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Hi! I'm Robin Gills aka Akiseo.

A little about me, I've finished up college now with a Master's Degree and my time isn't taken up by my university's soccer team any more. However, my thesis took up most of my writing enthusiasm. I will try to make more time for writing soon.

Other miscellaneous stuff about me: I'm all over the place. I love anime, manga, TV, science, graphic art, movies, music, books, and sports. I spread myself rather thin.

I slash everything because it rules my life. My OTPs are: HP- Snape/Harry, Remus/Sirius, Percy/Oliver ; MASH- Hawkeye/BJ ; House- House/Wilson, House/Wilson/Chase ; SV- Clark/Lex ; HH- Horatio/Bush ; Marvel - Steve/Tony, DC - Batman/Superman, Superman/Lex ; Suits - Harvey/Mike, Leverage - Elliot/Nate, FakeNews - Steven Colbert/Keith Olbermann

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