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Furry Magic by neichan
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Fandom(s): slash fiction
Character(s): Harry Potter, Harry Potter/Lucius Malfoy, Lucius Malfoy
Warning(s): AU, D/s, First Time, friendship, graphic sex, Hurt/Comfort, m/m, mild violence, MPreg, slash, Spanking, violence, Voyeurism
Summary: There are lycanthropes out there in the wizarding world. An attack on Harry gives him a whole new life. And troubles coping with all the changes.

Title: Furry Magic, chapter 1


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Rating:FRT this chapter, FRAO overall


Warning:m/m, AU

Summary: Harry catches a nasty virus.

Disclaimer: Recognizable characters belong to JK Rowling.

Previous Chapters: none

Author's Note: For that certain someone who wanted a Sex Kitten.

"Well, Mr. Potter. You are the last person I expected to see asking for admittance to Malfoy Manor." Lucius Malfoy said silkily as he moved around his desk, leaning back against it when he'd stopped in front of the boy slumped in the wide armchair. His nose wrinkled at a slightly musky odor in the air. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"Our visit, dear." The sneering, cultured voice came from the doorway, before the Potter boy could answer. Harry shrank even further down in the confines of the chair. He had a long shallow scratch on his cheek, dried blood smeared down his face and onto his dirt streaked shirt. A few strands of his riotously curly hair were stuck to his cheek by the blood.

He kept his eyes averted, he was too still. And he didn't try to say anything. Not the brash, brave young brat Malfoy remembered. He didn't like the change, it alerted him to something not being quite right. But, just now there was a more pressing problem. Lucius now knew what that nasty smell was.

A delicately built man lounged against the jamb. His slim legs were clothed in plum trousers and he wore a matching waistcoat over a pale pink ruffled shirt. His boots were a slightly darker plum color. His black hair was cut rakishly, spiky. He was smiling, but underneath the smile he was tense, ready to react instantly if need be.

Lucius pushed up off the desk, growling. His thick shoulders bunched as his attention diverted from the shivering boy in the chair to the very familiar, most unwelcome man. The source of the skin tingling odor. Lucius' nose quivered, his lips pulling back from his teeth.

"Paulsen, you sniveling shit, get out of my house, or I will kill you where you stand." Lucius snarled, his voice suddenly far deeper than should have been possible, a deep resonant rumble in his chest, very close to a roar. His body seemed to be suddenly larger, much more threatening, if that was possible.

"No, Malfoy, you won't. And don't try to hex me out until I've had my say. Dumbledore has put a protection spell on me. Besides, you deserve it, you let your wards slip. It was a piece of cake for Dumbledore to get me in here." The man grinned showing his perfect teeth, waggling a long finger at the much larger Lucius. He turned sideways, looking across his shoulder at the big man. There was a challenge in his darkly lashed, chocolate brown eyes.

"You dare to bring that man's magic into my home, then demand I listen to you?" Lucius moved forward a step. The other man stood up and away from the door frame. His arms hung loosely from his sides, poisied for flight.

"He sent me to bring the boy to you." Paulsen said, deceptively calm. He tilted his head to the side, looking over through his lashes. "I had no choice but to come here if he commanded it. I owe him, Lucius. You know it. Don't blame me." He considered flashing an ingratiating smile but decided it wasn't worth the risk.

"Why would he send me one of his little playthings? With you to deliver it to me?" Lucius Malfoy advanced, enjoying the suddenly unmistakable nervousness in the other man's stance. The Potter boy edged away from the side of the chair Lucius was passing. Lucius frowned, but kept his attention on the other man. Paulsen was poised to run, every survival instinct on alert. Lucius sensed not another predator, but prey. "Come now, tell me something I can believe, puppy."

"Since the boy was stupid enough to get bitten on the last full moon. He's a lycanthrope, Lucius." Paulsen said quickly, wanting to stop Malfoy from coming nearer. Time to stop taunting. Provoking him a little was fun, getting into a real scrap with Malfoy was suicide. Paulsen knew better.

"Why don't you take care of him then, wolf? Or does your loyalty not even extend that far? To your own kind?" Lucius growled, his grey eyes narrowing, paling, the strange light in them growing. Paulsen actually took a step back into the hall, pulling out his wand, which Lucius ignored.

"I can not, he's not my flavor of animal. I can hardly stand to be around him. He positively reeks." Paulsen shuddered, casting a glance at the huddled figure. His distaste was not feigned.

"What animal, then?" Lucius pressed. Prowling closer, his movements fluid, feral as he advanced. Paulsen held up a hand placatingly.

"He is a were-leopard." And Paulsen was unable to suppress a grin as he disclosed that tidbit of unwelcome information. "Just your style, Luc. A brand new kitten just for you. Young, and sweet, and succulent."

"Impossible. Who is responsible?" The growl grew into a coughing roar. The teeth Lucius bared included an impressive set of fangs.

"Well, that is the question isn't it. Who had your permission to turn someone last full moon? Ohhh. I seeeee. No one? Is papa kitty losing control of his sweet beasts, Lucius?" And with that last barb, Paulsen apparated out of the Manor. Tittering with laughter.


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