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A New Destiny by caliadragon
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Character(s): None
Warning(s): Angst, AU, Character Death, Excessive violence, Kink - Threesome, First Time, Kinks, Humor, Established couple, m/m, m/f, f/f, graphic sex, Language, mild violence, friendship, slash, het, m/m/f, f/f/m, bloodplay
Summary: The spell Willow uses to awaken the slayers changes the world in unseen ways.

Title: A New Destiny

Author: Caliadragon

Fandoms: Buffy/Anita Blake

Catagory: Crossover/AU

Pairings: None this part.

Part: 1/?

Warnings: Violence, Slash and Het. Character Deaths.

Spoliers: All of Buffy and Up to Cereleun Sins. Which I'm reading
right now.

AN: Don't expect canon or Buffy bashing. This will eventually be
slash. None of our group will be paired together. They will all end
up with someone from Anita's world. Let me know who you're
interested in seeing together. Xander, Willow and Andrew will be
slashed! No het for these three.

AN2: I know some of you are screaming that I haven't finsihed the
others. Rest assured I will finish them, but this is to overcome
writer's block. I can't seem to get the others to cooperate. I will
be working on them between this and preparing old fics to be beta'd
and streamlining them.

Archive: Anyone with prior permission and BC.

Feedback: On list or at:

Disclaimer: They aren't mine and if you think they are I have ocean
front property in Oklahoma to sell ya.

AN3: I got the idea for the change in the world from another fic and
author that I read. I'm sorry to say I can't remember the author's
name as of this moment, but as soon as I find he/r I'll post an
acknowledgement here.

Thanks to Edi for the beta and for Scribe for the lovely reads.

Prologue: And So It Begins

Xander Harris was a young man who had seen too much. Too much
violence, too much pain and certainly too much death. The day his
life changed was the day the world changed. Xander had not lived in
denial for longer than it took to watch his best friend's body turn
to dust in an instant. Part of him, until that moment, still
believed in the fantasy of protection from the night.

After a while, he began to forget there could be a life where there
was no evil, no pain and no death. Through the hardships and the
agony, three constants remained. Willow Rosenberg, his best friend
since they were mere sprouts, Buffy Summers the first true crush that
he had and the second truest girl friend that he had. She filled the
void left by the passing of Jesse. Then there was Rupert Giles; he
was the mentor, the friend and the father that he had always needed.

Through the years others passed through their lives. Some stayed,
some left and, sadly, some died. Yet through it all the three
remained. Fights, neglect and fear drove them apart, but love,
friendship and true emotion brought them back together.

On the fateful day that the world changed, the four stood together.
In that moment they re-cemented their bonds. While there were others
there to help, it was a ceremony performed years before in the fight
to stop another evil that would change the four and change the world.

Many were lost, two of whom had a special place and were deeply loved
or at least cared for by the core. Again, their deaths would be
mourned, but again they, the core, would be together to do so.

As the battle for the Hellmouth raged and the magic was used to
awaken the warriors, Willow, the greatest white witch to walk the
world in centuries, called on the deep, abiding love she bore her
three friends and by extention Dawn Summers. In that moment the old
spell manifested itself. It changed Dawn, Giles and Xander.
Ultimately it was what made them able to survive.

The potentials became Slayers. All over the world changes began to
come. The Hellmouth, through the aid of Spike, closed for good. Yet
what they didn't know was that the new Hellmouth closed as well. The
world began to twist and to change. Vampires writhed in their
coffins. Demons were ripped from the world and lycanthropes were
changed; no longer were they mindless beasts.

The Powers rejoiced in their victory and set about changing the world
to suit the new life. Only seven would retain the knowledge of what
had changed. Only seven would see the new world and know that it was
not the one they started off with.

That night, as the survivors of Sunnydale slept, the Powers swept
through them. Removing all but seven of them. Implanting new
memories in the minds of those they removed and waking the seven that

They had a new destiny and a new world to explore. They had a new
home to reach and new allies to embrace. For while the world was
changed, there was still evil and darkness to be fought.


"Wake up, chosen," a sweetly musical voice ordered. The
seven sleeping people opened their eyes slowly and looked around them
in confusion. Ony three of them had fallen asleep in the same room.

"What's going on?" Andrew asked as he sat up, confused.

Dawn shrugged and looked at Faith, who was wrapped around her.
Xander and Willow sat up, still holding one another, and Buffy, who
was on the other side of Giles, still holding him.

Giles gasped at the sight before him. "You're the
Oracles!" he exclaimed.

"Yes, we are. We have come to you to thank you for what you
have done, and to tell you that you have changed this world. Because
of you and those that fought with you we were able to set this world
on its true destiny." the female said.

"A destiny that you will all still have a say in. Willow
Rosenberg, the spell you spoke was old magicks. By doing it you set
in motion the changes that have been wrought. Unknown, even to us,
you also changed those around you. By benefit of this battle, the
two oldest slayers were granted immortality. However, the spell you
did that defeated the entity known as Adam, awakened. In doing so it
sought out those who lived in your heart and chose Dawn Summers as
the conduit for the vampire Spike. In doing so she, Rupert Giles and
Alexander Harris have been changed and are now immortals. Thus
marking them further for the light," the male said.

"What about Andrew?" Xander asked before he could stop

"Anyanka was another element we did not count on. In
sacrificing herself for him an old curse came into play. We can
change the make up of the curse, but in the end he will be with you
all. Immortality with visions. He is now the seer for this group.
Alexander, your life will be changed even further. You are the
conduit of the Powers. A healer of the mind and the body. Your eye
will be returned to you. Dawn, you are the light and the future of
your group. You are no longer the key. Like Alexander you will be a
healer, but you will also help in seeking knowledge. Rupert, you are
the mind and the wisdom of your group. You will be the leader, as

Faith and Buffy, you are the ruthlessness and the hunters of your
group. You will be their strength and you will help to protect them.
It will also be your duty to teach Alexander, Dawn, Andrew and
Willow to fight.

Willow, you are our light. The strongest and bravest white witch to
serve us in centuries. Without you we would have fallen. You will
continue as you are. Providing your love and your magic to those in
need and those you love," the female said. Then knowledge and
memories began to flood their minds.

Knowledge that the world knew of vampires. That they were accepted,
and legal citizens. Knowledge that they were needed in St. Louis and
that a house and life was waiting for all of them.

As these memories flashed through their consciousness they were
transported away from the dingy hotel and into their new homes. And
into their new lives.

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