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Well, it's been quite a while since I've updated this.

I am now a working at The Home Depot as the awesome plant girl! I am enjoying the work and doing all I can to expand my knowledge and skills there.

I am taking online classes, trying to expand myself there as well. I am also doing crafts and hobbies and more.

I am not writing a lot now. The ideas come and I am hoping to get them down and posted.
I must say that my love for reading and writing has not stopped but the lack of written reviews since kudos started has decreased my desire to write.

I find that I'm one of those that needs to hear what my fans think to be inspired to keep writing. So stories in the future will just be written when and posted when and if I feel like it. If there's something you want more of, please let me know, I will be taking kudos as a ( hey, read the story, liked it, bye.) not as a request for more. Reviews will be cherished and responded to. If you ask for a story, challenge, beta,or anything else I will do my best to please.

I will be adding some site links for you all to check out below as soon as I can.

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