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The Saga of the Bobs - Battle For the Ulitmate ZEV by Valdron
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Fandom(s): Lexx
Character(s): ensemble, Xev, Zev
Warning(s): Humor
Summary: A free-for-all battle between the various incarnations of Zev/Xev of LEXX.

Author's Notes:
Fandom: LEXX
Pairings: N/A
Rating: PG
Category: Humour
Spoilers: References to events in episodes from LEXX Series 1-3
Status: Complete
Series: The Saga of the Bobs
Date: 03/20/2000
Feedback: YES!!!
Archive: WWOMB, Vig’s Vale
Valdron’s Handy Dandy Disclaimer:  LEXX, the series (or movie, book, etc.), concepts and characters, are the property, copyright and trademark of Salter Street Films. No ownership or claim on said property, copyright or trademark is made or implied by the use in this work. This work constitutes a personal comment on the aforesaid properties pursuant to doctrines of fair use and fair comment. This work is non-commercial, not for sale or profit, and may not be sold or reproduced for commercial purposes. All other characters and situations which are not specifically owned by the above mentioned are sole copyright of the author.
Thanks: Anna Boudreau
Notes: The Bobs DEFY the Spellcheck...
Beta’s Note/Warning: Please do NOT take the Bobs seriously in ANY way. This is all meant in good fun. If you feel, for some inexplicable reason, you must take offense, PLEASE! I BEG YOU! DO NOT flame Valdron. His retaliatory strikes tend to leave bloody body parts strewn across the internet landscape... (Vigdis)
Warnings: Extensive laboratory testing by the FDA shows that 13% of white lab mice, upon being exposed to this story, begin speaking aramaic. Apart from that, it should be okay for a general audience.

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