - Laurentian University

Email:, (for fanfiction stuff only)
Witch Vox: Lucifer's Angel
You Tube: tamedwildcatmel
Game Spot: melanie couture
Fanfiction: Tamed Wild Cat Mel
Adult Fan Fiction: Tamed Wild Cat Mel
The Wonderful World of Makebelieve: Tamed Wild Cat Mel
Fiction Press: Tamed Wild Cat Mel
Gaia: Melanie Couture
Liver Journal: melanie_couture
Web site:

My Stories:
Majot Crossover - CSI / CSI:Miami / CSI:NY / NCIS / Criminal Minds (on haitus till rewrite is done)
Harry Potter / NCIS - Gibbs is a wizard, James was his brother, Ducky is a Squibb, Death Eaters kill and American in the British Army. Gibbs goes to England. All hell breakes loos. (In the making)
Harry Potter / The New Addams Family - Harry is raised by the Addams family and is gonna turn Hogwarts on its head. (In the Making)

Beta-reader: No
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