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Penname: Crow [Contact] Real name: Erin
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35 year old. Currently unemployed Graphic Designer.  Working in retail.

I am now selling Avon! If interested in buying/selling please see my webpage:

Having some slow progress on unfinished stories. Am trying to get them finished though so don't give up on me.

Here is the link to my new archive. It is a link  archive so if you'd like  or know someone who whould like to post a link to their stories on the archive please contact me. It is a brand new archive so there is only my own and one other persons stories on there at the moment. Please help it grow. There are no restrictions on the kind of fic that can be posted.  Thanks!



I am hoping ya'll will check out my on line store as well. It's to help feed this starving artist and her mother and brother. Also to pay bills.  I will take any requests for something personal as well. I also just added a bunch of new designs so please check it out and let me know what you think.

you can send personal requests to

please put in the subject that you are writting for a store related reason.


As I said I am still writting so I hope you will all stay looking for more of my stories.




I have started my own yahoo group, it is a multi fandom fanfiction site.

I want stories and artwork and photos and lots of chatting. Please visit soon and join.

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